Sins Life Sex Tour 02

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Jules Jordan
176 minutes
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Reviewed by   05/02/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - May 2, 2017

Starring :

Kissa Sins
Adriana Chechik
Megan Rain
Carmen Caliente
Johnny Sins

(Runtime - 2 hr. 56 mins.)

With SINS LIFE SEX TOUR: ROUND 2, Johnny, and Kiss Sins, via JULES JORDAN VIDEO, presents a second round of raw, and in your face sex from their personal lives, as their cameras capture all of the action.

SINS LIFE SEX TOUR: ROUND 2, serves up a total of 4 scenes of sexual activity involving the Sins, and special guests. Among the scenes are one reverse blow bang, a four-way, and 2 three-ways. Below is a breakdown of all of the spontaneous happenings.

Scene 1: Kissa Sins and Adriana Chechik and Megan Rain and Johnny Sins (Reverse Blowbang)
This scene begins outdoors, as Johnny is surrounded by 3 ladies, Kissa Sins, Adriana Chechik and Megan Rain, as they feel up his cock over his shorts, which the girls soon. literally rip off of him. They all then go on to share Johnny's cock and balls between them. This occurs are we see the action from POV, and also a great via from underneath. It's from this view, that the girls all get their tits out. There's also a moments that sees Adriana and Megan swap the cock, as Kissa is busy eating Johnny's ass from behind. She also suck his balls from underneath. Adriana is next to go under and eat ass, as Kissa and Megan work the cock and balls. However, next it's Megan, who takes to the ass, as she gets absolutely drenched with spit from underneath. This lasts for a time, until we see Kissa jerk Johnny off until he cums. After this, Adriana assists Kissa, who gets Megan off by rubbing her clit. - What a lucky man Johnny Sins is! Here, these 3 lovely girls absolutely attack Johnny's cock with no restraint. It may ssound strange, but Megan Rain looked so cute covered in all that spit. Good stuff!

Scene 2: Kissa Sins and Adriana Chechik and Megan Rain and Johnny Sins
The fun then moves inside, as the girls are all washed up, and wearing matching maroon bikini's. Conversation leads to the double teaming of Adriana by Kissa and Megan, whom kiss and suck on her pussy, prior to finger-banging it with several fingers deep. Kissa, then takes over camera duties, as Adriana and Megan team up on Johnny's cock. However, soon, the camera is passed off the Johnny, as Kissa and Adriana work on the cock, as Megan tongues and sucks on Kissa's pussy. For a time, we also see Kissa lie back, as Megan fingers her pussy. It's also a short time after that Megan masturbates to squirt over the heads of Kissa and Adriana. Adriana then rides Johnny's cock in cowgirl for a time, before it's Megan who rides in reverse cowgirl. Here, Megan rides hard, which causes her to squirt. This is followed up with hard fucking by Johnny, which causes her to erupt with squirt several more times. this, as Kissa fingers Adriana. Kissa also soon rides the dick in cowgirl herself, as she too comes to squirting orgasm. After that, Kissa is back on as Johnny pounds her pussy hard. From there, there is some trading off by Adrina and Kiss, who ride the dick. This is before we see Megan back on, who rides hard and fast in cowgirl. This as Adriana dildos herself with one end of a double ended dildo, as Megan sucks on the other. This is cut short, as Kiss rubs herself to squirt over the camera. Next, we see both Megan and Adriana throat the double ended dildo, before Kissa joins them. Adriana is then double penetrated, as Johnny's cock is in her ass, and the dildo is in her pussy, as she is fucked. Megan is then spread out, as she fucks herself with the dildo, and Adriana is fucked in doggy by Johnny. Kissa soon sits the camera down briefly to assist. However next, Adriana is double vaged by the cock and dildo briefly. Kissa then gets it in doggy, as she finger Megan to squirt. Johnny sits the camera down momentarily. to fuck Kissa hard. Next, Johnny moves on to hammer his cock into Megan from missionary, as he pins her legs down. After this, he moves on to fuck Adriana in a side fuck position. Inspired, Megan and Kissa soon line up in the same position, and soon. they too are fucked hard by Johnny, as Adriana captures this on camera. Johnny then goes with Adriana, as he fucks her standing from behind. During this, Megan is seen licking Kissa's pussy from POV. Next, Johnny continues his fucking of Adriana from missionary. This, before Johnny fucks Kissa from missionary. The girls work over Johnny's cock, before Johnny pounds Megan hard from standing cowgirl. He then has Adriana and Kissa stack on top of one another, as they are on their backs. Johnny, for a time, fucks each. Kissa and Megan are then in 69, as Johnny fucks Kissa from behind until cumming. Following the sex, we then see the girls washing off, as they take an outdoor shower. - This was a very nice scene. The atmosphere of this scene is crazy and spontaneous, as everyone involved gets fucked thoroughly.

