Buttman at Nudes a Poppin' 11

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John Stagliano Evil Angel 136 minutes
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Reviewed by   08/15/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time: 136 min. (cover states 140 min.)

Production Date: 5 / 15 / 2001

Director: John ?Buttman? Stagliano

Cameras: John ?Buttman? Stagliano, Big John, and Tricia Devereaux

Cast: Ron Jeremy, Houston, Adara Michaels, Misty Rain, and 98 strippers

Initial Expectations: I really enjoyed Buttman at Nudes a Poppin? 10 so I have high hopes here as well.

Initial Reaction: It?s every bit as good as its predecessor.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who loves the female form

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for actual sex

Audio /Video Quality: 99% of the feature is shot outdoors, so there are a few limitations to the technical aspects. The audio doesn?t suffer at all from being shot outside, as I didn?t notice a single instance with wind noise. The music volume varies a little, but it helps to provide depth to the feature as it?s shot over quite an area. The video suffers a little, but not much. Since natural light is used most of the time, there are some shadows. It isn?t that prevalent, but the do interfere with a few shots. There aren?t however, any of the soft focus problems that normally interfere with gonzo style features.

Music: There?s everything from country to hard rock, and all of it?s great for stripping.

Menus: The menus include some nice clips from the feature. Evil Angel?s standard Fetish Menu isn?t included here, but that?s not a big deal since the entire feature deals with the competition.

The Feature: On the third Sunday of July and the third Sunday of August each year, the Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, Indiana becomes a Mecca of the flesh thanks to the Nudes a Poppin? competition. John ?Buttman? Stagliano, his sweety Tricia Devereaux (who prefers Mrs. Buttman to Buttwoman), and Big John grab their cameras and journey through the competition, with Tricia doing double duty both filming and performing in the competition.

Buttman at Nudes a Poppin? 11 starts off very comfortably. It edits together the opening festivities at Nudes a Poppin? with John Stagliano driving and talking about what they?re going to do while eating an apple. There?s an amazing humanity here. I can?t think of anybody with a more natural enthusiasm for the female form, especially butts, than John Stagliano. If the enthusiasm isn?t enough he also comes off as one of the most gracious people alive when behind the camera, which helps to make his features friendly to almost anybody who watches them. It?s a big reason why I think he?s had such appeal for so many years.

At Nudes a Poppin?, there are contests for best Go-Go dancer, Best Feature Dancer, and Miss Nude Galaxy. There?s a little bit of something for everybody in the shows and Buttman, Tricia, and Big John capture a great deal of it. The girls wear everything from nothing to french maid costumes and some of the shows even include whips and chains. Once again, Tricia competes, but sadly her act isn?t caught as much as it was in Buttman at Nudes a Poppin? 10 . Her show also isn?t nearly as colorful, as Tricia dances this time without any body paints. Quite a bit of Buttman at Nudes a Poppin? 11 takes place at the stage, but much more takes place elsewhere.

While not on stage, many of the girls go around the edge of the property and pose for the crowds gathered there. Of course, Buttman is always requesting bend-overs and butt shots, in his constant search for the best butt at NAP, as well as elsewhere. In his hunt he catches Misty Rain, who appears every bit as gracious as John Stagliano and comes off as an extremely nice person. Her short show for Buttman is definitely one of the highlights of the feature. Big John has a little bit more of an expanded focus compared to Buttman, going after both butt and beaver shots. Their style is pretty similar, so you mostly tell them apart from their voices. Finally, there?s Tricia. She doesn?t appear to have any of the girls pose for the camera around the edges, but she?s much more subdued than the Johns so some of the shots might be hers. This takes up the majority of Buttman at Nudes a Poppin? 11 and really makes the feature since you can see the performers so much better than when they?re on stage.

If you?re looking for something different, Buttman at Nudes-a-Poppin? 11 might be just the thing for you. There isn?t any sex, so it?s not for all porn fans, but if you?re a fan of strippers you get to watch 98 of them show off their talents. John Stagliano has such enthusiasm for the female form that I can?t think of anybody better to head this feature. Even better, with Big John and Tricia also behind the cameras, you get a wide variety of shots and a few differences in styles. Although the picture isn?t perfect, it?s a lot better than anybody would expect for all outdoor shots. It?s a great feature that everybody it interests should check out.

Extras: To start things off with, information is included for anybody who wants to check out Nudes a Poppin? in person. Also included is a list of the contestants with their numbers. There are also many fairly standard extras. A bio is included for both John ?Buttman? Stagliano and Tricia Devereaux. The photo gallery includes thirty seven pictures which look great! There?s also website information.

Most notable among the extras, however, is the extra footage which lasts forty two minutes. Big John starts it out with eighteen minutes of footage. It includes several girls that won?t show it all and a bit more footage of Tricia as she interacts with the crowd and screws around a little. Tricia fans are not going to want to miss this footage since she comes off as lovely and personable as she always does. Tricia?s six minutes of extra footage is next. She captures a little more of the girls posing as well as a bunch more of the stage shows. Finally, there?s eighteen more minutes of Buttman footage. As usual, John is all over the place and captures a little of everything, including some of the guys. He also catches a little bit of his sweety as she?s on stage. If you enjoy the main feature, you?re going to love the extra footage. The quality is just as good as the main film, so it?s like the move got extended by an forty minutes.

Themes: Stripping and extremely light lesbian

Raincoat Factor: If just having nude women is enough for you, then extreme. If you need more than just naked women, very low

Overall: Currently, Buttman At Nudes a Poppin? 11 can be found online for between $24 and $30 with many stores offering it for under $25. If you like strippers, it?s a small price to pay since you get to watch 98 of them here! It?s captured excellently, but there are a few minor limitations due to outdoor shooting. The extras help out the package even more by adding over forty minutes of extra footage with the same quality as the feature. It might not be for everybody, so if you?re unsure, at least give it a rental first.

Note to Evil Angel: Once again, this is a very nice feature. The lead-in with Buttman talking about the competition cut into the beginning was a great lead-in. In the future, another short cut of setting up or getting into the competition and leading might add a little more depth to the feature if you have an extra minute or two to fill.

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