Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 01

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
John Stagliano Evil Angel
140 minutes
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Reviewed by   09/14/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes

Time: 2:20
Starring: Sonja, Bruna, Krysti Lynn, Keiko, Eduarda, Sweetie Pie, Stephanie, Raul, Joey Silvera, Rocco, John Stagliano aka 'Buttman', Alexandro, Rego, Guy Disilva, Vanessa Chase & Patrick Collins
Special Features: Chapters (13), Photo Galleria (26), Bios on John Stagliano aka 'Buttman' & Krysti Lynn (1971-1995), Fetish Menu (Anal, Blowjob, Cumshot, Finger Anal, Hot Sex, Rimming, Spanking, Tease, Toys, Pussy Licking) , Websites


I have seen much better than this. Well, for one this ...

Reviewed by   02/19/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Directed & Written & Produced by: John Buttman Stagliano

Performers: Krysti Lynn, Eduarda, Keiko, Sweetie Pie, Bruna, Stephanie, Rocco Siffredi, Joey Silvera, Alexandro, Guy Disilva, Rego, Raul and Sonja

DVD Type: Dual Layered (DVD-9)

Themes: Big bodacious asses, real tits, real sex, hot chics, amazing bodacious asses again :D

Time: 2hrs and 20mins

Production Date: 07/12/95

Extras: Motion Chapter Menu (beautiful menus!), Fetish Menu, Bio of Stagliano and Krysti Lynn, Photo gallery, Linear transfer (fucking flick from 95 looks clear!)

I pray-eth, that when I see a bodacious ass like Krysti Lynn, and I hit that ass without authority and permission, and I get arrested, that I wont get the gas mask, or lethal injection, rather, having Krysti, sit on my face, and gladly I will suffocate and die a happy man- eth.

-Sonic Testament 2:1.5

Okay, so I finished watching THEE hottest Gonzo DVD flick, Brazilian Butt Fest, and now what? Well, I have another fine ass of a spectacular DVD and its called Buttmans Big Butt Backdoor Babes. Do you see what is on the middle on the cover DVD art? Its what I'm talking about! This is what butt lovers really love, a fine huge, not super fat, bodacious spectacular rear! Dude give it up, if you love the Kobe Tai asses, please look a different road my man. :D Because these chics can take a pounding with ease, and not to mention you forgot to fucking bring your surfboard to catch those waves, cheek waves baby! Lets get it on!!!

Buttman and his comrades are inside a bus or van..at this point writing this review, I forgot, and then Stagliano sees Buttman Strip Joint? A club? I dont know but I would love to go in there and drool over the chics inside that place. Hot shit going on inside there, as we get to see these two perfomers having actual sex live on stage (Raul and Sonja? Yeah, I think so, sexual strippers and sexual performers). Nice! Doggystyle, nice! Hot meaty ass on that chic? Nice! Everyone of the Uncanny Evil Angel member is busy doing something, and also you see a booth cover with glass, and a chic is inide of it, taking a shower. Fucking cool! Fucking sexy. Skipping ahead the real action begins.

Joey meets with Bruna (not my babe Bruna from Brazilian Butt Fest now :D) but its all good. They makeout and head to a room near this Butt Joint. Inside, the action begins and I think Bruna speaks spanish, I was too busy paying attention to her naturalness and spectacular HUGE fucking hot ass. I like my chics natural, natural as possible, shaved or somewhat shaved pussies please. :D We see that bodacious jiggly ass, and I am in awe. Just what daddy loves. :D Hot chic, hot ass, loveable chic, my assey babe. Thank you Stagliano! :)

Next up is the Brahma Bull. No, its not the peoples champion The Rock, its Krysti Lynn, the ass lovers champion! My goodness, when this gorgeous woman bends over, you better not show red, and I mean the red tip of your dick, cause shell chase that cock and ride you and make you a fucking pancake! Are you man enough to handle that?!? Oh man, I go as far to say that even Rocco cant fully blast that ass! That is the most stunning bodacious female ass I have ever seen in my pornographic movie life!!! She tries on a few outfits here and there, and gets naked, and what an ass! She bends over and..oh forget it readers, I..cant comcomment..cumm..oh mama..:D

Rocco does the honors of banging this beauty (damn :( ). When she is in doggystyle outside, holy smokes! I love this scene! I love how she got fucked, all that juicy ass, that hot body, those real tits. When she moans, and says NOOooo you wanna hit it harder. When she gets her asshole penetrated, you wanna see her getting it good, not because she wants it bad, but because she is a fucking huge astounding piece of ass! Enough! Next scene! :D

