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Greg Lansky
162 minutes
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Reviewed by   07/19/17
Full disclosure: I have a real weakness for GBG scenes and this is one of the great threesome films I've seen. Great direction and cinema photography, great dialog for an adult film and a bunch of truly great performances. Actresses who I really like: Kush, Reid, Labeau, Granger, Cole and Cruise, and two I don't know as well but who are also awesome here: Alexa Grace and Lyra Law. Highly recommended.

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Reviewed by   05/11/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
162 min.

Production Date:
None given

Greg Lansky

Alexa Grace, Carter Cruise, Karla Kush, Kimmy Granger, Lily LaBeau, Lyra Law, Riley Reid, and Sydney Cole
Charles Dera, Christian Clay, Johnny Sins, and Manuel Ferrara

Audio /Video Quality:
As usual with Greg Lansky, the technical aspects are top notch. The audio is clear and well balanced and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and is every bit as solid. The picture is very well lit and clear with a solid hand on the camera. This is a beautifully presented release.

The Movie:
Threesome Fantasies goes with Greg Lansky's usual style while focusing on sex between two girls and a guy. Each scene has a short setup and then moves on with beautifully captured and passionate sex.

Scene 1

Carter Cruise and Riley Reid


Manuel Ferrara

Riley hasn't seen her friend Carter in a year since Carter moved to New York for college, and invited her to come stay with her and her boyfriend Manuel for the weekend. They've always been sexual and used to frequently masturbate next to each other, and when Cater gets out of the shower they start to masturbate together again as they share thoughts of sharing Manuel with each other. The next day Riley and Manuel start out with their usual Sunday morning sex, and Riley makes sure to leave the door open knowing that Carter won't be able to resist joining them if she sees them going at it. Carter watches Riley ride Manuel cowgirl style for a moment before Riley signals her to come join them. The girls kiss before Riley encourages Cater to suck Manuel's cock as Riley strokes him, talks dirty to him, and kisses him. They share a few kisses all around and Carter works in a little ass play for Manuel as Riley starts to suck him. The girls take turns letting Manuel fuck their faces and then turn around for him to eat their holes from behind as they watch each other a little, kiss, and urge Manuel on. Manuel gives Carter the first fuck doggie style as Riley laps away at her chocolate starfish and gives his cock a few sucks. Manuel works his way between the girls in doggie when Riley presents herself to him on all fours before laying back so the girls can team up on him orally. Riley rides Manuel reverse cowgirl style and lets go with a few squirts before Carter takes her turn riding Manuel cowgirl style as Riley adds a little oral assistance. Riley also takes a traditional cowgirl ride as Carter adds her oral assistance for them before Riley lays on Carter as Manuel sprays his seed over their faces and into Riley's mouth. Riley lets some of Manuel's seed flow down into Carter's eager mouth before they close things out with one last passionate kiss.

Scene 2

Karla Kush and Lyra Law


Charles Dera

Dirty blondes Karla and Lyra thought they could get away with stealing boss Charles' credit card and buying stuff for themselves with how rich he is, and when he catches them he lets them know that they need to be in his office right away or he'll press charges. When they arrives Charles pours himself a drink, lets them know just how horrible of criminals they are, and that he's going to punish them the old fashioned way. He has them pull their panties down and spread their legs before taking Karla over his knees to spank her bare ass. He has Karla kneel next to them as he spanks Lyra, and then brings them both onto the couch with him to kiss and team up on his cock orally. The girls mix in plenty of kisses as well as riding Charles' face before Charles takes Lyra from behind as Karla watches, urges them on, and sucks him clean whenever he pulls out. Charles has Karla lay back in Lyra's arms to eat her pussy as Lyra sucks and plays with her tits, and then fucks Karla missionary style with Karla unleashing some great squirts. They take a quick break for Karla to suck Charles clean as Lyra eagerly devours her from behind, and then go right back to Charles fucking Karla to several missionary style squirts. Lyra rides Charles reverse cowgirl style as the girls play with each other, and they continue to play with each other after they suck him clean and Karla gets on top for a traditional cowgirl ride. Finally the girls suck and stroke Charles to a decent pop between their tongues that they share with a few kisses as it flows back out over his cock.

