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  Caballero 74 minutes
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Reviewed by   11/29/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Starring :

Tori Welles, Jamie Summers, Porsche Lynn, Randy Spears, Peter North etc.

Directed, photographed, edited and written by :

Andrew Blake

Running Time :

74 Minutes

Review :

One of the best-known films of Andrew Blake (and yes, this is shot on glorious 35mm), Night Trips is also his first hardcore outing. All the typical Blake trademarks are here : Fast cutting, beautiful women who are heavily made up and costumized (though less excessively here than usual), and great cinematography and lighting. Indeed, after having been let down by EVERY shot- on-film feature, this was the first that was both properly developed (no extreme grain or bad color correction) and really well shot. You wouldn't be able to distinguish it from a high-class commercial if you had to... Of course, the budget was less extensive in the old days (1989) so the settings are nothing more than opulent mansions and swimming pools, la 'Miami Vice' which makes for a distinctive 80s look.

The music, which usually sounds terrible on Blake releases (or at least boring) is better here, though still a bit repetitive.. be warned that you don't get to hear any sexual sounds though (except in one scene).

Scene 1 :

Tori Welles is the patient in a center for sexual research, run by Randy Spears and Porsche Lynn (don't expect any plot here though), where her fantasies and dreams are explored.. after we see here rubbing her pussy in the intro, the first 'real' scene is introduced. It involves Tanja De Vries and Mark De Bruin in a standard couples scene. The style is really involving with the dreamy music and cutting back and forth between the scientists, the masturbating Welles and the couple (often seen on a computer screen linked to Tori's neurones). Though this takes back from the heat, at least you don't get any minute-long tunnel shots. After quite a few positions, we get a close-up facial photographed in front of a blue backlight making it look almost like a dream (which is what it's supposed to be after all). Great stuff, and Tanja doesn't shy away from it.

Scene 2 :

Tori again, and Peter North in a segment shot entirely in blue monochrome. After a long stretch of fellatio (and this woman definitely knows how to give an erotic blowjob!) Peter gives her a good boffing in this so-so scene that goes on for too long... The terrific facial almost makes up for it though, with Tori letting him shoot his load into her mouth and on her chin.

Scene 3 :

A lesbian scene with Porsche Lynn (who is turned on by Tori's dreams and touches her), Tori and Jamie Summers (now there's a really beautiful woman), but minus any heat or interest. I'm not that much into girl-girl and this threeway will not change my mind. Note that there's us eof wigs in this scene, if you don't like that.

Scene 4 :

Shot in B & W, Tori stands beside a pool where Victoria Paris and Ray Victory get it on in this interracial coupling. I found this scene mostly boring, without any original touches or passion, so I fast-forwarded a lot.

Scene 5 :

Tori's next dream has her following two masked people into a chic living room where they have sex in front of her. They turn out to be Randy Spears and Porsche Lynn (though they leave their masks on until the end of the scene).. this scene had a bit of mystery about it, making it more interesting.. but Tori just standing there without an real interaction left me wanting. It is here that we get to hear Tori's voice during the scene, screaming "Fuck me". I suppose this is due to dramatic purposes (meaning that she liberates hereself through her dreams or something)

Scene 6 :

The final scene is played out in the 'real' world where Tori seduces Randy, and shows her horniness by giving him a 3 minute (!) blowjob that really begs belief. One of the better oral scenes, this one! After licking her snatch, Randy switches gears and pounds Ms. Welles before she sucks him off and takes hios cum all over her chin. She licks his cock totally clean before they kiss and teh film is over. This scene was a very romantic one (though no scene is rude or even wild), just as the whole movie is totally couples friendly (except maybe for the facial cumshots).

The DVD :

As was to be expected, Caballero did a pretty bad job witht his one. Though the picture quality is surprisingly good (actually, much better than 'Dream Quest' for instance), the audio is a bit muffled, and we get NO extras. Not even trailers. Nada! Instead, we get a phone-sex ad ('Get your own whore!' or something.. really great) and the well- known chapter selection menu, which actually jumps to diferent TITLES for each scene. While almost every one should know that by now, it still bugs me. All in all, the DVD is much better than 'Night Trips 2' though, which was terrible.

Other than that, there is an error on the disc, since the first title actually goes on for 6 minutes after the picture has turned to a black screen. Sloppy job, folks!!

The movie itself, though not 'hot' by today's standards, is very well done, and would make for comofrtable viewing with your SO (unless you happen to be Pat Buchanan or George W. Bush, that is.. whoops! Not supposed to say that)