Real Fucking Lesbians: Coast to Coast

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120 minutes
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Reviewed by   06/01/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - June 1, 2017

Starring :

Nikki Hearts
Leigh Raven
Draven Star
Chloe Carter
Charlotte Sartre
Jasmine Summers

(Runtime - 2 hr. 2 mins.)

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FILLY FILMS, and co-Directors, and lesbian couple, Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven, here present to us, NIKKI HEARTS AND LEIGH RAVEN'S REAL FUCKING LESBIAN'S: COAST TO COAST. Taking place over the weekend of EXXXOTICA New Jersey, this is a product of Nikki and Leigh bringing along their hand held camera for the trip. Not only do we here, see details of their days during said weekend, we also witness a series of hookups, which mostly occur at their hotel room. It is the latter, which REAL FUCKING LESBIANS consists of most.

The way in which the footage is presented here is raw. It is the type of footage that wants the viewer to believe that it is real and spontaneous. For some of it, it could very well be. But the truth is that REAL FUCKING LESBIANS, when it comes down to it, is reality porn. This meaning that, just like reality TV, the sexual hookups here feel and are obviously staged. The biggest giveaways being that in this release, both Charlotte Satre and Draven Star, both claim to be meeting the couple for the first time. Yeah, I really find this hard to believe. Especially as it relates to Charlotte. All of these girls have been around a little bit, and are closely associated with BURNING ANGEL. How could they have not met before? And another thing, which is important, is that every porn performer must be tested before shooting. So, as far as these scenes, and how they happen, being "real", I doubt it. They appear to be staged for our entertainment - which is fine.

But aside for all of this, the end result is still not bad. It is actually somewhat entertaining for what it is, as the spirit in the footage is high. This includes the release's 4 sex scenes, which all carry a good amount of enthusiasm and eagerness. When going into REAL FUCKING LESBIANS, I feel that if you know what you are in for here, you will likely enjoy. This being especially true, if you happen to already be a fan of Nikki and Leigh. I am, and as I said, I found it to be fun for its type.

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1: Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven and Chloe Carter
DAY ONE - After Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven and their girls arrive in New Jersey for EXXXOTICA NJ, they head to the hotel to get ready for the show. The footage picks up at the show, and at the BURNING ANGEL ENTERTAINMENT booth, where we chat with Small Hands, and spy one Joanna Angel. There is another break in the footage, and when we resume, we find Nikki, Leigh and their unexpected roommate Chloe Carter, lounging about. However, it isn't long before the lady behind the camer.a Nikki Hearts, convinces Chloe to join she and Leigh's bed. This, of course soon leads to sex between the three ladies. First, Nikki's camera scans Leigh and Chloe as they kiss. Leigh pulls down Chloe's bra, and the pushes her back on the bed, as she kisses her body. However, Leigh has other ideas, as she wants Nikki to fuck Chloe. This, as she takes over camera duties. Kisses, turn to a stripped down Chloe, receiving kisses on her body, prior to Nikki going down on her with her mouth and tongue, which soon leads to some deep finger-banging as well. Things then become even more interesting as Nikki pulls out a strap-on dildo, as Chloe assumes the position. Along with some spanking of Chloe's ass, Nikki goes on to fuck her with said strap-on at a quick pace. Nikki is then courteous as she puts a pillow under Chloe's ass, prior to fucking her in missionary briefly. It's brief because the action next goes to spoon, where Nikki maintains her pace. But next, Nikki brings an Hitachi into the mix, and while training it on Chloe's clit, she proceeds to resume the fucking with the strap-on. From here, it's an increasing pace, as Nikki fucks in missionary for a time, before reverse cowgirl is seen. Here Chloe is fucked steady, before she hoists Chloe's legs up to go deeper. Next, it's back to doggy, only this time, while being pounded, Chloe uses the Hitachi on herself. We then have the camera stationary, as Leigh joins in. Leigh is fingered hard by Nikki, as Leigh and Chloe exchange kisses. Nikki then picks up the camera to bring us closer to the action, as she continues to finger Leigh until a wet climax. - This was a fun little spontaneous scene between 3 attractive ladies, a scene that mostly sees Chloe Carter sexed up.

