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Reviewed by   08/26/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time: 2:20

Director: John Stagliano

Cast: Tiffany Million, Tina Tyler, Kiss, Rebecca Bardoux, Brittany O'Connell, Cody O'Conner, Francesca Le, Angel Ash, Tiffany Mynx, Chrissy Ann, Sheila Stone, Sierra, Joey Silvera, Toni Tedeschi, Steve Drake, Nick East, Kris Newz, Woody Long, Tom Byron, Rick Smears, Brockton O'Toole, and Roscoe Bowltree

Video Quality: The picture quality is average and slightly grainy, but the film was made in the early nineties and the grain fits the movie. I should say that I watched this on my old 20" TV (since my big screen broke) which may have had some effect on the picture quality.

Audio Quality: Excellent.

Music: There is a wide variety of music in Face Dance Part 1 and it all fits the scene it's in. It's rare that I notice music in a positive way, and I noticed it several times here.

Initial Expectations: I have never been impressed with Rocco in the past since it seemed like he treated the women like dirt. I have avoided his movies because of this feeling. I also avoided a lot of Stagliano's films because of Rocco and how much he seemed to like Rocco. On the plus side, it won several awards, which made me have some hopes for liking it.

Initial Reaction: Wow! This went way beyond any expectations I might have had.

Review: I was a little worried about reviewing Face Dance Part 1. First, Evil Angel has been active on Adult DVD Talk and I was afraid I wouldn't like the movie and I didn't want to give a bad review to one of the main films from Evil Angel. Second, Tina Tyler is one of the first names listed in Face Dance, and I was afraid of the same thing happening with her. Luckily, this was one of the best adult films I have ever seen. It's different than any other adult film I've seen as it's part regular porno and part gonzo. Both parts are excellent and blend together surprisingly well in addition to making the movie a lot more fun.

We start with a young (and very hot) Tina Tyler running from an old man through a warehouse. They are both being followed by two other guys. Tina tries hiding, but gets hosed down by the two guys, almost looking like they are pissing on her, before taking the two of them and another guy on in an excellent group scene as the old man leaves in disgust. At the end, we see Joey Silvera as the director and Tiffany Million as the producer making a movie. Joey Silvera has a different way of doing things. His rehearsals are extremely sexual where the actors and actresses go between truth and line. In truth, they talk dirty to each other and get each other worked into a sexual frenzy. As soon as they get ready to really get down to business, he makes them say their lines. Hey, it makes sense to me. If you can remember your lines when Tina Tyler or Brittany O'Connell are begging you for it, you can remember them anywhere and anytime! He wants Rocco in the lead role, since he thinks Brockton is too old, but others are nervous about hiring him for the job because a) he's an Italian who isn't completely fluent in English and b) he has done several pornos.

Kiss soon leaves in a limo to pick up Rocco from the airport, after picking up her friend Rebecca Bardoux and her lighting toy) and pulls up just in time to see him get in a corvette with Angel Ash. They soon park and after Rocco finds out he got in the wrong car, they start to go at it on the trunk. As soon as Rocco is about to blow his load, however, he is blindfolded and led into another building.

Surprise! John (Buttman) heard Rocco was coming and decided to throw him a party with 5 beautiful women with great asses. He even invites Rocco to join his Best Butts Competition. The competition turns into a huge orgy (of course) that lasts over a half hour!

This scene completely changed my mind about Rocco. Many women in the adult film industry have said that Rocco is one of the most considerate guys out there and is completely concerned about the woman (women) he's with. You could tell in the orgy scene. When he's about to fuck Sheila Stone from behind he almost fucks her anally and she immediately stops him. I think he apologized three times right away. Later, he comes on Tiffany Mynx's face and gets a little in her eye (which I hear really stings). He wipes it away as soon as she reacts to it and apologizes to her. It was really great to see the women treated with such respect and I will be picking up more of Rocco's films because of it.

Rocco finally shows up a day late at the studio where he finally meets Kiss, Rebecca, Tiffany Million, and Ian (Kris Newz) who plays one of the guys financing the movie. Ian spots a Buttman video in Tiffany's desk and chews her and Kiss out for having it. Tiffany has been hiding that Rocco is also a porn star and Rocco really hates the deception. Rocco soon goes to one of Joey's rehearsals. One is with Brittany O'Connell and one with Tina Tyler. Both are excellent tease scenes. After he's done rehearsing, he goes to work out with Tiffany Million while Joey rehearses with Francesca Le and Cody O'Conner. Rocco and Tiffany have a long argument about Rocco's past in porn and her keeping it hidden before he storms off. The threesome with Joey, Francesca, and Cody is one of the best I've seen. Everybody takes turns, so nobody is ever really left out at any time. It is also the only anal scene, which surprised me with how much focus there was on butts.

Tiffany Million continued her workout alone after Rocco left until Steve Drake, Nick East, and Toni Tedeschi decide to work out. Nick can't keep his eyes off Tiffany and she gets pissed when Steve tells him not to watch her. She doesn't mind him watching, she just hates Toni's arrogant smirk. She then proceeds to take on all three of them. The movie ends at the end of this scene without even leaving a cliffhanger ending.

Face Dance Part 1 has a few flaws, but there aren't many. Some of the dialogue is pretty bad. When Rocco gets into the Corvette, one of the girls makes a remark like "Wow. I've never seen a kidnapping before." Bad dialogue, but at least it's funny (even if it's not meant to be). Also, the plot kind of seems weak. I can forgive this easily since this is only half of the movie. For being the first half of a movie, it isn't too bad.

Extras: Chapter, Fetish, & Specialty Menus, History, Photo Gallery, Biographies on John and Rocco, and a 32 minute feature with John talking about the film

The biographies are pretty good, but the real highlight here is the feature with John taking about the film. He goes through some of his house showing the awards he won for Face Dance, as well as adding a little background about things such as one of the paintings in the film. He then goes into his editing room, where he introduces us to his friend Trish (who visits Adult DVD Talk often) and goes through the movie. I was amazed at John's work watching the movie, but was in complete awe after watching the featurette and learning that he shot it in a week and then spent 25 twelve to fourteen hour days editing it afterwards in order to qualify for the AVN awards. My favorite scene, however, is between John and Trish. John is talking about the orgy scene and calls "Hey, Trish.". "Hey what?" she calls back. "I want you to look at Rocco's dick here for a second." The humor and humanity of John calling Trish in had me smiling all of the next day.

The only thing I would have really liked to see is the twenty minutes that John cut before the Buttman scene. Hopefully he put them on Part 2. Other than that, Face Dance Part 1 is loaded with extras.

Overall: If you have any interest at all in this movie, pick it up. It's one of the best I've seen. I even found myself noticing things like the lighting. In the opening warehouse scene with Tina Tyler, the lighting was kind of shadowy rather than extremely bright. It gave the scenes a much more realistic feel. The same care went to the music. The acting is very good and the plot develops slowly. Pick this one up!

Themes: Butts, rimming, anal, group sex, masturbation, gonzo, tease