Rocco: Animal Trainer 02

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Rocco Siffredi Evil Angel
134 minutes
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Reviewed by   08/18/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Directed by Rocco Siffredi, shot by Gabriel Zero
Released on VHS 1/2000, DVD 6/2001
Cast: Janice, Vanessa, Stefany (aka Stephanie Steele), Dorotella, Lisa, Susanne, Diane, Rocco, Nacho Vidal, Franco Roccaforte
Extra material cast: Stephanie Silver, Wild Lady, Vanessa, Beata Dale, Sweet Blonde, Sweete Brunette, Sweet Red, Tony Montana, Rocco

Rocco is often accused of being rough with the ladies. I have come to realize over time that his style is not about cruelty or misogyny. Rather, he seeks capture raw sexual intensity on film, and will do whatever it takes to provoke a reaction from his actresses, if they aren't self- motivated to give a worthy performance.

The Animal Trainer line is designed to include moments intense even by Rocco's standards. This edition opens at the house Rocco often uses in the Buda hills, as he introduces us to very busty, but but not flabby blonde Slovak Vanessa (who comes back for more in Animal Trainer 3, sharing a scene with super hot Suzanne from True Anal Stories 9) and slender brunette Janice (Czech or Hungarian? I don't know). "No acting today," Rocco explains, implying that only hard sex is on the menu. The girls claim to prefer "soft" sex, but both show off well used assholes to prove otherwise. Rocco and cameraman/cousin keep the mood light by joking and teasing with them.

The training begins by having Janice put on a face dildo, so that Vanessa can practice deep throating. She gets better, and Rocco introduces his cock to the mix. The dildo switches to Vanessa, and she wears it for most of the rest of the scene. Janice is inexperienced at deep throating, and requires extensive coaching. She gags and drools quite a bit, perhaps inspiring the Slap Happy series (I've only read about it, never seen it, but allegedly, there the gagging continues to the point that the girls puke). Janice almost vomits as Rocco aggressively throat fucks her. She has very expressive eyes (so does Vanessa, to a lesser extent), and it is fun to look into them from time to time. They give off the message that Janice isn't always having fun with the actual activity, but is enjoying testing her limits (she couldn't have hated it all too much, since she returns in Animal Trainer 5).

Franco Roccoforte strolls in, erection at the ready, and Janice tries her newly acquired deep throat tecnique on him, and then bends over so Vanessa can fuck her with the face dildo. A wild time follows, as the guys fuck the girls in both holes, sometimes as a DP, and occasionally with help from Vanessa and the dildo. they go through most of the possible combinations and positions, and Roccaforte has entirely too much fun taking the dildo into his mouth a couple of times while screwing Vanessa ("...not that there's anything wrong with it...") After a long, exhausting afternoon of sucking and fucking, the guys finally blow their wads on Janice.

The next scene begins with Stefany and her hubby arriving at an actual car dealership, to look at new cars. Rocco must have slipped someone a few bucks to be able to shoot there. I hope the manager had a security camera in his office, for reasons you'll see. Salesman Nacho Vidal shows the couple some good choices, and as they examine a minivan, it becomes clear that Stefany (who usually works as Stephanie Steele, see her in Fresh Meat 8, for example) has a killer athletic body, topped by reddish brown hair and a cute- plain face. Hubby takes the vehicle out for a test drive, and Nacho leads Stefany to his office to discuss terms. She's no dummy, and tries to get the best deal by seducing Nacho. He doesn't fight back too hard as she guides his hand onto her cleavage, and down to her crotch. She's a very sensuous woman, who doesn't look like she's acting at all, and Nacho is nearly the second cumming, I mean coming, of Rocco, so in no time they are all over each other, groping and prodding. They fuck like two wild beasts, and he quickly enters her ass as she's bent over his desk.

Nacho's secretary, Dorotella, hears the commotion, and looks in, jealously. She's shorter, but also has a nice body. I don't care for her short dyed blonde hair, but objectively she's quite pretty. Nacho comes out to placate her, and, mysteriously, all the customers and other employees have vanished. So after some oral action, Nacho fucks her on a table, before moving to some stairs, where she looks especially good riding him reverse cowgirl. Stefany wants more, so she then hops aboard for a good reverse anal cowgirl ride, that ends quickly when Nacho needs to cum. He shoots a good load on Stefany's face and then he and Dorotella kiss passionately. This was a good scene, but was better suited to a volume of True Anal Stories, since it lacked the extreme nature expected in this series.

