S.M.U.T. 01

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Dion Giarrusso Elegant Angel  
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Reviewed by   01/21/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

[A quick note before I begin, the box cover says 100% anal, but it's more like 80%.]

Thrillseeker Productions presents

S.M.U.T. #1
Simply Makes U Tingle

Written, Produced, and Directed by Dion Giarrusso

Starring Jill Kelly, Nici Sterling, Toni James, Rayleen, Raylin, Sindee Steel, with introductions by Stephanie Swift.

There are five vignette style scenes.

Anal Surprise starring Toni James, Sindee Steel and Mark Davis, camera by Quasarman?
Sindee Steel, a pretty decent looking brunette, and Toni James, a pretty good looking blonde, start out on a beach, before walking back to a hotel room, to surprise Mark. They both give him a little oral, then the sex, starting with Toni getting it first, vaginally, but no anal for her. Sindee's turn next, and she is treated to a little vaginal before the anal, topped off with the pop shot to both girls' open mouths to end a great scene.

Motorhome Madness starring Nici Sterling and Wilde Oscar, camera by Jane Waters?
Nici Sterling, looking very hot, while posing outside of a bus, as Wilde Oscar photographs her before getting on the bus. The guy sits up front, and Nici strips down as someone else obviously drives, and he starts giving her some oral in the front window, while the bus is moving. They fuck a little up front, then move back to a bed [nice bus], where they 69, moving around, on through various areas of the bus, for the vaginal, and back to the bed for anal. They get into a shower, fuck a bit more, and end a hot scene with the pop shot.

Take the "A" train starring Jill Kelly and Eric Price, camera by Quasarman?
Jill Kelly, looking pretty hot, in business attire, starts out at a train station boarding a train. She is settled into her compartment, but she has lost her ticket, so when the conductor comes around, she has sex with him in order to continue the ride. This is a pretty hot scene, and basically a simple scene, a little oral, vaginal, and anal going on, which ends her getting a mouthful of cum.

Limo Lust starring Raylin and Tommy Byron, camera by Barry Woods?
Raylin, a good looking large breasted blonde, and Tom Byron, get into a limo, where they kiss before he gives and receives oral, then the fucking starts with some vaginal. The limo stops and they get out, continuing on, inside a house with the anal, ending a pretty good scene with a good sized load launched onto her face.

My Ass, Your Hog starring Rayleen and Alec Metro, camera by Jane Waters?
Raylene, a pretty hot large breasted, reddish haired girl, stands on the side of a road, hitchhiking, when along comes Alec Metro, on a motorcycle, to give her a ride. This scene is shot out on a highway, mostly on the motorcycle, and is a simple straightforward scene, oral and vaginal, but no anal, ending with the guy cumming on her face and in her mouth.

To end this very well done release, with a few technical problems, we get to see the very hot Stephanie Swift in a masturbation scene, which lasts for about 7 minutes.

EXTRAS : Small step through photo gallery (10 photos), just over 16 minutes of trailers, and website info.

OVERALL : Besides the sound problem and the boxcover's claim of "100% ANAL" this was a very good DVD, short on extras though, but had some good looking to very hot girls, fucking in some well filmed scenes.

FINAL THOUGHTS : I bought this DVD when it first was released, and Elegant Angel/Patrick Collins should have done a little fine tuning, because the audio was out of synch by about 2 seconds, which made it seem like I was watching a dubbed-in-English kung-fu movie.

Any questions, comments, or complaints about this review or my past reviews talk to me

[This review was edited by BIGmike to make some minor changes, and while I decided not to change any ratings, this is a good representation of some of my early porn viewings.]