Girls in White 05

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Description: Thornhill's older lesbian predators live for this event - the annual Girls in White coming-out ball for young lesbians. Girls in White 5 - the 10th edition of the ongoing Thornihill Diaries soap opera - drops in on pre-party sexual romps and shows what awful things can happen to a non-lesbian who foolishly crashes the event.

Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
  Girlfriends Films
150 minutes
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Member Reviews (6) Write a Review

Reviewed by   05/04/11
I do agree that the Sam Ryan/Brea Bennett scene is hot and the Faye/Georgia scene is a close 2nd...the Nyomi/Magdalene episode is a throw away for me..Magdalene gets no action at all...Lily Redd/Shayna is 90% Lily getting licked and fucked with a strap-on and the last few minutes Shayna gets licked

Reviewed by   07/18/10
Great couples movie. I've rented this a couple of times. There are 2 scenes that we watch. The Brea/Samantha & Faye/Georgia scenes. Absolutely delicious. Then we need to get busy. Yeah, they're that good.

Reviewed by   11/17/08
I think anytime Joeh gives a bad review I should rent the movie. He seems to have the exact opposite reaction that I have. First up is Sam and Brea. I've always thought Sam was beautiful but if she is beautiful what adjective can be used for Brea? Gorgeous, I guess. Brea does the seducing in this scene and Sam doesn't seem to know what to do. Can someone feed her some lines? But once the action heats up Sam gets into the scene. Next up are Faye and Georgia. Georgia is very pretty and Faye is gorgeous, too many freckles but wonderful tits. Another really great scene. The first two scenes include quite a bit of humping, which I thought was unusual, but also really cool. I didn't really like the looks of the two women in the next scene so I didn't think it was so hot. And the last scene wasn't that great either. During the lead in, Lily Redd doesn't seem to know what do during the scene. She just looks and acts scared. The sex part of the scene is pretty good, but Shayna's looks don't appeal to me and she never fully undresses. There are two great scenes, a good one and a fair one, in my book that equals four stars. I'd give it four stars if it only had the first two scenes.

Reviewed by   09/22/08
I wasn't sure I'd like this flick. I'm not a big fan of the party scenes in the GIW series but this is a good one. None of the scenes are steamy or passionate, but they are good to watch. I wish the pace was a little quicker but the girls were good-looking and that's half the battle.

Brea, Sam, Faye, Georgia, and Nyomi are the first-stringers. GFF put them on the frontline. It's the smart move. Brea and Sam are Nordic goddesses. Faye's pink puffy nipples get my engine revving and coupled with a hottie like Georgia. It's a done deal. Maggie is near retirement age but she looked good with Nyomi who's a statuesque ebony beauty. I don't mind 40+ poon as long as there's a youngling in the mix. Now the last scene kind of surprised me. I thought it was going to drag down the movie, but it turned out to kick it up a notch. The other three scenes were soft and pretty. This one had an edge to it. Shayna is built like linebacker with tits and bully's the slender meek Lily into having sex. After some tough love, she whipped out the flesh-colored strap-on for some man-like lov'n.

Reviewed by   04/18/08
The guy below my review ...DAH? This is a must rent/buy....TRUST ME! All 4 scenes are magnificent. If Nyomi was wearing sheer stockings, this would be a 6*. Lily Redd's acting (Shayna dominates her) is the best I've seen in 30 years of watching adult movies. Allow at least a week to watch every second of this winner.

Reviewed by   01/26/08
I didnt like this movie at all,the pairings stunk,a bunch of fat titted bags having boring sex,the camera work stunk.IM never gonna rent this kind of movie again.