Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes 01

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
John Stagliano Evil Angel
140 minutes
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Reviewed by   09/14/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes

Time: 2:20
Starring: Sonja, Bruna, Krysti Lynn, Keiko, Eduarda, Sweetie Pie, Stephanie, Raul, Joey Silvera, Rocco, John Stagliano aka 'Buttman', Alexandro, Rego, Guy Disilva, Vanessa Chase & Patrick Collins
Special Features: Chapters (13), Photo Galleria (26), Bios on John Stagliano aka 'Buttman' & Krysti Lynn (1971-1995), Fetish Menu (Anal, Blowjob, Cumshot, Finger Anal, Hot Sex, Rimming, Spanking, Tease, Toys, Pussy Licking) , Websites


I have seen much better than this. Well, for one this came out in 1995. But, I mean, 'Buttman' has done better. This is not great, at all! I strongly recommend 'Buttmans Anal Show', 'Buttmans Anal Divas', 'Buttmans Big Butt Backdoor Babes II' & 'Buttman & Roccos Brazilian Butt Fest'. Those are the best. I even like the old 'Bend Over Brazilian Babes II' better than this. This does has some good scenes and some good sex, but some of the sex was terrible, some of the girls are ugly and this does not look good at all! These girls have nice bodies, but some of them are resistable! Also, the DVD's picture does not look very good.

Scene 1: Introduction (At a nightclub called 'Dreams')
-Here, we see Brazilian girls stripping, fucking & sucking at this nightclub called 'Dreams'. Nothing to root over here. This is more like an introduction. This reminds me of those old ass 'Bend Over Brazilain Babes' XXX movies. 2 of the people who are having sex in the club are Raul & Sonja. Next, please...

Scene 2: Joey Silvera & Bruna
-These 2 met at 'Dreams' and they leave the club and go into a room to have sex. This girl is unattractive. They both take off their clothes and Joey gets jerked off while he eats Sonja's ass & clit. He fingers her, then fucks her from behind. Then they swap to the missionary position, then cowgirl position, then back to the missionary position. Then they do a boring 69 session and Joey takes her from behind again then cums. Next, please...

Scene 3: Rocco & Krysti Lynn
-Now, Krysti was sexy and she died in 1995 in a car crash. R.I.P., Krysti. She has a real nice butt and she shakes it in front of the camera and shows off her pussy. Next, she is trying on different outfits...you know, the usual shit that you see in most 'Buttman' videos. Damn, Krysti was sexy and she had a nice body. Next, we see Rocco and he gets interviewed, like Krysti did a few minutes before when she was changing clothes. This scene takes place backdoor of a house, near a pool. Krysti gives Rocco a blowjob and eats his ass (nasty)! She, then, shows her ass to Rocco & the rest of us (by camera). Rocco eats her pussy & ass while she moans and we hear sounds of helicopter whirring. He lubes up her ass with his saliva and fingers her. Rocco fucks her from behind and then he takes her reverse cowgirl & cowgirl. Later, Rocco fucks Krysti in the butt while she sticks a dildo in her pussy. Position Swap: Missionary. Krysti moans wildly and then she turns over again. Here's the usual: The cumshot. Rocco cums all over her ass and spanks her in between her ass with his dick. Good scene.

Scene 4: Keiko & Joey Silvera
-Keiko is mixed with Japanese & Brazilian. She has a real big bubble butt, but she does not look very good. Her skin is pale, she has bumps on her face and she is not very attractive, to me. Plus, she has big cheeks (facial). She serves Joey some 'lunch' and then goes down on him. She undresses and shows off her body. Right after Joey pinches the nipples of her boobies, she takes her panties down and shows her butt while she plays with herself. The fucking starts, missionary position, then doggy-style. The sex stops after a while and her butthole gets fingered by Joey. The fucking continues on a balcony. After a while, the anal sex begins (missionary style then from behind). Absolutely nothing to root over here. Then the sex is over when Joey cums on her face. Next, please...