Scene 3

Kimmy Granger and Sydney Cole


Christian Clay

When Kimmy and Sydney take one of Christian's bottles of wine, they start to go nuts and start making out in the pool. Christian's more than surprised to find them, and Kimmy knows she can get out of it when she suggests they all have some fun and moves in to suck and stroke Christian's cock while giving him plenty of great eyes. Sydney watches and gives her a little oral assistance with Kimmy putting out some great trash talk before they move inside where they continue to kiss as they stroke his cock. The girls drop down to team up on his undercarriage before he has Kimmy straddle Sydney so he can tongue his way between their smoothly shaven slits as they kiss. He gives Sydney the first fuck missionary style as Kimmy plays between them, and the girls suck him clean before Sydney offers her oral assistance while Christian fucks Kimmy missionary style and picks her up for a midair cowgirl ride. Kimmy rides Christian's face as Sydney bounces on his bone cowgirl style before they team up on him orally again and then trade places with Kimmy riding him in reverse cowgirl. Christian also takes the girls from behind before he pops in Sydney's mouth and lets her swap it around with Kimmy.

Scene 4

Alexa Grace and Lily LaBeau


Johnny Sins

A few months ago Lily's roommate started renting her room out to different people. Lily was nervous at first, but ended up meeting plenty of interesting people and started to look forward to the new people she'd get to meet. The latest renters are cute couple Johnny and Alexa, who have been the perfect guests, except that Lily thinks that Alexa is a bit into her. Lily's still surprised when on Alexa and Johnny's last day, Alexa tells her she's beautiful and moves in to kiss her. They decide to give Johnny a little surprise when he gets out of the shower, and continue to kiss as they strip each other down and play with each other. He enjoys the show from across the room as the girls kiss and Lily goes down on Alexa before moving between them so they can all kiss and run their hands around each other. The girls team up on Johnny orally while giving him plenty of great eyes and throat action before Johnny lays back and they let Lily take the first ride cowgirl style as Alexa happily watches, tongues Lily's chocolate starfish a little, and gives Johnny a little more head. Alexa takes her turn riding Johnny reverse cowgirl style as Lily plays with herself, kisses her, sucks her tits, plays with her pussy, and of course, gives Johnny a little more head. The girls continue to play as Lily rides Johnny reverse cowgirl style and then Johnny takes Alexa in doggie and missionary style. Johnny unloads a healthy dose of his nutty goodness in Alexa's pussy, and Lily moves in to suck up and suck out as much as she can get to swap back down to her.

Threesome Fantasies is yet another fantastic release from Greg Lansky. As usual with Lansky's style, each of the setups are simple but extremely well done. They give a nice chance to establish chemistry between the players, and does so in an extremely efficient manner with a nice bit of tease. I think Lyra and Karla's spanking opening was my favorite, but Alexa and Lily's was also extremely well done. Sexually, every scene knocks it out of the ballpark. Carter, Riley, and Manuel start things out with a scene that's every bit as smoking hot as one would hope with three superstars such as they are, and Karla and Lyra are every bit as hot taking their punishment from Charles. Kimmy and Sydney play up the cute aspect extremely well taking on Christian, and Lily and Alexa's scene with Johnny is just plain swinging fun with a cream pie finish that makes it all the hotter. If there's a complaint here the only one I can really come up with is that I would have liked a touch more variety. Either a two guys on a girl scene or a black, Latina, or Asian girl in the mix. The cream pie definitely stood out here by giving a little variety to the pop shots, but a little more would have helped the movie nicely (even though it is extremely strong as it is). Threesome Fantasies is a smoking hot release that's well worth the purchase for anyone wanting two girls taking on a guy.

The Extras:
The photo gallery lasts nearly seven and a half minutes. There's also cumshot recaps and weblinks.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's a must buy release for anyone wanting two girls taking on one guy.

Note to
I love how consistent and beautiful your releases are, but it would be great if you could put a touch of effort into your extras...

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