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Description: In Playing with Fire the subject is step-kids. See what happens when Catherine marries stud Danny and their teenage kids get obsessed with wicked!

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Kirdy Stevens Standard Digital 99 minutes
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Reviewed by   12/05/11
This movie was much like Taboo series and deals with incestuous sexual relationships. My husband is not really into the older movies but, the scenes between the brother and sister definitely got him going. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like this one. I think what I enjoy most are the old fashion missionary position scenes which are sadly lacking in today's high budget porn. I see cowgirl way too often! Even though the genre itself is slightly older than I am. I can see why this would be considered a classic for my parents.

Reviewed by   10/02/10
Cynthia Taylor (MILF) steals this one (her only movie?). And, Karen Summer gives it her all, as usual. Brook was going to be a big star but apparently guys didn't dig her. I DID! Best scene is Randy with Cynthia after he was going crazy trying to get into her house to fuck her as she teased him from inside by striping. A strong 4*...a must see.

Reviewed by   05/01/09
as with another kirdy stevens favorite, taboo, this movie is great if you don't let the subject matter taint the experience. several hot scenes. would definitely recommend.

Reviewed by   05/03/07
Classic movie from the early 80's dealing with incest. Shot on film. For the most part, the sex is all one on one. As is the norm for 80's porn, all women have excessive hair on their pleasure palaces. Most of the scenes do not have a visible pop shot. **** Alert Alert, Cara Lott and Karen Summers provide 2 on 1 oral love on one lucky guy while they are covered in baby oil.*** The close ups are great as they trade off with the lip action. This scene opens the movie and holds the heat after 20 some odd years. Borrow this disc for this scene alone.

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Reviewed by   06/03/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Playing With Fire

An adult movie review by Flash

Distributor: Standard Digital
Edition Details: Special Collector's Edition DVD

Movie Specs:

Genres: Golden Age Classic, Feature Film, Comedy
Run Time: 98 minutes
Rated: X
Release Year: 1983
Director: Kirdy Stevens
Written by: Helene Terrie
Cast: Brooke West (as Brook West), Randy West, Cara Lott, Eric Edwards, Linda Shaw (as Lindy Shaw), Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Blair Harris, Karen Summer, Candy Cummings (as Cynthia Taylor), Lou Bartoletti

Release Specs:

Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Subtitles: none
Video: Full Frame, 1.33:1
Video Format: NTSC
Format: DVD
Regional Code (for DVD/Blu-ray): 0 (All)
Number of discs: 1

The Movie

Playing With Fire is a feature film directed Kirdy Stevens written by his frequent collaborator Helene Terrie. Playing With Fire is an adult film that deals with sexual relationships within the familial structure. However, for the most part, the play between family members is kept to related only via marriage in the film.

In Playing With Fire, Catherine Marshall (Candy Cummings), who's husband has died, dates and then marries Danny Fields (Randy West). Catherine's oldest daughter Virginia (Brooke West) is interested in Danny ? who she has had a sexual past with ? who is now her step-father. To complicate the household even more, Catherine's youngest daughter April (Karen Summer) has an attraction to Leslie (Tom Byron), hew new step-brother.

The story is well-done within Playing With Fire. There is great character development within the film, which is absolutely necessary within a film like this. If the viewer can't believe in the characters they are watching, a film about incest falls short. The story itself is fun and lighthearted. The story never gets overly serious nor does it ever get dark, as such a film could easily do.

The whole cast does a good job with their roles in Playing With Fire. All of the characters they play are three dimensional and brought to life on the screen. Karen Summer and Tom Byron end up stealing the show as the step-brother and step-sister who are fooling around with each other. The sex scenes in Playing With Fire sizzle with some great performances, made all that much better due to the cast staying in character during the sex scenes and the sex scenes fitting within the plot.

Playing With Fire utilizes excellent locations that give the film a very cinematic quality with both indoor and outdoor locations. The film is beautifully shot with an eye for what the camera would capture and getting some unique and some more elaborate shots. Playing With Fire is a beautiful film to watch.

Playing With Fire is an excellently done feature film that is well worth watching if you are a fan of feature films, unless the topic of incestuous relationships bothers you. Playing With Fire combines some hot sex scenes with a nicely balanced story for a well-playing feature film.

The Edition

Standard Digital has done a decent job with their Special Collector's Edition DVD release of Playing With Fire. Playing With Fire was shot on film and it looks like Standard Digital either utilized a film print or a high-quality video master for this release. Playing With Fire is presented in the academy aspect ratio of 1.33:1 in 480i. The image contains the expected artifacts, print damage, and grain. The colors in the film aren't always perfect. Blacks sometimes come across as more of a blue and flesh tones don't always look right either. The release isn't perfect but it is also far from horrible.

Playing With Fire is presented with an English Dolby Digital 2.0 monaural audio track. There aren't any noticeable issues with the audio. The dialog in the film is clear and easy to understand throughout the entire presentation.

Standard Digital has only included a couple of extras on their Special Collector's Edition DVD release for Playing With Fire. There is a photo gallery and the theatrical trailer for the film is also included on the disc.

Final Thoughts

Playing With Fire has never been as well known as some of Kirdy Stevens' other adult films, however, it deserves to be. Playing With Fire, like many of Stevens' film, plays with the taboo theme of family relationships and sexual attraction. The story in Playing With Fire is excellent and the cast does a great job with their roles. Playing With Fire is well worth watching. Standard Digital has done a decent job with their DVD release with decent video quality and a good audio presentation.


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