Cumback Pussy 37

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Dion Giarrusso Elegant Angel
120 minutes
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Reviewed by   03/18/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

I must admit I am not familiar with the Cumback Pussy series from Elegant Angel so I was a bit confused as to whether CUMBACK PUSSY 37 was a foreign film starring a few Americans or an American film starring lots of (barely) English- speaking foreigners. Well, whatever it is, it certainly offers a large variety of enthusiastic if only moderately attractive to above-average young fuckdolls. While the seven (yep, count 'em, seven) girls in this five-scene romp have no hope of attaining porn royalty, they are certainly hot and willing enough to make any guy stand at attention (with the exception of Ilene Blue, an 18-year old German girl with frizzy hair, a so-so body and teeth courtesy of European socialized dentistry).

In the opening scene, Aria, a young, blonde American with a cute face and shapely body gets it on with Zarina, a more womanly (i.e. older) Russian with a large mane of blonde hair and firm, curvy body. Amazingly enough, this scene appears to have been shot in hotel room so cheesy that it only has twin beds (wow, talk about low budget). Nevertheless, the girls kiss, fondle and 69 each other before a male participant enters both the scene and Aria. Although Aria gets a good pounding (including an extended time in the reverse cowgirl position) and her enjoyment was fun and engaging her high-pitched "oh, oh, oh" eventually started to give me a migraine. (The sound recording during sex was marginal as opposed to the dismal recording levels at all other times). Zarina then climbs on board for a ride while Aria fingers Zarina's clit with a finger toy. Eventually, Zarina gets her male partner's rod up her cornshoot and even gets ass- fucked upside down (don't ask me to explain). She takes a load in her mouth before Aria gets another good pussy fucking in the missionary position before also taking a sackful of jizz on her face.

Thereafter, two naturally hardbodied foreign chicks, bleach-blonde Mandy Mystery and redheaded Dominica Leoni, get right into a 3-way with another male actor. While these two had some unfortunate tattoos and only decent faces, their tight little bodies did get my motor running. Since the sound was so bad, I have no idea where they were from (possibly Pottsylvania (for you Rocky and Bullwinkle fans)). The girls trade off BJ action and Dominica, who's pussy is shaved in the shape of a crucifix, gets it in the missionary position (sorta ironic, dontcha think?). However, the highlight of the film for me was watching Mandy on all fours with Dominica right on top of her, allowing the male talent to fuck one from behind and then move up or down to give it to the other. Great stuff. Eventually, Mandy engages in some rump-riding before her pal pulls out to dump his load into Dominica's mouth. (The 2-girls scenes also end with a lot of cum swapping at the end).

A rather mundane straight sex scene follows starring Victoria, a decent enough looking American chick with long, streaked blonde hair. She also engages in BJ, 69, reverse cowgirl and anal before taking a facial from her partner. Marcella Boccelli, a cute little Italian girl with short black hair also engages in a fairly standard scene, partnered with a young, black dude. (As far as I could tell, this was the only scene where a condom was used). The decor in this scene, including huge black velvet tiger paintings, gave the impression that these two were fucking in the studio of a Tijuana artist. While not terribly exciting or interesting, watching Marcella start off in a little school- girl uniform and keep on her little white socks and black shoes during the scene was kind of hot. Also, while you initially think Marcella is going to be pudgy under that uniform (due to her roundish face), she actually has a nice little body with great, firm breasts. The film ends with sort of a sour note with the very mediocre looking Ilene Blue. Nevertheless, Ilene does double team two guys and engages in some DP action before she gets a load of spum in her gaping rectum. While Ilene's appearance did nothing for me, at least this scene covered the sexual ground left uncovered in the previous scenes.

All in all, for run of the mill porn, CUMBACK PUSSY 37 offers a nice variety of decent looking young girls who are certainly enthusiastic and have a good attitude towards the action. Lighting and camerawork were passable, sound was often non- existent (short of blasting the volume) and extras were minimal. Nevertheless, this was certainly a refreshing change from big-name porn stars and the director doesn't skimp on the time or the action. Definitely worth checking out.