Tonight's Girlfriend 63

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125 minutes
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Reviewed by   07/26/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
130 min.

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None given

None credited

Eva Lovia, Gianna Nicole, and Nicole Aniston
Chad White, Preston Parker, and Xander Corvus

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects show plenty of care, and really go a long way in giving the movie a realistic feeling. The audio is clear and well balanced and I didn't notice any background noises that seemed out of place. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very nice. The picture is clear and the camera work is a little rough, which gives the movie a touch more of a realistic feeling. The thing that really stood out to me, however, is the lighting, which is low and extremely natural. I'm far from an expert on lighting, but I've been told that low, realistic lighting like this takes a lot of effort and it really works for the movie.

The Movie:
The Tonight's Girlfriend series revolves around prostitution. Each scene takes place in a hotel room complete with a little chatting, a money exchange, and of course, plenty of sex with a reality porn style capturing it all.

Scene 1

Gianna Nicole


Preston Parker

Preston kicks back checking his phone as smoking hot Gianna knocks at the door and greets him with a hug wearing a simple but sexy black dress. They sit down and chat about him traveling a lot for work and being a fan of hers as well as his underwear fetish. Preston gives Gianna her payment and lets her head to the bathroom to freshen up where she makes sure it's all there before finding that he has a special outfit for her that she changes into in front of him with Preston giving her a little help. She checks herself out in the bathroom mirror as Preston watches and then moves back by him to drop down and help him out of his pants. Gianna gives him plenty of great eye contact as she mouths his manhood along with some nice stroking. They move back to the bed where Preston worships Gianna's ass and tongues her from behind. He strips off her panties to lick and finger her bald beaver before starting to fuck her missionary style. Preston rolls Gianna to her stomach and fucks her from behind with her ass turned to the side while mixing in a few slaps for her killer ass and she sucks him clean before getting on top for a reverse cowgirl ride. She turns around for the traditional cowgirl as well as letting Preston spoon her and take her doggie style. Gianna drops down to take a solid facial finish before Preston lets her go tot he bathroom and clean up. Gianna changes back into her original outfit, gives him a hug and thanks him for the outfit before letting him lead her to the door and heading out into the night.

Scene 2

Eva Lovia


Xander Corvus

Xander quickly greets hottie Eva at the door when she knocks before they sit down for a moment to chat about how surprised she is to actually have it be him since lots of people pretend to be celebrities. He lets her know that her ?donation? is in the bathroom so she quickly checks it out before coming out to check on what he'd like since she's heard about his fan of role playing. Xander lets her know that he was thinking of getting a little rough if she's okay with it and she lets him know that she brought an extra pair of pantyhose that he can get creative with. Eva heads into the bathroom to change with Xander following her to watch as she changes out of her black bra and panties into a sexy purple bra and panties along with beige pantyhose and a purple robe. Xander is happy with what he sees when she comes out and quickly pushes her down on the bed to slap her ass and tie her wrists behind her back with the pantyhose she gave him earlier. He eats and fingers Eva from behind before going right to fucking her from behind. Xander helps Eva get down so he can fuck her face and have her suck his balls. Eva sucks him again after he fucks her missionary style and he frees her hands so she can also mix in a little stroking. Xander takes her from behind while pulling her hair and using her pantyhose as a bridle. They sixty-nine before Eva lets Xander fuck her laying on her side and missionary style. She gets on top to ride him in the cowgirls, and puts her nice big bush on display very well in reverse cowgirl before sucking Xander clean. Xander spoons Eva and fucks her missionary style before completely spraying her down with a massive load. She showers up and changes before he leads her to the door.

Scene 3

Nicole Aniston


Chad White

Chad puts his phone away when he hears a knock at the door and lets dirty blonde beauty Nicole in before she gives him a hug. They make their way to the couch and chair and sit back to chat with Nicole being surprised that he came this time just to see her rather than as part of his never ending business travels. They talk about the lingerie and shoes he sent her and she heads into the bathroom to find her monetary gift and to change into her simple but very sexy black bra, panties, and stockings along with gold studded black heels. Chad's happy with what he sees and they head to the bed where Nicole questions him about the surprise he said he had for her. She's more than surprised when he pulls out a ring, knowing he's married, but he lets her know that he wants to play and to trust him. He lets her know he's thinking of leaving his wife and Nicole's more than shocked and needs to take a moment to think in the bathroom. She decides to play the role and comes back out to kiss him passionately while sitting on his lap. They kiss as she questions him about the things they'll have to deal with when married before he lays her back to kiss her and eat her pussy. Chad stands up for Nicole to suck his cock while giving him plenty of great eyes and then takes her from behind on the bed. He lays her back to eat and play with her pussy before spooning it and then lets Nicole get on top for a cowgirl ride. Nicole turns around for the reverse cowgirl and they lay facing each other as he continues to pound her pussy. Chad barely pulls out when he starts to pop and then drives his cock back into Nicole's cunt to nut all over the inside and out before sliding himself back inside her as he gives her a few last kisses. Nicole heads to the bathroom to clean up before things get uncomfortable as Nicole gives Chad the ring back acting like she thought he was just playing for the night and then taking it back for a slightly less uncomfortable goodbye.

Tonight's Girlfriend 63 is another very nice addition to a unique series. I know prostitution porn isn't that unique, but the Tonight's Girlfriend series does it in such a great realistic style that it does feel a bit unique. There's plenty of time spent in the lead in with making the stars feel like real natural people who are hooking up as well as the cleanup after the sex rather than just rushing to the sex. Gianna starts things out very nicely with a solid and straightforward fuck with Preston, and Eva kicks things up very nicely with the touch of bondage and domination taking on Xander. Eva really looks smoking hot here, and the little twinkle in her eye makes her look all the hotter. Nicole's scene with Chad is very well done, and really plays around the prostitution and John theme with Chad falling in love with her and Nicole playing it for the money. The sex is more than solid between them, and the cream pie at the end is just as solid. Tonight's Girlfriend 63 is a great addition to a solid series that's well worth the purchase.

The Extras:
The only extra is a photo gallery lasting a minute and a half.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's another great addition to a very solid series that's worth the purchase.

Note to Naughty America:
I hope you speed up your process on getting your scenes to DVD. I can understand wanting to get people to see them online as an internet company, but making those of us who don't have good internet wait over two years to see popular stars is a bit much.

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