Scene 2: Leigh Raven and Jasmine Summers
DAY TWO - It's the morning after the Inked Awards, where Leigh Raven was awarded. Nikki has the camera, while Leigh is still sleeping. Hungover, Nikki goes to retrieve some coffee. This is when she just so happens to run into new starlet Jasmine Summers on the elevator. Jasmine is quick to confess that she is a big fan of Nikki's wife Leigh, and so she brings Jasmine to their hotel to meet her, This somehow ends up in sex. The two first exchange kisses, as Leigh takes Jasmine down for more kisses, before Leigh Raven goes down on her - first tonguing, before going into heavy fingering. After a time here, the tables are turned, as Leigh is out of her panties, as Jasmine soon goes to work on Leigh's pussy. This occurring until an Hitachi is added as Jasmine fingers Leigh consistently. The next spot she's Leigh ride Jasmine's face, as they go into 69. This is where Leigh vigorously fingers Jasmine's pussy. However, Jasmine is next to use the Hitachi as she and Leigh lay side by side as the two masturbate to climax. - This was an ok scene. I really enjoyed how it came about. Not sure if it was authentic or not, but it was fun.

Scene 3: Nikki Hearts and Charlotte Sartre
DAY TWO CONTINUED -After another day at EXXXOTICA, Nikki Hearts, and Leigh Raven, along with Chloe, are back at the hotel. Over the course of the night, Nikki receives continuous text messages from Charlotte Sartre, who wants to fuck. After some thinking, and with the permission of Leigh Nikki invites Charlotte over. It's a meeting that of course leads to sex. Charlotte strips down, and straddles Nikki, as Leigh takes the camera. Nikki takes charge as she places Charlotte on her back. Kissing takes Nikki downtown on Charlotte as she sucks, and tongues her ass and pussy. This before see goes on to finger her hard. Next up, Nikki brings out her strap-on dildo, as things next go to missionary, as Charlotte is fucked at an increasing pace. This then carries over into cowgirl for a time, before Nikki and Charlotte make an attempt to go into standing cowgirl, however it wasn't meant to be, and thing go back into missionary, that is until they are interrupted by the pizza guy at the door. Leigh has them pause the action, as she makes Charlotte go to the door naked. After this, the sex, and missionary immediately resumes. Ger, Charlotte uses an Hitachi on her vlit, as Nikki fucks. The next position is doggy, as Nikki pounds away hard at Charlotte's pussy to her climax. But it's after that, that Nikki says that she wants to get off. This as the girls go to 69, as Charlotte sits on her face and goes at her pussy for a time, prior to Nikki being in charge for an extended time, as she fingers her deeply, as Charlotte continues to utilize the Hitachi vibrator. This lasting until Charlotte climaxes hard. - This was actually a really good scene for what it was. It plays out well, and even has a bit of humor, as the sex is interrupted by the pizza guy at the door. Aside from that, the sex is somewhat hard, which is a good thing.

In the meantime, Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven bring along Charlotte Sartre, as the jet off to New York for a brief stay, and to celebrate Nikki's Birthday. To celebrate the occasion, they all have a threesome together at the hotel. It's also the next morning that Leigh wakes up horny, and so Nikki takes care of her by fingering Leigh's pussy to a hard climax.

Scene 4: Nikki Hearts and Draven Star
BACK IN LA - Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven are now back in Los Angeles, and they are on a mission to return a shirt to Charlotte, which she had left back at the hotel. They drive to a house, believed to be Charlotte's, but in reality, actually belongs to Charlotte's girlfriend, Draven Star. Draven says that Charlotte isn't home right now, as she lets them in. It is then that Draven confesses that she has wanted to fuck Nikki for the last 4 years. With that said, Nikki takes full advantage of this, as she has Leigh film what is to come next. Things begin with kissing, as Nikki positions Daven on the bed. Draven pulls sown her dress to reveal her tits, as the kissing continues. Nikki pushes Draven on her back, eventually going down on her for a time. Following this, Nikki strips down, as Nikki and Draven begin to kiss, prior to Draven again on her back. This time, an Hitachi is used, and the action would include finger planting and fingering by Nikki. This occurring for an extended time, before Draven ultimately returns the favor. It's for a time, that Draven goes down on Nikki, burying her face in, and fingering Nikki's pussy to her eventual climax, which ends the scene. - This was pretty much a quick scene with some ok action. Draven Star herself is cool, so I was really glad to see her here, as it has been awhile for me.


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