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Description: Virtual Sex with Julia Ann is the only true interactive sex title for your DVD Video Player or DVD-ROM Drive. Now as never before, experience all the lust and desire of having sex with one of the most beautiful women in the world who happens to be a Penthouse Pet, Julia Ann. Interact with her using your DVD Remote! You choose the sexual positions! You choose her moods between innocent and nasty! You ask her to strip naked for you! You ask her to tell you her wildest sex stories! Enter Julia's world where FantaVR allows you to control this gorgeous sexual animal and enjoy her countless times. The Virtual Sex Series has redefined interactive sex. Virtual Sex with Julia Ann is the most advanced cyber sex simulator on DVD!

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Joone Digital Playground  
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Reviewed by   03/29/02 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time: cover claims over 2 hours

Production Date: 11 / 28 / 1999 (feature) 12 / 14 / 1999 (cover)

Director: Joone

Cast: Julia Ann and you

Initial Expectations: Ive heard pretty good things about this feature, and Julia Ann is incredibly hot, so Im really looking forward to this DVD.

Initial Reaction: Its a must for fans of Julia Ann, and might be the best done virtual sex feature Ive seen so far.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of virtual sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants an actual movie, or who wants virtual sex with anal

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very clear and well balanced. Id kind of worry about the DVD if it didnt, since with a virtual sex title like this theres only one person to listen to. The video is also very good, but there is a bit of grain in a few places. Theres also a bit of over-lighting that bleaches out some of the colors. Most of these problems occur in the areas other than the actual virtual sex portion of the DVD.

Music: Theres no music for the virtual portions of the DVD, but the other areas do have some music. What music there is balanced nicely with the rest of the audio and gives those areas a nicely sexy feel.

Disc Problems / Complaints: You have to sit through about a thirty second Digital Playground commercial before you get to any of the real action. Its set up as the title menu on the DVD, so if you want to go to the start to check things out by hitting the title menu button on youre remote, youre going to have to sit through it again. This makes it even more annoying, since you cant ever get out of it once you start!

Menus: The main menu is a nicely done intro to let you choose where to start.

The Feature: Julia Ann takes center stage in this installment of Digital Playgrounds Virtual Sex with series. Julias a great choice here, as she has built a nice following through the many years shes been in the business, and has, from what Ive seen, always shown herself to be a pretty classy lady. For those who havent seen Julia Ann, shes a gorgeous blonde with a very nice body. She has some obvious implants, but unlike most other starlets, they just look big rather than being covered with noticeable scars (something I dont think Ive been able to see on her yet). She also has a couple tattoos, one a flowery band around her ankle, and then a pink bow just above the crack of her great ass. As with the rest of this series, all the action takes place on a black background, so the only thing in color you see is Julia and a little bit of you. Im not sure of any of the details, but Ive heard that the black background is due to some future innovations Digital Plaything has planned that will be able to interact with these DVDs. The main event here is the virtual sex, but theres also a small tease and interview with Julia.

The Strip is handled very well and lasts about three minutes. Julia Ann gives a nice tease, and talks just enough to really enhance the tease. There isnt any multiple angles here, but the camera moves around enough that you dont really need them. Its well done with the exception that Julia often seems to be looking off to the side, or over where youre shoulder would be if youre facing your TV or monitor. I always thought virtual sex titles were to give you the feeling that she was just there for you, but in this portion it seems Julia is looking off at somebody else.

Stories acts as kind of an interview with Julia Ann, and lasts a little under two minutes. She talks about some of her first sex experiences, as well as things like her perfect erotic evening. She also talks about what she likes sexually. Rather than just seeing Julia Ann talking about it, Julia talks over whats basically a moving photo gallery with a lot of flashiness. Its another nice feature, but I always enjoy getting to see the performers as actual people rather than just another fuck monkey on the screen.

Foreplay lets you choose between fingering Julia Ann and fucking her with a dildo. You can choose between more of a distance shot, where you can see everything above Julias knees, or a close-up where you cant really see anything beyond her pussy. In each case, you can make Julia Ann cum whenever you want, and you can also choose whether you want her to be innocent or naughty. The orgasm sequence is the same for both innocent and nice, but Julias actions fall nicely in between which makes it work well for both. Most of the segments here run between a minute and a half and two minutes, and seem to splice together nicely without being too noticeable.

