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Reviewed by   10/21/08
I'm not quite as high on this as Montana Jack, but it is quite good. John Leslie has a twisted, deviant mind and is therefore perfect for porn. Don't know if it was really "written" or just ad-libbed, because there really is no plot. There is lots of hot fucking.

The late, great Krysti Lynn gives her usual volcanic performance. Unfortunately, it takes almost an hour before she takes on two black studs. Twenty mintues later she takes on about a half dozen studs in a parking lot. Lots of anal, but no dps.

I found the laugh track annoying after awhile.

The dvd also include about 45 minutes of outtakes. Unlike most such scenes, they weren't just the chicks yammering, putting on makeup or getting dressed. They were more hot fucking and sucking.

Reviewed by   11/20/07
Ah, the early John Leslie, porn auteur...aside from the technical problems with this disc (I couldn't access the last 2 scenes), this is a truly memorable classic: odd, original, atmospheric, stylish--and, oh yeah, hot. A porn takeoff on "The Shining" (sort of), the plot makes no sense, but who cares? It features (among other scenes) a hot blowjob by Eva Flowers on Ron Jeremy (who plays "The Butcher" and utters the immortal line, "Who do you think you are--Julio Iglesias?"); an unconsumated (no cum shot) 3-way with Felicia, Jen Teal, and some guy; and a great kitchen floor fuck between Joey Silvera and the luscious Annabelle D'ayne (Joey's head in the oven when she gets him off). There's also a lively soundtrack: some jazz, some ghostly disembodied voices, some random noises, and a sitcom laugh track(!). Now why can't John Leslie (or anyone else) do this sort of thing anymore?

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Reviewed by   11/26/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time: 97 min.

Production Date:

Director: John Leslie (who also wrote and produced)

Cast: Krysti Lynn, Eva Flowers, Jenteal, Felicia, Kirsty Waay, Annabelle Dayne, Joey Silvera, Ron Jeremy, Jon Dough, Marc Wallice, Mr. Marcus, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi, Kevin Patrick, Julian St. Jox, Damien Michaels, Steve Austin, Jamie Gillis, Tom Chapman, Cosmo, Rick Masters, and J. Scott

Initial Expectations: I didnt really know what to expect as this was the first of John Leslies Evil Angel movies. The idea of an adult ghost story seemed like it would have a lot of potential and could be a lot of fun. The only thing I really expected was that it would be very well made.

Initial Reaction: Its well made, but Im not sure if I liked it or not.

Audio /Video Quality: The video is very good for the age of the movie. Most of the movie is in color, but some spots are done in grainy black and white. The audio doesnt always match the video, but it isnt meant to in a lot of spots.

Music: Theres only music in a few of the scenes. Most of the time its something very different, like a laugh track or sounds from a carnival. The music or other background sounds are balanced very well with the other audio.

Review: When I was first given the chance to review Fresh Meat for Adult DVD Talk, I jumped at the chance for a couple reasons. First, Ive enjoyed what Ive seen of Jenteal. Ive only seen her in Vivid features, and it seems like most girls go downhill after they start working for Vivid. Theyre still okay, but they never seem to be as good afterwards. I was really eager to see some of Jenteals early, non-Vivid stuff. Second, from what Ive seen and heard, Evil Angel has put out some of the best DVDs out there. Im talking total package here. Not just a good or great movie, but interviews, commentaries, deleted footage, and more. When a company puts out such good stuff, its hard to pass them by. That said, Im not positive, but I think that Fresh Meat is the hardest review Ive ever had to write. The main reason for this is that I think that Fresh Meat is very well done, but I didnt really like it. Its kind of like making your eighty year old Grandmother watch Seven or maybe Fight Club. While you might get her to admit that it was very well done, she wont ever say anything good about it because she didnt like the story. Im in kind of the same position here. I cant say that I really liked the movie or enjoyed it that much, but I think that it was very well made. Despite some of my misgivings about the movie, I will do my best to remain as objective as possible.

Fresh Meat starts off with Tom Byron sitting at a run down bar wearing a little bit of leather and putting on some makeup in a cracked mirror. A couple military guys show up, sit on either side of him, and start harassing him, asking him to do things like squeal like a pig. Eva shows up in leather, saves Tom and makes the military guys watch them fuck. Throughout Tom and Evas sex, one of the military men begs her to fuck him in the ass. At the end, one of the military guys begs her to let him cum on her feet. Ron Jeremy jumps the counter wearing a bloody apron after the military guy decorates Evas shoe wanting to know whats going on. He wasnt alone here. I had to ask the same question. Eva tells Ron that they were insulting her wife. Ron is disgusted and gives each military guy a pistol to finish it. As they leave the bar, the military men leave this world.

The next thing we know, Joey and his wife Krysti pull up in front of a house. They start to walk up to the front door with their pet, Annabelle, on a leash and meet Ron leaving in a hurry. Ron quickly gives them the keys while telling them that the previous owner was a murder- suicide. At night, Joey is reading in his chair with Annabelle at his feet. Krysti wants to go to bed, but Joey doesnt. Krysti goes to go upstairs, but instead sits on the stairs and starts to take care of herself with a vibrator. Jon comes to the door, and he and Joey leave for the bar.