Scene 3: Kissa Sins and Carmen Caliente and and Johnny Sins
In this scene, we are in what appears to be a hotel room, as the girls, Kissa Sins, and Carmen Caliente get silly, as they twerk, and play with each other, all as Johnny watches on. After both of them suck his cock, Johnny takes to the floor to eat Carmen's pussy, as Kissa takes the camera. This then goes to doggy, as Johnny pounds Carmen's pussy from behind. Next up, Johnny has a seat, as Carmen climbs on for cowgirl. It's from here, that she bounces hard, and fast. Sucking then leads to Carmen kissing and going down on Kissa, as she licks from her asshole, up. Carmen then concentrates on the ass for a time, before going on to suck the pussy. Johnny then sits the camera down for a moment to fuck Carmen from behind. This the continues, as Johnny picks up again, before sitting the camera back down Johnny soon sucks and tongues on Carmen's pussy, before the fucking resumes. Following this, for an extended time, Johnny goes on to drill Kissa's pussy hard. During this, Kissa's legs are held high and tight for most of it. Carmen then follows that up by again going down on Kiss. However, next, Kissa returns the favor, as she tongues, and sucks, as well as fingers Carmen's pussy. Next Johnny fucks Caren from side fuck/missionary, before we see Kissa on top, as she and Carmen go into 69, until Johnny resumes fucking Carmen in missionary. Next, Kissa climbs on to bounce fast in cowgirl. This next leads both girls to suck Johnny's cock, before Carmen rides it hard herself. She gets on in reverse cowgirl, where for an extended time, she bounces hard on the cock. This then goes to spoon, where johnny fucks until he must cum. The action ends with Johnny pulling out to spray Carmen's pubic area with his load. After, Kissa eagerly laps up the cum. - This was a fairly ok scene. Lasting about an hour, the scene has some enthusiastic action, featuring all involved.

Scene 4: Kissa Sins and Carmen Caliente and and Johnny Sins
This scene begins with a showcase segment for Carmen Caliente. Here. we see Carmen havung fun at the beach, and also skateboarding. After some footage of the 3 messing around in the hotel room, we are then taken to some 3 hours earlier in the day.
Sleeping, Kissa, and Johnny Sins, along with Carmen Caliente wake up, and have morning sex, as kissing leads to cocksucking by both girls. It's after this that Carmen climbs on for cowgirl. From here, we see a combination of bouncing by Carmen, and deep fucking by Johnny. Kissa also takes to sucking cock, during a break in the action. After Carmen finishes the position, Kissa continues to suck cock, prior to assuming the position in cowgirl herself, as Johnny pounds away. Next, we see Carmen ride Johnny's face, before things go to 69 between them, this as Kissa again sucks cock. Johnny then lines the girls up side by side on their knees, as he has a time with both of them. He then goes on to fuck Kissa in both doggy and missionary. After that, Carmen lies back, where on top of Kissa for first missionary, and doggy, as Johnny fucks her hard, and fast. During the doggy, Johnny makes the switch to fuck Kissa in missionary, and soon, Carmen goes on to ride Kissa's face for a time. Next, Johnny sits the camera down, as he feeds Kissa the cock, before he fuck Carmen hard from behind until pulling out to explode onto Carmen's ass to end the action.- This was a decent enough scene. There are a lot of stationary shots, with the occasion close up. A good thing is that the scene does finish fairly strong.

