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Adam York NuTech Digital 119 minutes
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Reviewed by   06/21/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Director: Adam York
Screenwriter: Todd Sellers
Director of Photography: Ken Peterson

Year of Release: 1989
Runtime: 79 min.
Original Format: Video

Cast: Barbara Dare, Tabatha Fox, Kim Spies (aka Carol Cummings), Alexis Storm, Scott Irsh (Irish), Don Fernando, Buck Adams, Sasha Gabor, Brett (Next)

One of the many adult films that feature a 'Debbie' doing someone or something, this one is nothing special. Barbara Dare plays Debbie, "America's Most Desired" woman, in a story that is painfully simple.

Hal (Brett Next) is the host of a television show called "America's Most Desired." He has toured the country in search of the most desirable woman in America. He is now down to four finalists that he proceeds to showcase for our viewing pleasure.

Finalist #1: An ugly hairdresser named Carolyn Carter (Carol Cummings) with dark hair and a bad boob job. The stats that are flashed on the screen say she is 26 years old, but 46 seems closer to the truth. She cuts Don Fernando's hair in her kitchen, but things quickly get rowdy as they talk about having lunch together. Carolyn drops to her knees and sucks one of the ugliest dicks I've seen this side of crack town. It resembles a piece of beef jerky more than a human penis and unfortunately lasts a long time. This is followed by Don eating her, fucking her, and coming on her asshole. Neither one of these people are attractive and you might want to skip this scene entirely if you plan on getting off.

Finalist #2: A blonde detective named Gloria Louise Brubaker (Alexis Storm) with small, natural breasts. This scene is much better than the last, but what wouldn't be? Gloria is slightly above average looking, probably in her early thirties and fucks with good energy. The guy (Sasha Gabor), on the other hand, is creepy as hell but at least he has a normal looking dick. They start off in a 69, move into a cowgirl, and finish missionary style. Overall it's a decent scene with long, drawn out shots.

Finalist #3: A young red headed secretary named Marie Dandridge (Tabatha Fox) with perky, natural breasts. The scene starts off with a guy (Buck Adams) entering the office and trying to sell Marie copycat perfumes. After about five minutes of monologue (no kidding!) Buck drops his drawers. Another long speech follows and he finally convinces Marie to give him a blowjob. He goes on to eat and fuck her, coming right on her asshole after some really hot sex. The scene seethes with energy. Marie is unbelievably hot and Buck complements her tender curves with lean muscle. A great long and drawn out scene.

Finalist #4: Light brown haired, naturally breasted Debbie (Barbara Dare). Debbie is on the couch with our first finalist, Carolyn (yuck!). A lesbian romping follows that I would have liked except that Carolyn is there and her beauty comes nowhere close to that of Debbie's. The scene progresses from boob licking (man does Carolyn have a bad boob job!) to eating each other to Debbie using a vibrator on Carolyn. If only it had been finalist #3, Marie, what a scene that could have been!!!

Hal sums it up and thanks viewers for watching "America's Most Desirable." Now the choice is up to the viewers as to who they want...And so begins the closing orgy. It starts with Debbie and Gloria playing lesbo games atop a desk. Hal watches from the couch across the room until another guy (Scott Irish) and Marie enter. (Side Note: For some reason Scott refers to Marie as Susan, but it is never explained.) The three of them start to get into it and Gloria soon joins them. Everyone is fucked and sucked except Debbie, who watches while masturbating on the desk by herself. Very hot and a great ending, this is the best scene in the video.

Overall, the video is hit and miss. The third sex scene and the finale are great, but the rest of the video is average or worse. Every scene is long and drawn out, averaging about twelve minutes apiece. This is good for the good scenes but with the bad ones, it makes them intolerable. The girls all have some pubic hair and everyone but Carolyn has real boobs. If you're looking for plot, this is not the place to find it. Hot sex, you'll find some. Why is this film considered a classic? Probably because it has 'Debbie' in the title. But it's from 1989, you might say. Milli Vanilli are from 1989 also, and they are not 'classic' in my book.

DVD Specifics:
The audio and video are good, just as we've come to expect from NuTech. The extras are lacking but include: a stills gallery and some previews of more recent films. Sincere applause to NuTech for putting Barbara Dare on the cover and not some girl who isn't even in the film.