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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Jules Jordan Jules Jordan Video
120 minutes
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Reviewed by   01/31/18 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
125 min.

Production Date:
None given

Jules Jordan

Janice Griffith, Monique Alexander, Olivia Austin, and Sydney Cole

Audio /Video Quality:
As this is a Jules Jordan Video, one can go in assured that the technical aspects are top notch. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks great. It's well lit and clear with a solid hand behind the camera and eye behind it.

Watermark Warning:
I don't know of anyone who likes watermarks, but if a studio feels it's what they must do to protect themselves I'm not going to slam them because of it. Here Jules Jordan uses a fairly small and tasteful watermark that rests in the lower right corner and is very easy to put out of one's mind. If one needs a watermark, Jules Jordan does it right.

The Movie:
Well known for having one of the biggest dicks in the industry, as well as bringing more than a little extra out of his partners, Mandingo returns in front of Jules Jordan's camera to see just how much four pretty little white women can take.

Scene 1

Sydney Cole



Cute dirty blonde Sydney struts out of a doorway and shows off in slow motion around a staircase wearing pink, red, and nude lingerie with plenty of heart accents with her eyes and smile being every bit as impressive as her tight body. She makes her way across a couch and to a bed teasing the camera and finally ends up on on fours on a white table in front of Mandingo to let him check her out. He pulls out his humongous cock her Sydney to start sucking and stroking as best she can, and Sydney puts in a valiant effort to take it on and even looks to get him in her throat a bit. She bends over the desk for Mandingo to fuck her from behind and gives the head of his cock a quick suck as he fucks her. Sydney rolls over to watch his big black cock stretch out her little white pussy and then moves to the next room to play with her pussy and have Mandingo take her from behind again as she gets on all fours. Sydney also rides Mandingo in both cowgirls before dropping down to take his seed in her mouth, on her face, and over her tits.

Scene 2

Monique Alexander



Inked MILF icon Monique starts out her scene in purple lingerie with black stockings and heels that accents her purple hair showing off on a couch, in a dark stairwell, and by a stripper pole, and isn't shy at all about putting her fantastic smile on display along with her big titties and round ass. The action moves back to a white couch where Mandingo starts to check her out and run his hands around her before they kiss and Monique starts groping him in return. He helps her up to suck her tits and then lets Monique drop down to work her oral magic on his cock while giving him plenty of great eye contact and a fair amount of stroking. She gets on all fours for Mandingo to start stretching her snatch from behind and sucks him clean before getting on top reverse cowgirl style. Monique mixes in a little more oral action for Mandingo as she rides him in both cowgirls as well as stripping down to her stockings and heels. He lays her back for a bit of missionary work and twists Monique slightly to the side for her to show off her nice round ass and then slides around to spoon her as she gives him plenty of dirty talk. Mandingo lets Monique drop down so he can nut in her mouth, and she happily shows it off, plays with it, and cleans him off before the camera fades out.

Scene 3

Olivia Austin



Smoking hot big titty dirty blonde Olivia starts out in a smoking hot fetishy outfit with a red and black corset with black panties and a bikini top with zippers on the front, a black fishnet dress, and lace up high heel black patent boots sitting in a red chair talking with Jules and then standing up to show off her killer body. She continues to show off around a black lounge chair, a white couch, and on the staircase as she makes her way to the bedroom where Mandingo is waiting. Olivia removes her bra to let him massage her big titties with a bit of oil and then turns around for him to oil up her great ass. She lets Mandingo grope her great tits as she gropes his cock through his sweatpants, and then happily moves them out of the way so she can see just how much of him she can take orally. Olivia gets up and bends over the chair to have Mandingo bury his big black bone in her bald beaver from behind and then drops down to suck him clean of her juices. She moves over to a couch to have Mandingo fuck her missionary style, and after a bit he rolls her legs to the side to show off her ass a bit. Olivia tries to see if she can fit him in her throat before riding him in the cowgirls, and naturally mixes in more oral action as they fuck bow and arrow style laying on the arm of the couch. Finally Olivia drops down to take Mandingo's nutty goodness in her eager mouth and happily swallows it down after showing it off.

Scene 4

Janice Griffith



Smoking hot brunette Janice shows off in a little black bra and panties with mid-calf patent platform lace-up boots and a bow tie showing off for Jules as she chats with him on the kitchen floor. She strips off her bra to show her nicely natural titties and giggles as she plays with herself and shows off around the room. Mandingo joins Janice from behind and starts to run his hands around her as she continues to smile for the camera, laugh, and grope his cock through his shorts. She attacks his manhood with her mouth as soon as it pops out and encourages him to fuck her face before taking him into her throat a few times. Janice leads him by his huge cock into the next room to have him fuck her missionary style on a large white ottoman, and he even makes her squirt. She gets on all fours for him to bury his bone in her from behind as well as getting on top to ride him reverse cowgirl style and then spin into the traditional cowgirl. Janice drops down to happily takes Mandingo's man milk in her mouth and happily shows it off as well as giving his cock a little kiss.

Mandingo Massacre 12 is yet another great release from Jules Jordan and Mandingo. I'll admit to going into this one with very high expectations due to Sydney being cute as hell and really impressing me with the little I've seen of her, Monique quietly being a more than solid porn icon, Olivia being a personal favorite of mine who I just can't get enough of lately, and Janice, who never seems to disappoint. From start to finish, Mandingo and Jules turn out another fantastic interracial feast for the eyes. The girls are all smoking hot and there's great chemistry in each and every scene. I love how Jules captures the sultriness in Sydney's eyes, and he does just as well capturing how much Monique seems to be enjoying her turn with Mandingo. Olivia is beyond smoking hot and easily lived up to my expectations before kicking it up an extra notch swallowing his seed. Janice knocked it out of the park to finish things off complete with a solid facial and a squirt, but I will say that I was slightly disappointed that her scene was a little shorter than the others due to how much fun she looks to be having through the scene. There were also a few shots that were just a little off for my tastes, but that's also part of true handheld porn as there are times the cameraman can't get the perfect shot and I love that Jules still uses that guerrilla style to capture things as beautifully as he does. That said, I can see some people also complaining about the shorter running time of this one with it coming in at just over two hours, but I can honestly say that I'd rather have two hours as solid as this is than padding it out with an extra half hour and lowering the quality by doing so. Mandingo Massacre 12 is another great interracial release that should more than please fans of the series.

The Extras:
Trailers are included for five other Jules Jordan Video releases. The photo gallery lasts just over four minutes. There's also a behind the scenes featurette, cumshot recaps, a cast listing by scene, and commercials.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about fourteen minutes. Olivia and Mandingo play with each other a bit as Jules snaps stills before moving into a bit of cut footage. There's a few comments from Jules as well as a few more stills before things move on with a little extra footage with Sydney, Monique, and Janice. There's a few comments through the footage, but there's still plenty of stroke-worthy material here to help out the overall release.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's another great Mandingo release from Jules Jordan that's well worth picking up.

Note to Jules Jordan Video:
Thank you for putting out such a consistently solid product!

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