Rocco's Initiations 03

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Rocco Siffredi Evil Angel
133 minutes
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Industry Reviews (2)

Reviewed by   01/19/02 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Well here goes my first review of an Evil Angel title. I had seen Fresh Meat 1 on vhs a few months back but other than that I hadn't seen any Evil Angel dvds or movies that I could recall. I kept hearing how good they were I just hadn't rented any until now. I got this one and the second Rocco and Kelly dvd. Roccos Initiations 3 was my favorite of the two and so I thought I would do a review!!!

First off I was very impressed with the main menu and before that I loved the two ff which eventually became Siffredi of Rocco Siffredi prodoctione-- very nicely done and the guy with the red eyes...

Reviewed by   06/17/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

My god this is good. Here's the cast: Kathy, Alexa (aka Krisztina Bella), Brigitta, Sophie, Synthia, Jenny, Angel, Agnetta, Anita, Money (aka Tamara), Milla, Mercedes*, Elly*, Seandra* (aka Nicol), Dori*, and Hakon, Leslie Taylor, Josh, Nacho Vidal. The girls with the * appear only in the casting.

Rocco usually makes "rough" movies, with lots of spitting and slapping and such. This one lacks these things, which is fine with me, probably because it is the first time for these women to work with him, so he tries to go easy, leaving the rougher stuff for future collaborations. All of the women, I mean all, are young, pretty, and tight-bodied, with sweet hips and small natural breasts.

The movie begins with Rocco and sidekick/camera guy Gabriel Zero goofing around with some of the girls. The action is all at a house outside Budapest, probably in the Pilis Mountains west of Buda. Rocco waits upstairs as the girls come up a few at a time to get poked and prodded, and to fellate Rocco a bit.

The real action begins as Rocco meets up with his old friend Hakan Serbes, who has worked with him again a lot recently, though apparently this was the first of the new scenes. Hakan has with him highly experienced Euro anal queen Kathy (aka Kathy Heart and Brittany, check her out in Assman 12, Up Your Ass 15, and Teen Angels 1, all VHS only so far), who looks remarkably young and innocent for a girl who has taken so many huge cocks up her ass. Also present is Krisztina Bella, who was working under her previous name of "Alexa" when this was shot, and is labelled as such in the menus (even though Gabriel Zero calls her "Krisztina at one point), and Brigitta, who is notable for having short hair on her head, and the only real bush in the whole DVD.

Krisztina actually is young and innocent, and has eyes and a smile that could melt butter, and apparently a pussy that feels like it, since Hakon blows his load on her butt after fucking her vaginally for just a few minutes. Krisztina loves sex, that much is clear, after seeing her here and in Fresh Meat 11 and The Voyeur 18. She has a gleam in her eye as she gives Hakon postcum head. Meanwhile, Kathy and Rocco are busy exploring each other as only two highly experienced, highly sexual people can do. Kathy is an expert at playing to the camera, and she almost glows. Krisztina isn't far behind in this regard, she's learning fast how to work a scene. Brigitta means well, but looks a bit lost. Still, after Kathy takes her usual hard anal pounding, Brigitta takes one too, with much more difficulty. Krisztina watches and helps out, while Hakon mostly just watches.

Next, Sophie summons Rocco into a bedrood, to show off her friend who is under the covers, sporting a huge boner. It soon turns out her "friend" is a sex doll, and she demonstrates how to get her money's worth, before trying the same techniques with Rocco. They then move downstairs, where Synthia and Jenny have arrived. These two are seasoned professionals, yet still young and pretty. Synthia is a veteran of Assman 15 and Debauchery 8, in both of which her even prettier friend Hannah joied her, but Hannah is MIA for this one. Jenny is a worthy replacement, and the two, along with Sophie, ahve vigorous sex with Hakan, Leslie, and Josh. Synthia and Jenny take long deep anals, and then cum-swap.

Angel and the inexperienced Agnetta missed the casting, but fool around with Gabriel Zero before Rocco takes over. The three explore each other, and Angel proves game for an anal, something that is obviously new for her. But she takes to it well, and has the most "Rocco-like" of any scene here when Rocco has her suck his fingers, fresh from her ass.

Finally, Gabriel Zero and Nacho are riding fourwheelers out in a field as Milla and Money watch. Money has appeared in several Private features as "Tamara Sweet" and "Tamara N-Joy" and is supposed to be Hungarian. I note this last fact only because her English is by far the best I have ever heard from an Eastern European girl, better even than that of Czech anal-fistee Daniella Rush. Back at the house, the group finds Hakon fooling around with really young, but apparently highly experienced Anita Black (who looks like she could be Krisztina Bella's sister).

Gabriel disappears, and Leslie takes his place, and the couples all fool around, trading partners a bit. Money is supposed to be Nacho's girlfriend, and she bosses him around a bit, but obviously adores him as much as Sabina did in Rocco Ravishes Prague 3. In fact, all three women adore their lovers, and everyone is eager to please each other as the action drifts to the living room. Milla vanishes once the anal begins, but Money and Anita take it up the butt with evident joy, and with an ease that says they've done this before. They then get great pleasure at the joy their men feel at orgasm (Money is really enjoying the moment, or she's a great actress, since she takes the same joy in a man's pleasure in the sauna scene of the awesome Private release Madness 1).

The women in Initiations 3 are beautiful, and they enjoy what they are doing. None are watching the clock, or appear to be merely collecting a check. I'm sure in part this is because the men are all attractive too (especially Hakan, probably one of the best looking men ever in straight porn). This is as couples friendly as Rocco gets, so if a guy wants to show some Rocco scenes to his gal, this would be his best option. Everyone looks good and has fun. the extras are nothing special, but the high quality of the sex makes up for this. I have watched this one again and again, and give it my highest praise: Out of hundreds of pornos I've watched over years, I have seen a few (principally by John Leslie) that I liked as much, but never one that I enjoyed more.