Man, must be awesome for a hot babe with a fine great ass, to serve you a food of plate hunh? Even better when your dick looks like a suasage with lettuce, and she sucks that dick, and eats the lettuce off of it, and her tummy is not quite full, because you did not pump her yet with dick, inside that juicy wet tank that needs filling. ;) Kieko, a Japanese-Brazilian girl, some combo nationality huh? I never seen a oriental woman with an ass like this! And she is a natural hottie. She rides Joey Silvera, and we see those slamming cheeks wiggle and jiggle and that good dick that she loves riding, going in and out of those adorable pink pussy lips. Some action took place inside, on the sofa, and outside the building, it was hot! Great scene. :)

Eduarda is next, and for those who fantasizes about fucking your secretary or an office chic, this is for you. This babe, wearing a cute short tight shirt, beautiful long dark hair, cute face, and a culo that will definitely give her a huge fucking bonus for Christmas. ;) I believe Alexandro had the honors of doing her not- completely shaved pussy, and FINE piece of ass. What a fine juicy pussy. Some really good moments on this scene, and the dick in her sexy ass, getting butt fucked, makes it another winner scene for butt lovers and sonic the butt maniac. :D I'm going to see this scene again when this review is over. ;) :D

MANStagliano has such a huge collection of magazines in his work room! Damn, cabinets full of magazines, tables with magazines, magazines on the floor, boxes..hundreds of magazines. Box full of toys, dildos, butt plugs, etc. Before we are shown all this, we meet Guy Disilva and Rego. They are outside at the back of the house, and Stagliano hears another doorbell. Its Sweetie Pie. A damn sweetie pie she is with her beautiful blue eyes and long blonde hair, an oustanding bubble tanned ass with adorable perky pussy lips. She is supposed to be some sort of a business cleaning person, and when she is in Staglianos work room, she is given instructions on what type of cleaning job Stagliano needs. She notices the dildos, butt plugs, and she is in heaven. She loves these! Bent over and we cant help but look at that hot ass, and sexy blueish thong. That perky thing hidden under the thong, that hot pussy in between two bodacious bubbley, buns. Stagliano shoves in a buttplug inside that delicious butthole, and she loves every minute of it. She also gets inside her juicy back highway, a real long didlo. She loves it. Me loves de scene. :D

Introduced to the boys, the action is gonna begin. Two nice dicks, each taking a turn, ramming that pussy that we men crave for everyday, and we continue to see some solid hot fucking. This woman, she is very impressive, I couldnt believe she could spread her legs so damn far and apart! She can also pin her ankles (in missionary postion) behind her head. Lovely. :p She rode like a winner, showing those cheeks, that ass, going up and down, up and down, and riding like no tomorrow. When it came for anal play, that was the best part. Legs so spread open, and seeing her ass getting rammed, I am in heaven. Another hot scene. Another fine natural chic with a hot body and an ass that God created with patience and style.

Our last chic is Stephanie. A name that I love. ;) Stephanie is the only chic who does not have a bodacious out of this world ass, but a young, perky, cutie with gorgeous long red-brown hair. Joey Silvera again, had the honors to fuck this chic inside the van in daylight, while Stanley driving, and Stagliano filming. After a loveable play fight, she is nude, and fucked in many good ways. Hot doggystyle, and missionary position with her thighs pinned together. Nice. This young looking babe got her nice perky little asshole pleasured as well. Hot scene, and I am more than satisfied again.

Parting thoughts..I could have gone to more detail about the scenes, but I really dont want to make this a huge and long review and be very detailed giving it all away. All these babes had a distinctive quality about them, and the fact that they sported something stunning behind them (ass!), and natural looking with real tits, made it another great Gonzo pornographic experience for me. Krysti Lynn, Sweetie Pie, Kieko, Stephanie, Bruna, Eduarda, all are loved by sonic. I am so happy there is a studio out there like Evil Angel that can satisfy my ass thirst, cause let me tell you, I live and die for ass! My wife always has a smile on her face because my face is always up in there. God made the Earth, the air, the water, and more importantly, female ass. I love this world. I can see these chics in this production on and on, and I will cum with happiness, just me and my dirty little mind. I got my mind on the dirty and the dirty on my mind. I think by now I am getting corny :(

The video transfer to DVD is splendid, its a 95 production, and it looks more than great to me. I can clearly watch those fine asses, and cum a million times to Krystis scene. The sound is good, I believe stereo, but I dont pump up the volume too high enough, not to mention the sounds of my slacking are much louder which drown the tv's volume. :o

Extras are mediocre for you "extra" maniacs, but I am not a die-hard extras fan, so it works for me! :) I rate the "extra guage meter" on my review a "4", because the extra, the fetish menu, gets huge kudos from me, and I find it a very beautiful extra on this great Gonzo DVD disc. Give me hot content, a sexy transfer, sound, asses that I want to get hard on, and I am in heaven. Once again, I love the reversible cover art, and the sexy gorgeously made DVD menus and chapter selection screen. Chalk up another fine Buttman product from Evil Angel on the pornographic DVD platform. Another great Gonzo DVD.

A bodacious winner!