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Reviewed by   02/11/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

The Plot: You know, its a pity to start a review on such a downer, but this is really the failing point of the movie. The movie is supposedly about our favorite perpetually confused generation, with no role models and no goals in life, right? Being a member of the tail end of Generation X myself, I was hoping that this movie would have some people my age doing the old what have I done with my life? routine in a coffee shop. (This would, of course, lead to sex in the coffee shop.) I dont know what I was thinking. Its a porn movie, for nogs sake. This movie is completely devoid of any plot whatsoever. There is dialogue, there is some semblance of time passing linearly, but thats about it.

Our plot follows the adventures of some apartment dwellers as they go through one day. We start with Tom Byron annoying the hell out of his neighbor Roxanne Hall by blasting his stereo and playing on his air guitar. We set up the fact that she cant work while he plays his music. Then, we jump jarringly to a photo shoot of Nikole Lace and Sindee Coxx, who are performing for Alec Metro. Well, the inevitable happens, and they end up in a threesome, with Nikole Lace and Alec getting most of the screen time. Fair enough. We then cut to Nikole in bed, finding out that it was all a dream and she has to go to work. Cut to her boyfriend Alex Sanders painting on the roof, and the next door neighbor Sindee Coxx (remember her from scene #1?) drying her laundry in the sun. What to do when your girlfriend is away at work? Right, you have sex on the roof with your neighbor. We then join Roxanne suffering from writers block in her apartment. To stimulate the creative juices, she has a fantasy three-way with Kia and Rebecca Bardoux. I guess she writes for Penthouse Forums Anyhow, she gets interrupted by the air-guitar next door, and storms out of her apartment. She passes Nikole Lace and Alex Sanders in the hallway, who are so busy fondling each other that they dont make it out of the hallway. Ah, but there is trouble in paradise Roxanne was so ticked at the noise, she locked herself out of her apartment, and her next door neighbor Tom Byron invites her into his place until the superintendent arrives. She discovers hes the dick with the stereo (In more ways than one). End of movie.

This sounds like a sitcom in the making. I can see the pitch for it now: Two models, a painter, a romance novelist, and a grunge rocker all live on the same floor of an apartment complex. Hilarity ensues. Gag. If you want to be REALLY generous, you could call it a character study, if the people involved had any character.

The Cast: Okay, I am adding Nikole Lace to my personal Watch For Me list. She has a bundle of energy in her sex scenes, and its obvious shes having a lot of fun in her work. Ill keep it short and say that all the ladies here look great. They all get into their scenes, and the movie is completely devoid of the detached porno star expression that you see every now and then. Even the extremely prevalent moans & groans arent as bad as I normally expect. Of course, I have to put in a word about Kia. She has wonderful hair! Im a sucker for raven black tresses

You know, I am continually finding all sorts of surprisingly good performances in the weirdest places. Sindee Coxx does a credible job of the model rehearsing for an upcoming commercial. Unfortunately, as soon as she starts to interact with other actors, it goes downhill. Nikole Lace doesnt have too many lines, but theyre done pretty well. Average is about the best level that youll see here.

The Sex: Okay, this is where the movie shines. The sex is very good in this film. Our first scene with Nikole Lace, Sindee Coxx and Alec Metro is pretty good, but not spectacular. Nikole does most of the work on Alec, first orally and then getting poked in the usual ways. Sindee keeps herself to fondling, licking and teasing Nikole. It works pretty well.

Our second scene is Syndee on top of the roof drying her laundry while Alex Sanders just happens to be up there painting. These two have chemistry, and they go at it very well. A little oral action, a little doggy style, a little missionary and were done! The neat part is that the laundry is the tablecloth from someones frou-frou dining set with a really neat lace pattern. The sun shines through the lace, casting shadow patterns on our performers. Its actually a neat effect. It doesnt hurt that the sex is pretty good.

Ah, now you will come to realize why you got this DVD. The scene with Roxanne Hall, Kia and Rebecca Bardoux is amazing. These three ladies look, sound, and move like they are having the time of their lives. Since ostensibly it is Roxannes fantasy, she gets most of the attention for a while. With one of either side of her, the closes come off, the caressing gets intense and life is good. Kia sits on Roxannes face while Rebecca works the other end. The squealing that Kia puts out is quite erotic. Then out comes the Erotic Tupperware! Yes, Roxanne dons a strap-on and Kia hops aboard for a quick ride. Syndee is on the receiving end anally, and then Mr. Fanplastic disappears and the two of them gang up on Roxanne again. This scene was great.

Well, how do you follow that up? You take Nikole Lace and Alex Sanders, throw them into a vat of aphrodisiac and drop them in a hallway. These two rock! They kind of slither up the hallway, shedding clothes until Alex grabs Nikole, buries his head in her crotch, and then lifts her up so she is sitting on his shoulders with her upper body free to move about. Its a great move, and she looks like shes enjoying the hell out of it. After Alexs oral talents have been displayed, Nikole starts in on what has to be one of the best blowjobs Ive seen on film in a long time. Shes energetic, sexy and looks great doing it. This is my new goal in life: get blown by Nikole Lace. Nikole doesnt want to just keep it oral, so she turns around and sits on Alexs lap for a few minutes. Damn, shes good at this, too! We do get a close-up shot of Alexs cock sliding in and out, and thankfully the music is silent as these two fuck in the hallway But wait, thats not all! Nikole turns around for some doggy style, and Alex gives her a good pounding in both holes (No, not at once! Hes not that gifted!) We cut to Nikole finishing off Alex with a few quick jerks, and she cleans him right up. Oh, man this scene was (pardon the pun) fucking amazing. I need a cigarette from writing this

Our last scene is Tom Byron and Roxanne Hart in Toms apartment. She walks in angry that it is his stereo that keeps her from working, and ends up getting the ramming end of his cock where it will do the most good. Okay, does this actually happen to anyone? Lame plot devices aside, this scene is pretty good. I have to hand it to both of these performers, they have the speed part down pat. First, Roxanne gives Tom what has to be a 30 mph blowjob. I'm serious! She moves up and down on his tool like a Sex Piranha. Well, turnabout is fair play, and Tom bends her over on the couch and proceeds to give her a tongue lashing that she will remember for a long time. His technique was definitely different from your typical fare, and he does a thorough job of probing her with his tongue. He also does a lot of licking her anus, too. If thats not your thing, you may wish to skip this part. Well, he stands up and gives it to her doggy style while she bites the couch. Remember that 30mph blowjob? Tom is at least as fast when shes on the receiving end. Definitely high-energy sex. She sits on his lap for a couple of minutes, and then takes a load on the tongue. Not a bad scene, but after the previous two scenes, you somehow expect a bit more.

The Audio / Image: The image is sharp, no artifacts, no disc mastering problems, and the color tones are consistent. Theyre not great, but with the mix of interior and one exterior scene, everything is visible with nothing distracting. The audio, on the other hand, needs some help. The sound is occasionally interrupted by very distracting ambient noises, such as newspaper crinkling, the sofa squeaking, and some other unidentifiable rattles. A couple times I could hear a police siren in the background. The music is typical background porno music. Worse, it is typically loud background porno music. Any and all dialogue during the sex is drowned out by the music, and the selection of songs was poor. The last scene, where music plays a role in the scene, is a welcome change of pace from the electric guitar-driven tunes of the rest of the movie, but unfortunately it doesnt mate with the sex on the screen at all. A gentle piece of mood music does not belong as background while Tom Byron is going 70 mph, six inches at a time. I think the best way to sum up the music for this film is that if I had company over for midnight activities, I would avoid this music at all costs if I wanted to actually get laid that night.

The Extras: Vivids bios/showcase of the Vivid stable, scene access, previews, VR menu interface, an interactive room with four objects you can click on to see a sex scene snippet, four bonus all-girl sex scene snippets, a slide show, nine other sex scene snippets, and eight Hot Shots, which are (you guessed it) sex scene snippets. Okay, I personally dislike the VR dungeon menu, but somebody must like it. They put it on everything.

The Good: The people are beautiful and the sex is hot. This what we buy porn for, right?

The Bad: The plot is missing and the music is annoying.

Overall: A great disc for some sex scenes and people enjoying the act of sex. Definitely worth a rental, and possibly a keeper depending on your tastes. Make no mistake, youre not getting a fine, artistic film, but you are getting some first-rate sex. function over(thing) { thing.border = 1 } function out(thing) { thing.border = 0 } [ /image ] -->