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Christoph Clark Evil Angel  
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Reviewed by   09/18/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

(Evil Angel/Clark Euro Angel)
Directed by Christoph Clark
Starring: Erika, Sophie Angel, Nikki Blond, Christal, Nannes Beaumont, Judith Key, Christoph Clark, David Perry, Alberto Rey, Leslie Taylor, Renato

Christoph may well be gradually changing the themes of his videos, but don't think for a minute that this means he is making blander or less hardcore movies. Yes, in this movie, or Beautiful Girls for example, he is shooting with a little more subtlety and style (but only a little!), but be assured, although his camera focuses firmly on the luscious looks of some blonde beauties, his passion for hard anal action is largely unbowed.

Nannes, David
Tall, slim Nannes Beaumont plays an artist who hires David Perry as a nude life model - I won't spoil the set-up of this first scene, because if you do choose to view A Bevy of Blondes you may find the interplay between them (unintentionally?) hilarious. Suffice to say, her looks mean the normal artist-model relationship is impossible and she teasingly changes into something more comfortable.

Nannes plays with her pink slot while he strokes his cock. She's very much in charge at this point, her English is good, her alluring attitude is very sexy and charming, and she delivers a confident performance all round. Now she poses over the back of a chair and allows him to finger her ass. She wants him to fuck her pussy first, so he takes her in doggy while they look at themselves in a mirror (actually, David looks at himself!). Missionary with her long, lightly tanned legs up in the air leads to some cock sucking, mutual masturbation and more missionary sex.

They move to a couch and she rides cowgirl before accepting him into her ass in the same position. She's clearly able not only be comfortable with it, but to enjoy it too, her very long hair sweeping down her arched back as she rides him. The anal sex is lengthy and increases in strength through spoons and doggy positions, with requisite gape shots, until David slams home as a prelude to shooting over her arse. The scene fades with a shot of her drawing of him - it's amazing how the scribbles we saw earlier are now a coherent picture... Whatever, it's a good scene between two performers who do manage to create a modicum of chemistry between them. Incidentally, Nannes, who is also in Hardball 12, has worked for Private as Christiane de Nerville (thanks to Speelie for pointing that out!).

Nikki, Renato
This scene might start off slowly, but when they get going...Slim little tease Nikki Blond emerges from the shower to give her young man a little shoulder rub but she can't help her hands from wandering. Amazingly, he doesn't seem to be in the mood but some teasing and posing from her, shot in black and white, seems to do the trick.

Nikki gives his dick a good suck, and they start fucking. They break up and she strokes her clit while he feasts on her toes, legs and pink pussy. He really goes to town with his tongue, slowly building the tension. Once they get into their stride, however, it's hard and fast, and the young guy (who I don't think I have seen before) impresses with some hammering doggy style fucking. Nikki may be slim (on the thin side for me) but her perky tits really move as he fucks her. Then he's in her ass, and the noise level increases sharply through several positions of resolutely firm anal sex - missionary, spoons, reverse cowgirl and a pile driver - and she even asks for more! Not just a tease, she's very much into it.

The come shot on a tabletop seems to be in vogue these days, and that's how it is here: Nikki jerks him onto the glass and then licks it up. This novelty ending rather breaks the flow of what is otherwise an excellent scene with some scorching sex.

Sophie Angel, Christoph
I don't know about you but it always slightly annoyed me that Christoph would sometimes keep the best girls for himself rather than turn them over to his studs - understandable, perhaps, and it sometimes came off, but it didn't always make for a good scene, especially when Christoph was wielding the camera at the same time as delivering the dick.

Fortunately, someone else is in charge of the lens in a very well shot and lit scene with an intimate mood where Christoph gets it on with absolute little cutie Sophie Angel. She's young, small breasted but curvy, and her little bottom is perfectly framed between her corset and her stockings. The set up is as though she is Christoph's bit on the side, and they kiss passionately as soon as he arrives in her room. She gives him a loving BJ and he fucks her shaven slot in a standing doggy before he picks her up and fucks her too, commenting on how small she is inside.

