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Reviewed by   01/28/08
Proof positive of John Leslie's genius: scene 2 of this 1995 film. The young Stephanie Swift, perky nipples & all, gets into a bubble bath w/her friend Preshia. The 2 girls play a bit; then Blake Mitchell arrives w/Alex Sanders in tow.
Blake sucks Alex while the girls watch, then she lets them have a turn at Alex's cock. Next, Blake leads them all through the bedroom & into a hallway landing, overlooking a living room where Nick East & some veiled lovely go at it. The camera moves back & forth from living room to landing; it zooms in, backs off, pans, circles around, keeps showing us different views as Alex & the 3 babes upstairs lick, suck, finger, & fuck each other, & Nick fucks the girl downstairs.

The scene lasts 1/2 an hour, & it all works: the slow pace, the camera, the lighting, the sound.
At one point, Blake asks Stephanie how she's doing; "I'm fine," says Stephanie; "I just can't walk." And the rest of the film is plenty hot, too: Holly Body gets fucked in a freight elevator;
Tom Byron & Mikki Lynn get rough & nasty in an alley; there's some interracial poolside action, w/a girl/girl sideshow; Liza Harper bitches in French, keeps her hat on, & gets fucked in the ass; & finally, Steven St. Croix kills a couple guys at an outdoor cocktail party, then gets into a 3-some while the horrified guests/witnesses look on, then drop dead. Much of this could be described as "porn noir," but whatever you call it, Fresh Meat 2 is nothing short of spectacular.

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Reviewed by   09/13/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time: 115 min.

Production Date: 12 / 13 / 1995

Director: John Leslie

Cast: Stephanie Swift, Liza Harper, Christi Lake, Holly Body, Tabitha, Mikki Lynn, Madeline Knight, Crystal Breeze, Blake Mitchell, Preshia, Tom Byron, Alex Sanders, Nick East, Mr. Marcus, Steven St. Croix, Brick Majors, Jack Hammer, Sean Rider, and Casey St. James

Initial Expectations: Fresh Meat 1: A Ghost Story was very different but well done. Im hoping Ill enjoy this a little more now that I have a better idea of what to expect.

Initial Reaction: Im extremely glad I gave this series another chance!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for extremely hot and slightly different sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks Vivid is as good as it could possibly get.

Audio /Video Quality: John Leslie has a very distinctive and low tech style, and fans of extremely perfect pictures and audio might not care for it right away. The picture is very good, but does have some grain. It looks like it was shot on film since John increases the luminance in post production. It also flips back and forth between color and black and white as well as mixing in a little slow motion. The natural light is a little bit of a drawback when its used, but unlike most films, it works with Leslies style. The audio is sometimes a little hard to hear, also due to Leslies low tech feel, but isnt to the point that it ruins the scene.

Music: None.

Menus: Evil Angel has a great reputation for simple menus that are expertly done. There arent any special animations for the menu or anything like that, but they give you more information about the feature and what you might want to see than almost every other company combined. The chapter menu is broken down by the lady in the scene and the fetish menu lets you jump directly to almost any sexual act in the feature. This is how menus should be done!

The Feature: Fresh Meat 1: A Ghost Story blended a convoluted plot, hot sex, and a lot of artistic takes. Its been a long time since I watched it, and although I think it was very well done, Im still not sure if I liked it or not. Since Ive really enjoyed John Leslies The Voyeur series, I decided to give this one another shot. Fresh Meat 2 is similar to its predecessor in a couple ways. It still has hot sex and is artistically shot. Thankfully, the confusing and sometimes dark plot was lost. This time, its a collection of unconnected sex scenes. Theres sometimes a very short lead in, which normally doesnt matter, but it does set the tone for the scene very well.

Jack Hammer starts things out by coming down a freight elevator and sitting in a chair with his hands behind him for a black latex clad Holly Body. Holly is extremely stunning here in her black jacket, skirt and tall boots and had me standing completely at attention before she even kissed his nipples to tease him before she sucked his cock. Holly gives him a good hard slap across the face before she breaks loose her mammoth mams and teases him with the rest of her body, making his cock twitch. Jack finally gives in and gets out of the chair, throws her against the wall so he can eat her pussy and ass, and then starts fucking her. Theres some great heat between Holly and Jack thats helped out by Holly being fit enough to fuck him with her legs over his shoulders as she hangs from a door. She finishes him off with a very nice slow motion facial. I normally dont care for the slow motion endings, but this one comes off extremely well, with no pun intended.