The final act starts as Rocco arrives by taxi at a hotel he often uses in Prague (see Rocco Ravishes Prague 3, for example). After Susanne checks him in, Lisa leads him to his room. He steps into the shower, and sings quite badly (for comic effect, I hope). He emerges to find that Lisa is going through his bags, examing his collection of dildos and toys. She's another girl with a great body and cute face, but with short dyed blonde hair that I find unattractive. Rocco doesn't care, and since she's curious, he proceeds to use the toys on her. She proves to have some experience at deep throating, doing it with far more ease that Vanessa and Janice displayed.

Susanne wanders upstairs to see what Lisa is up to, and Rocco brings her into the scene. She's thin, and would probably be pretty with a makeover, but she has an appealing real world quality. She's inexperienced with sex, but Professor Rocco decides to instruct her. As she lies on her back on a chair legs up, he fucks her pussy hard, while licking and sucking on her feet for quite a while, as if they were the tastiest morsel he's found that day.

The action then moves downstairs, to the dining room (just as in RRP3), where Susanne is able to slightly deep throat him, though only briefly. Then Lisa is bent over the stairwell for a long standing doggy fuck. We get animal trainer action as Rocco repeatedly gives hard slaps to her butt cheeks, and spits in her face, asking, "You like it?" Yes, Lisa replies, and she isn't lying, she's enjoying the rough action, even as it switches to anal, which she takes with ease. The Animal Trainer series is about people testing and pushing their limits, and that is well shown here. Simply put, Lisa's limits are much greater than Susanne's. For Susanne, a bit of hard fucking and toe sucking was extreme enough, and it that seems tame by current porn standards, we can read in her eyes that she felt it was quite a workout.

Susanne merely fingers herself for the rest of the scene, though the credits outtakes show that Rocco tried to have a bit more sex with her, quitting when she showed no enthusiasm. Fortunately, maid Diane accidentally enters the dining room, and is persuaded to join the festivities. She has a thick body and a pretty face, and probably wouldn't be in this movie except for her enormous, natural breasts. She really enjoys sex, as shown also in True Anal Stories 10. After a bit of vag fucking, Rocco loosens her butt with his cock, and then manages to fit an entire 18" multiballed toy up her ass as she kneels. She winces a bit as each ball emerges, but otherwise takes it without difficulty. Rocco then vigrously fucks her ass. Lisa provides enthusiastic ass to mouth sucking on Rocco and the toy along the way. Finally, Rocco needs to cum, and grabs a bottle of champagne as he escorts the women to the patio. After hosing them down with the grape juice, he shoots his own onto Diane, who shares it with Lisa.

During the credits outtakes, Roccaforte demonstrates his fellatio technique on a big black dildo. To each his own, I guess, if they're flexible enough.

Some material was accidentally left off the DVD of Animal Trainer 1, so it is included in the bonus material of AT2. The footage is from the 1998 Miss Erotica Show in Prague, and at first it combines behind the scenes shots with onstage action. The three "Sweet" girls are the initial focus, you can see them in a great scene in True Anal Stories 5 (repeated in edited form in Rocco's Best Buttfucks), and Sweet Red is crowned Miss Erotica 1998. Back stage, Tony Montana uses Seymore Butt's patented two finger technique on a blonde (Beata Dale or Vanessa), bringing her to a squirting orgasm. Then she and a dark haired girl perform on stage for the crowd with Tony and Rocco, with Tony making her squirt and cum again. Then the guys escort plain blonde Wild Lady and brunette Stephanie Silver back to their hotel for some anal action. Stephanie is too fake for my taste, too much makeup, too many tattos, etc, and Wild Lady is not real pretty, but both fuck with some energy.

The DVD has the usual Evil Empire fetish menu, a Rocco bio, filmographies for most of the actresses, and a good new feature, a scene by scene breakdown of who is whom.

I found Animal Trainer 2 a lot of fun, and all Rocco fans should check it out, if they haven't already. With the extensive extra footage, this movie has a lot of bang for your buck. The only real criticism I can come up with is that in the 18 months since this first came out, Rocco has exceeded his own high standards. So the releases that follow include better looking women, mostly having yet more intense sex. So those ones, True Anal Stories 14, Animal Trainer 4, and Rocco's Way to Love, for example, deserve and receive a higher rating. But this is still an essential chapter in the Rocco saga, and it is good to at last have it on DVD.

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Reviewed by   07/16/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Among the fanfare and ashes of pornostars, Rocco usually rides out on his white pony, unscathed and ready to do battle with the minions of chicks seemingly lined up to thump on his other white pony. Rocco: Animal Trainer 2 is a follow up to the brutal and wild 'Animal Trainer.' For some reason evil empire released this after Animal Trainer 4. No worries...

The first scene involves the degradation of two non-english speaking german girlies. One has big knockies and the other is sleazier so they offset each other. My beef with this scene is that my beef wasn't in it. Oh, and that ...