You can also have oral sex with Julia. You can give to Julia, which is handled a bit awkwardly. Its more of a masturbation sequence than anything, with Julia talking dirty and telling you what she wants as she lightly plays with herself. Although awkward, I think its about the best Ive seen giving oral sex to a woman in a virtual sex feature handled. Ive also seen it where they show the back of the guys head, and it isnt any better, and if anything, really makes things weird and awkward. Here you can at least look at it as what youll see. Once again, you get to choose between a naughty and nice Julia, as well as whether you want to watch things from a distance or get an extreme close-up.

You can also choose to have Julia Ann give you head. These sequences last a bit longer, and push three minutes. Once again, you can choose how nasty Julia is, which basically controls how much trash Julia talks at you, and she can do it dang well. Although many other places use a computer generated pop shot, the blowjob sequence lets you give Julia a very nice real facial. You have the choice between two angles here again, but unlike before, this time the second angle gives you a view from the side. The entire sequence is handled extremely well, and is one of the best virtual oral sequences Ive seen so far.

Of course, the main thing people want is the actual Sex. You can choose between four positions here, missionary, doggie, standard cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, as well as the standard innocent or nice option and the choice between watching from a point of view perspective or an alternative view. Not all of the alternate views are from the side, with cowgirl giving you a view from behind so you can admire Julias amazing ass. This is kind of a mandatory view, since Julia has you pop on her ass. Surprisingly, all of the pops in the feature are real, which I never expected and havent seen anywhere else. Im not sure if the cock here is that full or if theres a ton of guys. Regardless, it really helps out the feature quite a bit and is part of what made me enjoy the fucking as much as I did.

Virtual Sex with Julia Ann is a great virtual sex DVD. The sequences are very well done, and although the start and end of the loops dont synch perfectly, they do come closer than almost every other virtual sex feature Ive seen. As usual with Digital Playgrounds Virtual Sex With series, all the action takes place against a black background. Although I do like to see a background, I wasnt as turned off here as I have been before. Julia maintains such a presence on the screen that its hard to notice anything other than her. She also does a great job of playing both nasty and nice, and puts some nice energy and enthusiasm into her scenes. This doesnt seem like a really easy thing to make, and it seems like youd need a really talented actress to balance her responses, as well as the talking, since youre aiming everything at the viewer. Theres a fine line between coming off as very well done and corny. Thankfully, Julia does it very well. This is a great virtual sex feature!

For other perspectives on this DVD, please check out reviews from darkcloud and markuk.

Themes: Virtual Sex, straight, stripping, toys, and masturbation

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Currently, Virtual Sex with Julia Ann can be found online for between $24 and 34 with about half the stores offering it for under $30. If youre thinking about shelling out the money for a virtual sex DVD, this one should be strongly considered. Julia looks great and pushes things just enough to make it extremely hot. The loops go together fairly well, and the technical aspects are very good. Theres even a few extras to help things out.

Note to Digital Playground: It was a tough decision to not give this one a perfect rating, but the over lighting and few extras held it back. If you can improve on this one, youre going to have one heck of a great DVD!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

Other reviews by Astroknight

Reviewed by   08/20/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

This is the second review I am writing for this dvd. After watching all the virtual sex dvds and further review, I must say this one is THE BEST. The screen shots are the best among all virtual sex dvds. Mainly because Julia's body is shown well. For example, in the finger scenes, the way she lays back shows her tits, stomach, and legs very well. This goes for all her other scenes, they are all shot so perfect. Furthermore, Julia fucks really good, she just fucks so perfect! This dvd also has the best doggy scenes!

Juila Ann looks really good in this one. She looks more slender in ...

Reviewed by   08/07/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

This was my first experience of an interactive sex DVD, so I must confess I wasn't at all sure of what to expect. Virtual sex with one of my favourite porn stars, it certainly sounded great!.

Well what can I say but WOW!!, I absolutely love it. Julia Ann looks stunning, infact everything about it is just perfect.

You are given four options on how to control Julia Ann, STRIP, STORIES, FOREPLAY and SEX.To get you in the mood Julia Ann does a beautiful slow sexy striptease (Strip) and tells you about her first sexual experience (Stories). FOREPLAY is where things really start to ...

Reviewed by   01/15/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

This virtual sex is just like all the others ones such as tera patrick and jill kelly. Juila Ann looks really good in this one. She looks more slender in this dvd when compared to her old films such as le femme erotiques. Out of all the virtual sex series, this one and tera patrick are the better ones. The pictures are crystal clear and Julia and her body looks stunning. The doggy scenes in this dvd is the best in the virtual sex series. Overall, this dvd is pretty much flawless. Vsw Julia Ann is one of the best dvd of all time. If you are a Julia Ann fan, then this is a MUST have! Either way...