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Nina Hartley Adam & Eve 75 minutes
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Reviewed by   06/10/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time: 79 min. (Cover states 75 min.)

Production Date: 1 / 1997

Director: Nina Hartley

Cast: Nina Hartley, Missy, Ty Law, Mickey G., Aiko, and Dave (Alex Sanders, Angela Faith, Moose, and David are listed on the cover)

Initial Expectations: Ive had mixed luck with Ninas educational features, so Im keeping an open mind.

Initial Reaction: Its a pretty good educational feature with a diverse enough cast to make almost everybody feel comfortable.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody interested in dancing for their lover but not sure where to start and guys who have trouble moving past rowing the boat and stirring the pot, the official white man dance moves.

Who Should Avoid It: Professional strippers

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very well balanced and clear. You can hear both Ninas teachings as well as the sexual sounds very clearly. The video is a little grainy and soft, but I didnt think it was bad enough to interfere with the overall feature. Im guessing from the quality that it was taken from the original VHS master.

Music: The music is soft and sexy, fitting for dancing. Although its a little louder than normal, its a great level for this feature with its focus on dancing. The only problem with the music is the obvious looping, which interferes with the feature quite a bit.

Menus: The menus are simple but well done. The chapter menu has four choices broke apart by subject.

The Feature: Once again, Nina Hartley has put together another guide to help increase the sexuality in others. I dont know if Nina has any college degrees in sexual related subjects, but I dont think it really matters here. After over twenty years in the adult film industry, Nina has enough knowledge in sexuality that I respect her views on sexuality as much or more than those with the college degrees.

Ninas main point for private dancing is that you have to be comfortable with yourself and your body and have fun. Be willing to show it off. There isnt any real right or wrong here as long as youre comfortable with your feelings about your body and what youre doing with it. Nina gives a few stretching examples while explaining the importance of stretching. She also shows a couple examples of muscle isolation and why its so important. If you cant be comfortable in your skin, then everything else is lost.

Missy and Ty Law give a nice demonstration next with Ty dancing for Missy. Rather than just showing Ty dancing, Missy participates a little. Its very well done and shows a lot of interaction between the two of them including some of what the dancing can lead to. Its a very erotic scene and with Missy showing her usual intensity in it. In some ways its better than Missys normal scene as you can see her grow in intensity throughout the scene. Surprisingly for an educational feature, Missy finishes the scene by taking Tys small load on her face. Its a very hot scene with a great focus on the dancing.

Aiko, a large black woman, shows that ones size or shape doesnt matter in dancing. The feeling between the people, however, does matter. Aiko and Dave provide the next interlude. Once again the dancing is the main focus of the scene but it does go a little further. This time the action is limited to Aiko giving Dave a hummer, but the dancing remains the focus of the scene.

After a few more examples showing different moves, Nina and Mickey G. dance around a pool. They both really know what theyre doing and it shows! Nina guides Mickey inside with her dancing and they go by a fireplace for some romantic lovemaking. Once again, the dancing and other dance-like motions continue through the scene. Its a great couples scene. Its very soft and erotic and both Mickey and Nina look like theyre having a lot of fun. Its a complete scene that Mickey finishes off by blowing his love lotion across Ninas stomach.

Nina Hartleys Guide to Private Dancing is a must for anybody who isnt sure what to do to dance for their lover. Nina covers many of the basics to get you started and gives a few small examples of moves between sex scenes that include a lot of dancing. If youre looking for a complete step-by-step feature, this isnt it. Of course, with love there isnt anything thats completely step by step. It all depends on the chemistry between you and your partner. Nina also doesnt show anything with the all-important white man dances of stirring the pot and rowing the boat. If youre looking for how to work The Macarena into your love-making, youre also out of luck. If youre looking for a good clue as how to get yourself started with dancing for and with your lover, then check this one out. Also, check out reviewers review for another perspective on Nina Hartleys Guide to Private Dancing .

Extras: As with the rest of Ninas educational features, the only extras are a web link and a short bio of Nina.

Themes: Straight, educational, dancing, spanking, oral

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Overall: Currently, Nina Harleys Guide to Private Dancing can be found online for between $ 13 and $23 with several stores offering it for under $15. If youre interested in dancing for your lover but dont know where to start, you should check this one out. Nina does a decent job of showing some of the basics and uses a diverse cast so that almost everybody should be able to feel comfortable watching it. The transfer is pretty good, but the extras lack a little bit.

Note to Adam & Eve: A few more chapters would be great here to separate Ninas teaching from the demonstration scenes. A few trailers for Ninas other educational features would be great here. If somebody is interested in improving one area of their sex life enough to buy or rent one of her features, theyd probably be interested enough to pick up another that interested them.

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