Rocco: Animal Trainer 02

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Rocco Siffredi Evil Angel
134 minutes
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Industry Reviews (2)

Reviewed by   08/18/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Directed by Rocco Siffredi, shot by Gabriel Zero
Released on VHS 1/2000, DVD 6/2001
Cast: Janice, Vanessa, Stefany (aka Stephanie Steele), Dorotella, Lisa, Susanne, Diane, Rocco, Nacho Vidal, Franco Roccaforte
Extra material cast: Stephanie Silver, Wild Lady, Vanessa, Beata Dale, Sweet Blonde, Sweete Brunette, Sweet Red, Tony Montana, Rocco

Rocco is often accused of being rough with the ladies. I have come to realize over time that his style is not about cruelty or misogyny. Rather, he seeks capture raw sexual intensity on film, and will do whatever it takes to provoke a...

Reviewed by   07/16/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Among the fanfare and ashes of pornostars, Rocco usually rides out on his white pony, unscathed and ready to do battle with the minions of chicks seemingly lined up to thump on his other white pony. Rocco: Animal Trainer 2 is a follow up to the brutal and wild 'Animal Trainer.' For some reason evil empire released this after Animal Trainer 4. No worries...

The first scene involves the degradation of two non-english speaking german girlies. One has big knockies and the other is sleazier so they offset each other. My beef with this scene is that my beef wasn't in it. Oh, and that Rocco invites a second gentleman to interact. I personally am quite bored with 2 on 2 scenes and much prefer 2 on 1 odds, although the pre-emptive rocco stuff of him forcing two girls to deep-throat a mouth-weenie attachment is quite nasty; but all-together made me groan and gag (not as much as the girls mind you) more than turn me on. The highlite reel for this scene is when Rocco spelunks a girlie's hinnie with his meat and inserts a neon-green lumpy dildo thing at the same time. Ouch! Oh, he then makes her lick the dildo. Look for the spot of 'dirt' on the dildo when it comes out and watch it magically disapear in her mouth. Yum?

The second scene is a repeat of a scene from Rocco Animal Trainer 1. Maybe this is why it was released after Animal Trainer 4, for people who might of forgotten the scene. But this scene is still the best thing on here. Yeah, one of the three girls is a whiner (check her out on the credits to see how impossible she is to work with, Rocco goes soft on her and says something in italian, I am guessing its not very nice,) but the short haired blonde is a cryin, blowjob fool who takes anal like candy in sugar-rehab. Oh, and the big boob, ass from hell redhead maid does tricks for me, watch the cumscene with the champagne and blow your own bubbly.

Don't forget the last scene, we have Senior Nacho Vidal blasting his cheese on some chicks at a car dealership. Good stuff and funny, count how many stupid fudgefaces Nacho can make! He's the prince of gonzo behind Rocco.

The extra scenes are pretty damn good also, some wierd sex convention stuff with live onstage porkin and then the backstage goin-ons, and a romp in some cold country with, ahem', a fake boobie girl and some blonde.

If you have never seen a rocco flick, go with something like Rocco more than ever 2 or Buttman and Rocco do Montreal. But if your a snob of porn and need every damn Rocco dvd, (like me,) you shouldn't be dissapointed. Although I must admit I miss the Buttman touch; he really adds a lot with the dialogue and kick-ass camera angles. I really wanted more ass and titty teasing; this is just straight-forward booty treatment...rocco- style.