Stephanie Swift and Preshia, who has a very similar build to Stephanie, give each other a bubble bath in the next scene. The wash each other carefully and then lick and rub each other dry. Blake Mitchell brings in Alex Sanders as they wash and she starts sucking him off as they watch Stephanie and Preshia play with each other while watching them. Blake is turned on by the girls watching them and has Alex go over so they can get a taste while she plays with herself. After shes decided the three of them have had enough fun she has them follow her so they can watch Nick East and a girl getting busy from a balcony as they get busy. Alex works on Blake and Preshia while Stephanie watches and masturbates. Alex works his way through Blake and onto Preshia. As he fucks Preshia Blake lays back and masturbates while Stephanie drops to her knees beside Preshias ass so she can suck his cock in between Alex fucking Preshia and eat her pussy after hes done. For being so patient, Stephanie finally gets to ride Alexs cock as Blake rides Preshias face. Afterwards, Alex moves back to Preshia and stretches out her asshole as the other girls watch and play with themselves, Blake diddling her pussy and Stephanie fingering her ass. Alex finally blows his load on Preshia and Stephanies faces just after Nick East unloads on his woman. Its another extremely hot scene thats very nicely drawn out.

Mikki Lynn and Tom Byron get in an argument in a back alley. He forces her against a wall and, after a little kissing, gives her a spanking and cleans out her asshole with his tongue before stripping her down. She returns the favor with an aggressive and energetic blowjob. She gets her pussy fucked next as she braces herself against the garbage cans in the alley. Finally, Tom blows his load in slow motion across her face and over her head. Its another very hot scene with the only drawback being a little too much dialogue during the slow motion portion of the scene.

Madeline Knight and Crystal Breeze kiss and play with each other a little bit as they watch Christi Lake and Mr. Marcus get busy across a pool. Christi gives Mr. Marcus a very happy blowjob while Madeline hikes up her dress so Crystal can work over her pussy. Crystal gets her turn next, after Mr. Marcus starts fucking Christi missionary on a pool chair. The girls break out some toys next, with Madeline working over her pussy with a large vibe while watching Crystal fuck her ass with a jelly dildo. Madeline breaks out a large strap on next and works over Crystals pussy with it after giving it a good tongue lashing. They way these two were going I was expecting for at least one of them to get Blue Clit at some point! Finally, after fucking Christi doggy style, Mr. Marcus unloads his love lotion into Christis mouth and onto her face. Theres some very good heat in this scene, but it lacks a little compared to some of the other extremely hot scenes in the movie.

Liza Harper chews out Brick Majors for being late, who takes out his frustrations on a punching bag. He also slaps it with his leather belt, which really gets Liza worked up as she waits on a love swing. After working out enough of his frustrations, Brick comes over to let a worked up Liza suck his cock. She drops to her knees and does it very well before laying back for him in the love swing and then standing up for him to fuck her. Finally, she bends over a barstool to let Brick fuck her ass from behind and then reverse cowgirl as he lays back in the swing and she hangs on the chains. Of course, she drops to her knees again to take his ball blast in her mouth, or at least as much of it in as he can aim. Its another very hot scene with very good chemistry.

Finally, Tabitha fantasizes about Steven St. Croix blowing another guy away. She goes through a couple fantasies before settling on sex instead as she whips out Stevens cock to suck on at a party while her intended victim watches. She lets the victim get in on the action too and sucks him off as Steven gives himself a hand. After warming both the guys up, they move down to a lower patio where they can fuck on a couch and the other party guests can watch from above. Steven takes Tabitha from behind to start with as she sucks off the other guy a bit more. The other guy gets his turn next as Tabitha fucks him reverse cowgirl without even sucking Steven off at first. Luckily this is quickly corrected, and she tit-fucks him also. They move around a bit more so Tabitha can get her ass fucked and DPed before they both blow their loads on her ass, Steven on her asshole and the other guy on her cheeks. Its another very hot scene that Tabitha does a lot for.

John Leslie has a very devoted following and Fresh Meat 2 once again shows why. He has a great eye (and some people even think he has two) and most of his features have a very distinctive style because of it. The sex is very hot (at its worst and often extremely hot) and the performers all have great chemistry with each other. If youre a fan of John Leslies work, or even just curious about it, make sure you check out Fresh Meat 2 .

Extras: The photo gallery contains forty very nice looking snapshots. They capture each of the girls in at least one solo picture as well as a few pictures from the action. Its a very nice balance of pictures. Trailers are included for Voyeur 19, Fresh Meat 3, Voyeur 4, and Lecher 1 . Unlike some of Evil Angels past DVDs, this one lists the available trailers on a menu, which is a very nice addition. Theres also a biography for John Leslie and a trailer for the John Leslie Blues Band, which from the sounds of it really rocks! Finally, theres a list of websites that might be of interest to some.

Themes: Straight, slapping, masturbation, rimming (male > female), lesbian, group, anal, spanking, inter-racial, toys, tit-fucking, and DP

Raincoat Factor: High

Overall: Currently, Fresh Meat 2 can be found online for between $20 and $30 with about half the stores offering it for under $25. Although its a little short on extras, this is well worth the $20 thanks to the hot sex thats captured with some great direction. Im extremely glad I gave this series another chance and look forward to more of them.

Note to Evil Angel: I hope you keep bringing this series out regularly. I missed the extra footage you included on some of the other Fresh Meat DVDs, but understand because its an older release.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .