Voyeur 18, The

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Rent Voyeur 18, The DVD
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John Leslie Evil Angel
128 minutes
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Reviewed by   03/25/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Voyeur 18 by John Leslie
Evil Angel DVD/ 12/2000 / 128 Minutes


- DVD-Video
- Single Sided Dual Layer Disc
- Region Free

Aspect Ratio(s):
- 4:3

- English

Standard Features:
- Interactive Menus
- Scene Access

- Fetish Menu

Additional Features:
- Sex Outtakes
- John Leslie Biography
- Ad for John Leslie's Jazz CD
- Trailers
- Photo Gallery

Starring: Blond Panni, Dora Venter, Loureen Kiss, Krisztina Bella, Monica Moore, Christine, and Tina Banks

Synopsis: John Leslie as the Voyeur is at it again. It is time for a casting call!

Overall: The DVD has all the elements for a great movie which are the following: BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, HOT SEX, GREAT FACIALS! John Leslie executes these elements extremely well!

DVD Quality: The audio/video quality is excellent.

Extras:Even the outtakes feature great sex! There are more minutes of Krisztina being fucked is an added bonus. Blonde Panni gives more great head. These are just a few of the outtakes. All of them are well worth watching.

LIKES:KRISZTINA! She has the complete package! Her scene was explosive and one of the most erotic scenes I have scene. Those gray bedroom eyes are sensual!

Tina Banks may look like she has past her porn prime (or she entered porn at a later age since she looks around 28), she delivers a hot sex scene. Although Monica Moore looked better in the scene, Tina performed better! She is another lady that knows how to squirm and gyrate in order to pleasure men.

I liked how the Voyeur gives us great views of the women before the sex and during the sex.


Scene One: Tina Banks and Monica Moore Tina Banks, a pretty brunette, shows off her large areolas to the camera. Tina Banks looks like a college student from either Tennessee or Florida.Monica Moore, a cute blonde, does the same. What separates them is that Monica has firmer and nicer breasts. Mr. Leslie tells them to masturbate for the camera. Both women have nice asses with the firmer one belonging to Ms. Moore. They make gyration motions for the camera until the two males arrive.

David Perry likes the blonde and tastes her tasty box. His friend takes Tina and eats her pussy from behind. Monica still has a pink pussy, which you can see. Monica Moore now only wearing underwear drops down to her knees and sucks him. Meanwhile, Tina does the same to her male companion. Furthermore, Tina wins out on the bj technique.

Ms. Moore gets him hard and teases him by gyrating near his dick, which resembles a lap dance with more skin to skin interaction. Then, she returns to fellating him. He has to fuck her so he takes her underwear off and fucks her from behind. At this point, the camera focuses on Monica instead of Tina Banks. Then, Tina finally spends quality time with the camera. In my opinion, Tina Banks looks likes she enjoys the sex more than Tina.

Monica teases him by slapping his tool on her labia. Then, she guides the dick into her box and rides him again. Meanwhile, Tina enjoys a cowgirl fuck. Great moaning by Tina Banks. The men switch women.

Tina Banks is utterly amazing when she gyrates on dick. She does not play to the camera s Monica does. She performs a smokin' doggy anal. Hot! Monica does no anal in the scene. Finally, Tina jerks him off. Great Load! She gags a little bit when some cum lands in her mouth. Then, Tina cleans him off. Great head! The other man explodes onto Monica's face. What another great facial! They kiss each other with cum on their tongues.

Scene Two: Krisztina Bella

Leslie follows Krisztina Bella and her "boyfriend" on the streets of Budapest. She is a hot brunette wearing a white skirt with underneath. Ms. Bella has nice and long black hair. A drivers stops them and they talk for awhile. I believe they are talking about sex! He manages to convince them to hop into his car. They arrive at his flat and they are welcomed by John Leslie. Frank Gun says that he just found this couple on the street and they are interested in having sex on film. Frank Gun says that Krisztina has watched porno but does not like it, but she does not mind performing in one.

The shy Krizstina has a nice body. She shows the camera her ass cheeks. She has a very tight pussy! Frank Gun tells her in their Magyar language to take off her top. Nice breasts! Even better eyes! She has a belly piercing. Normally, I frown against this, but it does not matter since this lady is very very tasty.

To start things off, Frank fingers her. The boyfriend joins in by deep kissing her Then, she massage both men's muscles with her mouth. At one point, she tries to put both cocks in her mouth. The sex continues on the leather seat. The camera captures her being fucked in the cowgirl position. There is more to follow. Next, there is a great capture when the men fill her mouth and pussy with cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Specifically, Krisztina gyrates on dick dick, which should melt any man! She is not as shy as she seems. The hot sex continues when the boyfriend fucks her pussy in doggy style while probing her ass with his finger.I think you know what is next!

Mr. Gun inserts his tool in her ass in the spoon position. At this point, Krisztina is loving it. Look at those bedroom eyes! If you thought that was hot, she does an incredible double penetration. By now, she is in full ecstasy. The boyfriend takes his dick out of her pussy and cums on her beautiful face. Frank delivers a great load as well. She sucks them after they have blown their loads. You better watch out for this lady! She is smokin' HOT!

Scene Three:Blond Panni

All we see is a bunch of shoes that would make Imelda Marcos proud. As the camera unzooms, we see Blond Panni's figure from the back side. She turns around and closes the door. Fear not, since the camera returns capturing her trying the different of shoes. Out of nowhere, she spreads her legs and it should give you flashbacks of Basic Instinct. She plays with her pussy and takes her dress off. Nice tits! She massages them for the camera.

Then, John Leslie invites two gentlemen to have fun with Blonde Panni. She does not have to pleasure herself any longer. The men go to work on her. The oral sex precedes the hard fucking. Whereas the other scene was sensual, this scene is all about fucking. By the end, her mouth and pussy must have been sore. One guy delivers cream on her pie and the other shoots his load on her face.

Scene Four:Dora Venter and Christine

The camera shows the legs of two women walking up stairs. The ladies have hot bodies. We see them going up and slowly but surely we see the rest of them. They are not as attactive as the previous women. Dora Venter, a blonde, has done porn for a year. Christine, the brunette, has done porn for about six months. Christine wears a thong with no panty liner. Apparently, the women in Eastern Europe like their US female counterparts do not like to wear panty liners so the pussy juices stain their undies in the long term. Anyway, they tease the camera by showing their tits and ass.

Dora sucks one of the guys off while he rubs Christine's pussy. Both women deliver great head but Christine is better at it. He fucks Dora in the pussy for several thrusts and lets Christine to suck the pussy juice off. You have not seen how nasty Christine is until she takes it in the ass. Although she has only been in the biz for six months, she gives her ass up for fucking. It is hard anal doggy and reverse cowgirl. He jerks off on both women and delivers a great facial ending. Finally, the women deliver a great clean-off.

Scene Five:Loureen Kiss

Finally , Loureen Kiss is up. She has the hairdo of Sophie Marceau from the latest James Blond flick. She wears pink hotpants and has the courage to walk with them during Budapest's rush hour. She enters a flat where she meets John Leslie. Like all the other women, she has a great body and she is not afraid to show it off. She says that she has never done this before on camera. I have heard that one before! Before she pisses on camera, we see a great view of her firm ass. A man enters the scene in the bathroom and has his dick sucked by her. She has not even wiped her pussy before urinating! Next, Christine joins in making the blowjob a tag-team affair. Unfortunately, she has to leave. Too bad!

Loureen continues to blow him until the man fucks her pussy and her ass. While he fucks her ass, she opens her pussy with her fingers. After fucking her ass for several minutes, he jerks off onto her smooth face producing cum streaks.

Parting Thoughts:This is a GREAT DVD!