Prior to receiving, SINS LIFE SEX TOUR: ROUND 2 for review, I hadn't seen the first release for this series, nor any of the SINS LIFE product, for that matter. Because of this, I took the time to check out a couple of scenes from the first release. The verdict was that I did like what I saw. So, going into this one, I felt pretty good, and pretty optimistic for what was about to come.

To describe what this series is all about, it is exactly what it advertises to be. There is no Director, and no script. What we have here is on the fly sex, that is basically spontaneous. The way in which the action is captured is via a hand held camera, and several other stationary cameras, which have been set up at various angles. While the sex is taking place, at least one participant handles the hand held cam, or we are treated to footage from the camera sitting stationary, or of course from the other surrounding cameras.

SINS LIFE SEX TOUR: ROUND 2 begins with a 3 girl reverse blowbang, and it's pretty great, I must say. So what is a reverse blowbang, you ask? Well, instead of having a girl suck a lot of dicks, we instead have a lot of girls attacking one lucky dick. And attack, they do. We then go from that energetic scene into a four-way involving all of the participants from that scene. The end result, is wild, and spontaneous sex, that is fun overall. After this scene, we are treated to a pair of three-way scenes, involving the Sins, and Carmen Caliente, who makes her return to porn with these scenes, which both occur in hotel rooms. Personally. I didn't care for these scenes, as much as I did the first 2. Though the scenes have a nice energy output, and the cameras on occasion, give us some nice shots, in comparison, the two scenes feel the same. It liked them, and they start out very good. However, after awhile they feel repetitive, as they drag on to an eventual finish.

Johnny and Kissa Sins, are likely the nicest, most coolest couple in all of porn, and I like their enthusiasm for sex, as well as what they were able to capture here(Kissa's booty is absolutely amazing. No doubt, one of the best I have seen). But if i'm being honest, my overall feeling for this release is that it's good, but not as good as it could be, as evident with round 1. When it comes to the individual scenes, one should be quick to see that this installment lacks the variety of the first release. Instead of having the same performers in 2 consecutive scenes each, the previous SINS LIFE SEX TOUR: ROUND 1, actually had different fan favorites in each scene, therefore, not as repetitive, essentially by default. And in addition to that, it also featured a great double creampie scene involving Kissa Sins and Katrina Jade. With this one, however, nothing stands out for me, in that way. However, these scenes do serve as a decent collection of spontaneous sex.

SINS LIFE SEX TOUR: ROUND 2 is what it is. This is the Sins taking several cameras and having fun with them, while they are at play. Here, one thing that Kissa and Johnny and Kissa do not have is restraint. In these scenes, they go all out. That brings me to something that each of these scenes do have, and that's laughter. Yes, when you sit down to watch a SINS LIFE release, expect a lot of laughter, especially from Kissa. It is just something that adds to the scene, I suppose. Laughing is just something that Kissa does when she enjoys herself, and in this case, she obviously enjoys herself a lot. With this said, to sum things up when it comes to SINS LIFE SEX TOUR: ROUND 2, I liked it for its raw sex. But, as I said, it feels somewhat repetitive, especially near the end. Although, I will say that I was more upbeat about the first 2 scenes.

In saying this, SINS LIFE SEX TOUR: ROUND 2 still gets my recommendation, as it's fairly good, and any fan of Johnny and Kissa Sins will want to see it. Especially if they have seen the first round. As for me, I'm excited to have finally reviewed for SINS LIFE, and I do look forward to reviewing more titles for them in the future, as I am a fan.

As for extras, there isn't much. There's a bonus trailer, a cumshot recap, a photo gallery, as well as website information.

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