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John Stagliano Evil Angel
138 minutes
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Reviewed by   12/31/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Title : Buttman's Bend Over Babes #5
Director : John Stagliano

Stars : Kate Frost, Tavlia Griffin, Martina Mercedes, Alba Del Monte, Judith Bella, Jessica Foster, and Jazmine.

Running Time : 2hrs

Extras : Scene Selection, Photo Gallery, and Extra Footage.

Review: I have noticed this title has been reviewed many times, so give that I will just tell ya what I thought about the movie. It has Kate Frost & Tavlia Griffin two very hot ladies.

Scenes that stood out for me was the 2nd & 3rd scene. The 2nd one stars Martina who is a hot blondie with a ...

Reviewed by   08/26/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Starring: Tavalia Griffin, Kate Frost, Jazmine
Martina Mercedes, Judith Bella, Alba Del Monte
Jessica Foster, Christophe Clark, Frank Gunn, Nacho Vidal, Zenza Raggi, Nick Lang

Director: John Stagliano

Pros: every girl had a nice ass, Kate Frost, Kate Frost Masturbating!, every girl had a nice body, lots of good shots of those nice asses, filmographies and good chick ID, good video (except the final scene, lack of over the top performances

Cons: the filler in between sex scenes was annoying, John Stagliano annoyed the hell out of me, video glitches galore in ...

Reviewed by   08/23/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Buttman's Bend Over Babes 5 -- DVD (Evil Angel)

I had never seen a Buttman video before, and I almost bought this dvd right on the spot after seeing Martina Mercedes on the cover. This Czech blonde bombshell is in 10 or so other films and a few issues of Private Magazine under other names too like Martina, Martina Luna, and Martina Benetti. She is so hot that it pains me when she is in a less-than-spectacular scene (check out Dirty Anal Kelly in Rome and Rocco's Initations 2 euro versions to see what she can really do... ;) Overall I enjoyed the movie, except for the last two (one) scenes. A solid rental, an eventual purchase for us Martina fans. On to the review.


*Note* The scenes are more numerous on the disc, these are my interpretations of what constitutes a scene.

Scene 1 -- Tavalia Griffin and Alba Del Monte

The girls arrive for a photo/video shoot with, of course, most of the time being spent on the butt area. A tease scene of sorts.

Scene 2 -- Tavalia, Alba, and Jazmine

This scene continues the first scene, adding Jazmine (who arrived with her "boyfriend" Nacho, only to find out he had to leave...). The three continue the "Butt-shoot", but just as the action begins to heat up, Nacho returns, as possessive partners probably would. He is told to leave and does, only to return again and again until John decides to see what he can do.

Scene 3 -- Tavalia, Alba, Jazmine, and Nacho

Third part of the overall scene, Nacho has his way with the three ladies, there is oral, vaginal, and anal sex for all three of them. Nacho cums on Jazmine's ass. John is impressed. Overall scene seemed too long, and how about a facial?

Scene 4 -- MARTINA MERCEDES (oh my god!!)

Buttman has been given permission to use an amazing house to shoot a video scene, but the guy isn't home. Only his wife, the hot-hot-hot Martina Mercedes is there in a hot pink "fuck me" outfit. She gives him a tour and he eventually get her to show some more skin (she is a great teaser in this scene. Then the two guys for the scene show up without the girl! Everyone knows what is going to end up happening, but John drags it out.

Scene 5 -- Martina Mercedes and 2 guys

They talk to her and persuade her to do the scene. Good oral and vaginal, but NO ANAL! A "BUTT" video with no anal?!? She was the only reason I rented the disc, butt oh well. The two guys do get to cum all over her face, and words cannot describe how she looks with cum on her face while still getting fucked. Good scene, butt she is capable of so much more...

Scene 6 -- Kate Frost

Solo scene with toys. Many orgasms on screen. Kate seems like a fun person. I don't usually enjoy or even watch these scenes, but Kate seemed like such a cool and dirty chic, I didn't skip the scene. You'll be glad too that you didn't.

*** The next two scenes I did not enjoy ***

Scene 7 -- Judytha Bella and Jessica Foster

Tease scene with a lot of butt action. Didn't find the ladies attractive or interesting.

Scene 8 -- Judytha, Jessica, and 3 guys

Continuation of scene 7. Group fucking in front of a blue screen that showed other (Buttman?) scenes. The scene was definitely bad and brings down my whole opinion of the movie. There is oral, vaginal, and anal sex. I think there was at least one facial, sorry, I'm trying not to remember that scene.

**One thing to make this video better**

Lose the last scene and/or replace it with a two hotter/nastier girls and better guys.

DVD extras

Interesting "Extra Footage" broken into two sections, behind the scenes and extra teases and sex. I believe these were not included on the video release. Also a filmographies section, Buttman Bio, photo set, a fetish menu, and standard chapter menu.


ps Remember to always put your best face forward for the loadman...