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Reviewed by   03/25/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time: 80 min.

Production Date: 9 / 29 / 1999

Director: Randy Leatherface West

Cast: Shayla LaVeaux, Christina St. James, Tera Patrick, Zoe, Diamond, Amythiest, Ami, Dayton Rains, Jane Federov, Sylvia Sanz, Tatiana, Naomi, Jamie, DJX, and Randy West

Initial Expectations: When I saw the title I had very high hopes as I have a fairly strong foot fetish. Then I saw Randy West and they went down fast. My only hope was that it would be as good as I Love Lesbians 3 which I kind of liked.

Initial Reaction: This deserves a foot - right in Randy Wests Depends.

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is a mixed bag. Some of it is very clear but some of it is very hard to hear. Surprisingly the video is very clear. Theres some focus problems but thats expected with Randy Wests work.

Music: None.

FALSE ADVERTISING: The cover claims that its interactive Pick your girl, choose what she does . The closest you get to interactive here is choosing one of the few choices on the so-called chapter menu which gives approximately five choices out of the eleven on the DVD. #1 - By now everybody knows whats meant by an interactive DVD and this has none of those features. #2 - If youre going to call a chapter menu interactive by allowing you to choose which girl you get to watch then you better include all of the girls rather than a select few. It also claims Top Quality Blowjobs I dont think I saw a single actual blowjob in the feature. These things appear to exist only to mislead consumers and so I deducted a full point from the overall rating because of it.

Review: Surprisingly, Foot Lovers Only is a compilation of Randy Wests other works that involve feet. This really disappointed me as I have seen some decent scenes out of him. When I saw his name on the cover I was disappointed but I knew that he might do a decent job. Sadly, this compilation isnt anywhere close to a decent job. Most of the scenes include Randy, but in a few scenes hes replaced with DJX. My first reaction to DJX was Oh my God! Randy West and Ed Powers have a love child!. Most of Foot Lovers Only is very forgettable and any time something really promising comes up its cut out. Although each scene averages slightly over seven minutes its normally even shorter as many times each girls section is made up of clips from several parts of her scene. Sometimes the clips dont even have anything to do with feet. Ill cover a few, but not all of the scenes.

Tera Patricks excerpts from Up N Cummers 73 summarizes the problems beautifully. She starts out with a great solo scene. Shes really cute and the scene is really hot. It shows why she has such a great following. We cut from watching this gorgeous beauty masturbating to the beast DJX cumming on her feet. I admit, the cum shot fits in with a foot theme, but what about the earlier portion? Theres nothing to do with feet except that Tara has two of them!

Zoe has a similar scene from Up N Cummers 54 and Up N Cummers 55 . The first part of the scene shows Zoe going at it solo with a jackrabbit and playing with her ass. Later she gives Randy a foot job. Zoe seems very real and fun and she makes the scene work very well even though she isnt a knockout. Everything about her seems realistic and I hope to find more from her. My only problem is what the heck was the solo part doing in a foot fetish compilation? I can only guess that Randys Alzheimers is getting worse and he forgot what a foot was.

Diamonds scene from Up N Cummers 69 is one of the better scenes. After a hot little strip show she masturbates and gives Randy a foot job. I dont have a problem with the earlier parts here as they appear to all be part of the same scene rather than feeling cut up. She can also suck on her feet, which gives us the scary image of Randy whacking off to her sucking on her toes (since he tells us) before he cums on her feet. Of course, she can also lick cum off her toes. If the entire feature was similar to this scene it would have been a lot better.

Theres also scenes with Shayla LaVeaux and Christina St. James giving Randy a double foot job, and Amythiest and Ami giving DJX a double foot job. Dayton Rains, Jane Federov, and Silvia Sanz all give foot jobs in their individual scenes. Finally, we get to see Randy come across Tatiana, Naomi, and Jamies feet in their scenes.

Foot Lovers Only shouldnt even be for foot lovers. The scenes are so cut up that it doesnt have a chance to build any heat. Randy Wests ego doesnt help things any either. The only thing this DVD might do is make you try and find some of the original scenes cheap.

Extras: The photo gallery contains eleven snapshots which are of slightly above average quality. Theres also trailers for Up N Cummers #10, 11, 31, 53, 64, 70, Raw Sex 2, and I Love Lesbians 3 .

Themes: Straight, toys, toe-ing, foot jobs, masturbation, and anal (finger)

Raincoat Factor: Medium (even if you have a foot fetish), very low (if you dont have a foot fetish)

Overall: Currently, Foot Lovers Only can be found for between $19 and $25. Even $10 would be a rip off for this title. Its a compilation with a few good looking and fun women, but they arent enough to save it. I have a fairly strong foot fetish and it barely did anything for me. If you dont have a foot fetish youre going to really hate it. The extras are poor, as is the audio quality. The video quality, however, is normally pretty good.

Note to New Machine: Two things would have helped this out immensely. First. advertise it as a compilation. Second, cut out the deceiving descriptions on the back cover. If I would have known these things, which I feel should be on the cover, my expectations would have been a little different and I probably would have rated it slightly different. At the very least I wouldnt have penalized it an entire point for extremely false and deceiving advertising on the cover.

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