At the bar, Jon hooks up with Kirsty right away (whos looking really hot in an all- leather outfit), but she doesnt want anything to do with Joey. Joey heads off to the bathroom where he finds Jenteal, Felicia, and Kevin Patrick having a threesome. Not wanting to interrupt, Joey goes outside to take a piss while Jon and Kirsty fuck in front of the bar. Its kind of an unusual scene, as when the cameras pan around Jon and Kirsty, we see a lot of the crew sitting around watching. Outside, Joey pisses alongside a car and is told that the butcher is looking for John. Joey returns to the bar just before Jamie Gillis shows up as the police and arrests most of the cast for forgetting their lines. By now, all I could think was Huh? and that maybe I was trying to think too much while watching porn.

Arriving home, Joey goes upstairs only to be met by Eva. Hes extremely turned on by her, so being a good husband, he goes to close the bedroom door so she can keep sleeping while he bones Eva. When he turns around, Eva is gone only to be replaced by Tom, still wearing the makeup he was applying in the bar. I couldnt help but think at this point. Unfortunately, all I could think of was WHY????!!!!.

Ron and Joey have a little conversation that started to clear things up. The previous owners of the house were a butcher and his wife. The butcher caught his wife with another man and killed her before committing suicide. Joey thinks that Ron was the butcher, but Ron wont admit to it or tell him who the butcher was or is. Luckily, Joey gets a delivery of porn magazines which he starts to page through and fantasize about the threesome of Jenteal, Felicia, and Kevin he saw in the bathroom at the bar. Felicia wears a strap on through the entire scene and barely gets any attention in the scene. Jenteal, however, gets all the action and takes it in every hole. This is the only scene Ive ever seen Jenteal do anal, and she does a great job here, although its only with Felicias strap on rather than a real cock. In the middle of the scene Krysti, Joeys wife comes in and Joey chews her out for interrupting him while hes in his room.

We go back to Ron Jeremy again, whos now in what appears to be a kitchen. Eva is going down on Ron, but he doesnt think shes doing it right. Luckily for her (but not for us), Ron is the type of guy who can show her just what he wants. Thats right, boys and girls! We get to see Ron Jeremy go down on himself (unless you have your eyes closed, of course). Thankfully, Ron practices safe sex with himself and wears a condom as he demonstrates how he wants his dick licked.

After a few other weird circumstances, such as Joey and Rons conversation in the bathroom after Krysti wakes Joey from a nightmare, Jon shows up at the door again. This time he isnt there to go out drinking. Hes only there to kill Joey and order Mr. Marcus and Julian to have sex with Krysti. Its a pretty good three way, even if you dont care for inter- racial sex. The credit here goes to Krysti and the performance she gives.

Joey returns from the dead, only to have Krysti walk out on him. Luckily, hes still got the family pet, Annabelle. They start to move things along in the kitchen, but before things get too far, Annabelle goes to the other side of the kitchen and pees on the floor. Im surprised that they keep her inside if she isnt even house trained yet. She doesnt even get a spanking for messing in the house. After offering Joey all her holes, Joey cant take it any more and sticks his head in the oven. Not letting him deny her a cum shot, Annabelle jerks Joey off until he sprays her.

Finally, we follow Krysti to the bar. Shes upset about Joeys running around and cheating on her. She decides that two can play at that game. It doesnt take her to find a man or five, and then goes outside to the parking lot where she lets them gang bang her. It was a really great finish for her

Fresh Meat was a very well done movie. The cast did a great job and the sex was extremely hot. The girls are also all real - no implants! I know that this is an older movie, but its still nice to see directors going after natural girls. I unfortunately admit that it was a little too much of a mind - fuck for me at a time when I wasnt ready for it or in the mood for it. The various audio sounds in the background really detracted from the movie for me. If you dont mind your mind being messed with when you watch porn, youll probably enjoy it. If you like your porn very straightforward, you might want to skip Fresh Meat.

Extras: As usual, Evil Angel puts together one heck of a DVD, and its a nice spotlight on John Leslie. In addition to the normal biography on John Leslie, theres about a three and a half minute feature on the John Leslie Blues Band. If you like the blues, you have to watch this. From what I saw here, Johns one heck of a blues man. Thankfully he has a CD out, which I intend to pick up one of these days. The photo gallery contains about 35 pictures and shows a good variety of scenes form the movie. Theres also 22 minutes of trailers, which include a few of John Leslies Voyeur series and Dirty Tricks films. Most notable is the outtakes. They last a total of 45 minutes and cover every sex scene in the movie. Most of it is a second angle, but theres some behind the scenes stuff also. The emphasis, however is on the sex, so dont expect a lot of interviews with the cast or behind the scenes stories. I really wish that more companies would put the effort into their DVDs the way that Evil Angel has. The only thing that could have been added would have been a commentary or a dedicated interview with John Leslie. I would have really liked to hear his thoughts on the movie. Despite the lack of commentary or dedicated interview with John Leslie, the extras are great!

Themes: Straight, group, anal, leather, toys, spanking, foot worship, masturbation, role reversal, rimming (male -> female), peeing, and gang bang

Raincoat Factor: Medium high. The sex scenes are worked in with the rest of the movie pretty well, so it isnt much of a spank film.

Overall: Fresh Meat definitely isnt for everybody, so Id suggest renting it first, unless youve seen some of John Leslies other Evil Angel stuff. You can currently find Fresh Meat only for between $23.50 and $30 with most stores having it for around $25. If you enjoy Johns other stuff, this is a small price to pay as the transfer is very good and the extras are great.

Note to Evil Angel: I admit that this movie wasnt to my tastes, but it was very well done and a great DVD. Thank you for having photos on the cover which show each actress with their picture. Its not full credits, but it does the same job. Thanks again and please keep up the good work!