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  New Machine 88 minutes
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Reviewed by   10/30/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

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Studio: Sinthetic
Stars: Unlisted

Pre Viewing Expectations
The case pushes the voyeristic side of this feature. It shows grainy photos of women and couples, and says it is digitally enhanced. It mentions hidden cameras, and that it is banned in 36 countries. It goes on to say "the next generation of voyeurism has arrived.

The Main Event
The first (non-sexual) scene shows a bunch of commando-type people running through a house setting up some hidden cameras in a bathroom. They clear out, and we hit the first solo scene. It is a woman in a shower, the same one which the cameras were planted. This is a quick scene, with just highlights and cut scenes of the shower. We then jump to the first M/F scene, it is of a couple in bed, with the footage shot through the window and from a hidden camera in the air vent. Part way thorugh this scene we see an extreme close-up, from an angle that can't be from the window or the air vent. This can only be done by a camera man in the room, which blows any illusion/fantasy that this is truely a voyeristic movie. It is here the movie lost a bit of its magic, it became just another porno.

This basic theme is carried through out the rest of the feature. First the commando's hide cameras, we see a woman showering or in the tub, or masturbating on a couch. In one of the solo scenes, the footage is from different angles, none of which are consistent with where the commandos hid the cameras.

The M/F scenes are standard fare, starting with a blow job or some pussy licking. This leads to fucking, in a variety of poses. There is one anal scene, and one scene with anal licking.

The Details
Due to the plot of the movie, some of the video is obscured, such as when the video is in an air vent. Some of the shots are a bit fuzzy, and look a bit pixiliated. The scenes which aren't taken from a "hidden" camera tend to move around quite a bit, which was a bit distracting. When we're watching the commandos in action, the video is quite dark and shakey, but this is the intended effect.

This feature has no background music as music wouldn't be consistent with the theme. For the audio that is there, it tends to drop out from time to time.

For the most part, the women are young and attractive. One of them had a very obvious boob job. There were scars. It wasn't pretty. Most had good sexual energy.

The extra's list includes the usual jump to a scene. Under "Also Available", there are four previews of other movies. There is also a slide show, the first I've seen so far requiring the viewer to advance to the next photo. This is usually automated. Last but not least is a screen shot promoting their web site under "Internet".

We all know they can't sell a true voyeur movie in the US legally. The theme was a good one, able to draw in the view had the execution been better. Hearing the camera in the background, taking still shots, didn't help with the illusion either. If you can overlook this flaw, it is a pretty good flick. However, if you want the fantasy of being a voyeur, you'll need to look elsewhere.