They move to the bed and continue with a lengthy sex session where Christoph continues his predilection for multiple sex positions, but at least here it seems simply like a progressive flow rather than his often more faddish approach. The energetic sex goes from reverse cowgirl to cowgirl, missionary to doggy to spoons and all points in between, with pussy eating and fingering thrown in. Though she has her eyes closed throughout, Sophie does make plenty noise, especially when Christoph furiously strums her clit. Finally he pulls out and shoots over her pussy.

Erika, Judith, Andrew
There are two parts to this little number - first off, tall, sexy Erika gets it on with her curvaceous little girlfriend Judith (I think both these girls have worked for Private, Judith as Judith Sheumo, and also for Le Castel in Assman), and then her understanding man Andrew.

After soaping herself up in the shower, Erika, who has a "horny devil" tattoo on her bum, returns to bed to join Judith (who has implants, but they don't look too bad) for a little light groping and masturbation. Some pussy eating is involved before Erika gives Judith a good strap- on fucking in missionary and doggy positions. There's plenty of noise and it's easy on the eye, but really, it's merely okay. I'd hazard a guess that the girls don't really have much idea about all-girl loving, but I could be wrong...

When Andrew gets home, Erika is alone but happy to see him. He finds the dildo and puts two and two together, but being a modern guy he doesn't mind at all! She gives him a super blowjob to make up and then he gives her a thorough fucking, again utilising numerous positions, in as energetic and sweaty a coupling as you are likely to see. It's superb stuff and it sounds like Andrew really hits the spot as Erika moans her head off at his relentless delivery. No anal again - so what? It really isn't needed when the fucking is this hot. Her body looks great spread out there, all glowing and healthy. Finally, she jerks him off over her boobs and gives him a little suck to end a really hot scene.

Christal, Alberto, Leslie
The basic set-up is that Alberto realises how he can accept payment in kind for money owed by Leslie. Leslie's pretty wife, Christal, inadvertently puts the idea in his head when she changes into vest and tiny shorts (NB Christoph's costume budget is minuscule - several pieces of clothing are familiar from numerous appearances in his videos. The hosiery budget alone for an average Marc Dorcel production must exceed the entire costume budget for every movie Christoph has ever made! End rant). This outfit shows off her curvy, tanned, small busted and long legged figure to perfection. She has a couple of tattoos but they are not too noticeable once things get going!

Leslie's acting is just not good enough to portray the agony of helplessly watching another guy touch up your sexy young wife in front of you, but that's a minor quibble. Alberto is generous enough to share Christal. While she sucks each guy, the other fucks her with a few smacks for her shapely rump and shots of her very pink open pussy. There's plenty of energy going on with Alberto slamming it home in a reverse cowgirl before they finger her ass. Christal sucks Alberto while Leslie readies her for a lengthy anal session that I am not sure if she enjoyed or found easy, using modified missionary and spoons positions to make her tight ass gape just a little. They spend some time on a couple of DP positions and pull out occasionally to let the other guy try the other hole, before they round out this pretty relentless fuck scene with more hard doggy anal and gaping and that odd "both guys from behind" DP position where you really would need to be friends...

Two come wads, one weak, one watery but profuse, shower Christal's face and tits. Alberto goes for another tiny effort and the movie ends on the sight of this most compliant young lady sucking their dicks.

There's not much more to add. This is one of the best quality productions I have seen from Christoph, with a very good combination of sex and beautiful girls all well presented with lots of energy and some relatively tasteful shooting - and I emphasise "relatively" (how tasteful can a gaping anus be?). Christoph delivers trademark strong sex with a good deal more quality than he has done at some times in the past.

DVD Comments
The cover for this disc is misleading, perhaps, failing to mention that the running time is indeed the usual 2 hours, 20 minutes. Also, the disc actually has more features than mentioned on the sleeve - there is additional footage in the form of out-takes, extra sex and so on - as well as the usual options and the by-now familiar Evil Angel fetish menu, providing access to scenes themed by your favourite sex acts. There are no language, subtitle or multi-angle options. Picture quality is very good and though some dialogue could be better recorded, the audio is fine too.

Regarding the extra footage, the outtakes and director's instructions are interesting, giving an insight into how things did not go smoothly during the making. It's amazing when you see the smoothly edited finished product. There is also a massive slice of extra sex from each scene, which generally is just more of the same - shit; some of it is the same.