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Description: Featuring Nikki's First Anal! Virtual Sex with Nikki is the first true interactive sex for your DVD Video Player or DVD-Rom drive. Now as never before, experience all the lust and desire of having sex with one of the most beautiful women in the world who happens to be a Penthouse Pet, Nikki Tyler. Interact with her using your DVD Remote! You choose the sexual positions! You choose the camera angles! You choose her moods between innocent and nasty! Enter Nikki's world where FantaVR allows you to control this gorgeous sexual animal and enjoy her countless times. The Virtual Sex Series has redefined interactive sex. Virtual Sex with Nikki is the most advanced cyber sex simulator on DVD!

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Joone Digital Playground  
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Reviewed by   04/04/05 Source: AdultDVDTalk

The Little Details

Running Time: approx. 50 min. total footage

Production Date: 6 / 07 / 1999

Director: Joone

Cast: Nikki Tyler and you

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Digital Playground has been pretty limited with their virtual sex titles, but done well within those limitations. Im expecting a nicely done but limited virtual sex DVD.

Initial Reaction: Its the most limited virtual sex title Ive seen in a heck of a long time.

Who ...

Reviewed by   10/25/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Being one of the first Virtual Sex titles released, there is some obvious differences between this and later titles in the series. Unfortunately for a start there is no stories or strip sections to be seen, this I must say is a big miss. Another difference is the second camera angle, here we only see Nikki side on, there's no close-up pussy shots.

Nikki I must say looks great as always, she interacts nicely with the camera and gives the impression she's enjoying hersef. One of the things I like most about her performance is the way she switches moods. In (innocent) she's very laid ...

Reviewed by   01/15/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

This dvd is the worst one in the virtual sex series. The scenes are 1 minute long. Nikki looks good in this dvd, better than most movies i've seen her in. But she seems to be lacking sex drive in this dvd. She looks good physically, but she can't talk, seduce, and fuck as good as the other girls in the virtual sex series. The only unique thing about this virtual sex dvd is that there's a anal scene, yes, a Nikki Tyler anal scene. Overall, dont buy this interactive dvd, only if you are a mega Nikki Tyler fan; cuz she does look better here than most of her movies.

Reviewed by   06/07/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

TITLE: Virtual Sex with Nikki Tyler
Studio: Digital PlayGround
Starring: Nikki Tyler
Running Time: 90
Format: Single Sided.
DVD Features: Fanta VR allows users, 5.1 Digital Surround Sound, Multiple Angels

First Impression: This was one of the first DVDs I bought. There is something about Nikki Tyler that attracted me to this title. I had previously seen a Ripped version of Virtual Sex with Jenna. So I thought what the hell lets get this title.

Plot: You "virtually" have sex with Nikki Tyler.

Likes: Nikki Tyler has attitude. The use of Naughty and Nice mode.

Dislikes: Fake Cum shots. Even though I know how this these things are made. And there is no superman that can pump out 12 shots per day. Still You could still use different actors.

Extras: uhmmm NO!

Audio Quality: Audio is not bad.

Video Quality: Well Im watching these on my Monitor and any flaws in the video will become very apparent. Since the background is very black I can see the Banding problem of the MPEG codec. When there is too much of one color there becomes a blocky appearance to it. Otherwise the quality is very good.

Final Thoughts: This is a title if you are more of a fan. For me I occasionally put this title in. I like putting it in Naughty mode that way Nikki Is yelling at me to do things. For some reason I kind of like that.
Also there appear to be two real cum shots. One is her giving head and the second is the anal scene.

Would I buy another in this series?: I would consider it.

Themes: Blondes, Virtual Sex, Dolby 5.1, Nikki Tyler