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Reviewed by   12/10/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

WHEN ROCCO MEATS KELLY 2 is the highly praised sequel to the modern mainstream classic, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. Just a joke, folks. Actually, this title from Evil Angel may be somewhat tortuously named [only Rocco Siffredi Productions could use the word "meat" as a verb!], but is entirely appropriate for a movie starring one of the most recognized male performers in porn history.

However, let me be perfectly honest...I prefer Rocco's work under the creative direction from superior directors like John Stagliano and Andrew Blake. In what very well may be the set of blue movies of all time, FACEDANCE 1 and 2, Stagliano showcased his Euro stud's enviable talents with some very hot and superbly staged sex scenes (including the anal stunner with Chrissy Ann and the wildly choreographed "blindfold orgy"). Likewise, in SECRETS and HOUSE OF DREAMS, Blake captured the incredible beauty of Zara Whites and Raven in heatedly athletic sex scenes which never lost the trademark artistic beauty for which this director is known.

However, Rocco's videos for Evil Angel take the purely gonzo approach in capturing down and dirty fucking and sucking, with a roving camera which focuses on the Max Hardcore-influenced action. While obviously, this sort of style [or lack thereof] is immensely popular, I would prefer to see less mind-numbing close-up action and just a wee bit more passion. And since the women here don't quite measure up to Vivid Girl or Studio A standards, let it be known that there is a sacrifice of beauty for spectacle.

Rocco's way of introducing Kelly, is similar to is earlier work with another thin, and very slutty blonde Sandy [see Sin City's 30 MEN FOR SANDY for the first of a series of videos devoted to her]. Since Kelly's skank factor is a little too high on the meter for this reviewer to find her as naturally appealing as Sandy, I don't find this release to be nearly as enjoyable, but the carnal heat in this two-hour, twenty minute video is absolutely undeniable. Although she performs in four full length scenes, her best work is evident in her random flirting and spontaneous blowjobs delivered to various lecherous, but lucky, bystanders at the sex conventions she and Rocco visit. Strutting about in a short dress and high heels, Kelly warms up from anonymous guy to anonymous guy on the convention floor and bathrooms, occasionally getting on her knees for some oral pleasuring, or else allowing her audience to grope and grab her as she passes by. While it is doubtful that all these brief encounters are uncontrived, the randomness of her promiscuous playfulness is a complete turn-on.

Unfortunately, the literal low point on this video has to be when we are "treated" to watching Kelly have sex with a dwarf who is dressed up in diapers and acts like a baby. Kelly walks into a hotel room, and allows her motherly instincts [in a distinctly Oedipal way] to have mad sex with this guy, who never strays from his in-character impression of Baby Herman from WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? It's as grotesque as it sounds and is sure to give me nightmares for years to come. And as another bonus treat, we have the option to watch a longer-edited cut of this scene on the DVD...it's enough to make me pine for my old VCR where videotape rarely exceeds two hours.

However, her other three scenes, including two foursomes in a hotel room, and a concluding gangbang hosted by Rocco, raises the erotic heat to a boiling point by the sheer nastiness of the raw, uninhibited sex. For those who are all-too familiar with Evil Angel line of videos, and with Rocco's work, let me assure you that all the trademark sexual conduct is on ample display. Asses are fucked, pussies are double-penetrated, cocks are devoured, butts are licked, spit is sprayed and injested, and female bodies are twisted and turned in all sorts of positions so Rocco and his gang can give the viewers their hard-earned money's worth. The ending gangbang isn't as hot as the two girl-two guy scenes, namely because I prefer to see a better female to male ratio in my videos, but this is a minor quibble. Since this video is for all intents, and purposes, an import, there may have been scenes edited in this DVD edition [Kelly's ass is often beet red which indicates that it might have been beaten red by some vigorous spanking]. However, I can't imagine that what's potentially missing would really affect anyone's enjoyment of the flick, unless golden showers, slapping, or other "extreme" conduct is at the top of one's turn-on list (and again, I stress that I have no idea if there is truly missing footage from any other version of this title).

Visual quality of WHEN ROCCO MEATS KELLY 2 is okay. As is typical for most Evil Angel flicks, the color is washed out and for some reason, the whole video looks like it was shot with a dirty lens (there are clear --- or not so clear --- spots and streaks during most of the action which will make you wonder if Windex isn't a luxury item in Europe). The animated menu occasionally exhibits some image break-up, but it is obvious that Evil Angel has improved their production standards: there are none of the unfortunate chapter freeze problems exhibited in some of their earlier titles and the whole movie is time- encoded properly.

Even though this disc would not make my top ten list of favorite Evil Angel videos, there is no doubt that this is one hot movie and recommended for some of the best wall-to-wall action you will ever see.