Scene 5: Eduarda & Alexandro
-This is one ugly girl with a nice body. Just a bunch of bullshit here, just like the previous scenes (except for Scene #3). Eduarda shows off her body in an office, she opens up a closet door and Alesandro pops out. Then, she gives him a quiet blowjob. The scene switches to when Alexandro goes into the same office and does the same thing Eduarda has done; which is opening up a closet door, then Eduarda pops out. Eduarda gets fingered in her pussy & her bubble butt. Then she gets her asshole & pussy eaten. Eduarda goes down him again. Then the sex begins (missionary position). Then she gets fucked in the ass, doggy-style then missionary style. Whatever. Ths sex is weak just like this DVD. They fuck for a period of time then he cums. Next, please...

Scene 6: Sweetie Pie, Guy Disilva & Rego
-This is the 2nd best scene in this DVD. Sweetie Pie is attractive and she looks a bit older (maybe around her late 30s or early 40s???). She is wearing a nice blue dress and she bends over just to show her ass off time after time. She bends over to find some sex toys in a box and gets her asshole fingered. This looks great here. She, then, takes a dildo and a butt plug in her butt. This female has a real nice butt here. She steps outside near an outdoor pool and goes down on Rego while Guy is licking her asshole. Soon, she will go down on both of them. Back inside the house, she takes it from behing by Rego while she sucks on Guy. Position Swap: Missionary. This occurs while she jerks off & sucks Guy. After a while, she licks Reo in his ass. Ugh! She, then, gets butt-fucked by both guys (Missionary then from behind). After a while, Rego hits her back in the pussy and both cum in her mouth. Good scene; just as good as the 3rd one.

Scene 7: Stephanie & Joey Silvera
-Another good scene. This female, Stephanie, is fine as hell. She has a nice body too. She's moody, horny and likes it in the butt. She gets picked up off the street by a minivan. In the car is Patrick Collins & Joey Silvera. Stephanie & Joey are in the back seat of the car. For a while, Stephanie is cranky; looks like she's not in a good mood. Joey tries to talk to her but she avoids him for a while. Then, she calls him 'stupid' in Spanish. Then, they get a little rough. They smack eachother for a while then they kiss and 'make up'. They both start to undress and they eat eachother out. Stephanie goes down on him and then Joey eats her pussy & ass and fingers her clit. The sex begins and Joey is taking her from behind while she moans. Position Swaps: Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl. Afterwards, Joey fingers Stephanie in the butt, eats her out, then fucks her in the ass (missionary & sideways). Position Swap: Cowgirl. Stephanie gets pumped in the ass faster and she gets vocal for a while. OK, then the usual shit comes after a short time.

BOTTOM LINE: Avoid buying this DVD. Rent it instead. If you have a DVD burner, record the 3 scenes with Krysti Lynn, Sweetie Pie & Stephanie. Those are the best scenes in this DVD. Those are, also, the best looking females in here. Everything else is bullshit. Not recommended, unless you, perhaps, are into collecting all DVDs by 'Buttman'. This isn't even for a true fan of XXX/ Porn. It's not worth the money or the time. Not recommended.

The Film: **1/2 out of *****
The DVD: ** out of 5


Reviewed by   02/19/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Directed & Written & Produced by: John Buttman Stagliano

Performers: Krysti Lynn, Eduarda, Keiko, Sweetie Pie, Bruna, Stephanie, Rocco Siffredi, Joey Silvera, Alexandro, Guy Disilva, Rego, Raul and Sonja

DVD Type: Dual Layered (DVD-9)

Themes: Big bodacious asses, real tits, real sex, hot chics, amazing bodacious asses again :D

Time: 2hrs and 20mins

Production Date: 07/12/95

Extras: Motion Chapter Menu (beautiful menus!), Fetish Menu, Bio of Stagliano and Krysti Lynn, Photo gallery, Linear transfer (fucking flick from 95 looks clear!)