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Description: Welcome race fans. It's the sexiest pit crew on the circuit. These girls are working around the clock tuning up their engines for maximum performance.

Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Brad Armstrong Director Bio Wicked 85 minutes
Date Added:
Production Year:

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Reviewed by   03/21/02 Source: AdultDVDTalk

I shant go on at length because astroknight has provided a perfectly detailed and accurate description of the movie. I write this review only to add my observation that the scenes are so contrived, artsy, and overdone that each one truly lacks any spontaneous and enticing sexual heat. Just a boring all-girl flick.

Reviewed by   02/07/02 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Jenna's Built for Speed
A film review by Flash

Movie Specs:
Run Time: One hour and 18 minutes
Rated: XXX
Year of Release: 1997
Director: Brad Armstrong
Written by: Brad Armstrong
Cast: Jenna Jameson, Serenity, Shayla LaVeaux, Jill Kelly, Felicia, Missy, Brittany Andrews, Melissa Hill, Nadia Moore (as Nadia)

Disc Specs:
2.0 English Dolby Stereo
Subtitles: none
Video: Full Screen, 1.33:1
Regional Code: 0
Disc: Single ...

Reviewed by   05/13/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time: 77 min.

Production Date: Feb. 1 - 2, 1997

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Serenity, Jill Kelly, Shayla LaVeaux, Felecia, Missy (not listed on the cover or in the credits), Melissa Hill, Brittany Andrews, and Nadia

Initial Expectations: Brad Armstrong normally makes a very good feature, so I normally have high expectations for all of his features even though DeathIncarnates review wasnt the best.

Initial Reaction: Its right up there with some of Brad Armstrongs best all sex movies.

Who Should Watch It : Raincoaters, fans of all girl action, fans of Jenna or anybody else in the cast, and especially anybody who liked Hell on Heels .

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnt like all girl action with a lot of toys or Jenna.

Audio /Video Quality: Both are about what youve come to expect from Wicked. The audio is a little off balance at times but otherwise very well done. There is a little dubbing, but it fits the scenes a little where it occurs. The video has some grain, but is also normally well done.

Music: The music is normally a little overbearing, but extremely well done and fitting for each scene.

Disc Problems / Complaints: The cover states a Directors Commentary, but there isnt one on this DVD. I admit that Im being a little lighter on Wicked than I am on some other studios, but Wicked admitted they screwed up right away and say they will have the cover corrected when theyre next printed. Im impressed with how well they took the blame which is part of why Im probably a little lighter on them. I also knew about the commentary missing before I bought the DVD, so it wasnt a surprise to me. If I had been surprised I probably wouldnt have been quite so nice. I also checked a couple on-line retailers, and neither of them listed a commentary in their listing of features.

Menus: The menus are simple but keep with the car theme giving a race car sound as they change.

The Feature: Jennas Built For Speed follows the same formula as many of Brad Armstrongs other films such as Hell on Heels and

Sex Safari where the feature consists of a collection of scenes revolving around a certain subject. In this case, its cars. Every scene has a car in it and in every case, its a hot car with hot women. Jenna gives a short voice-over introduction to each scene and sometimes even identifies the cars.

Serenity and Shayla LaVeaux start things out getting dirty in the garage on and around Serenitys stock car. Theres some nice advertising for Wicked Racing and Armstrong Photography on the car to give it a nice race car feel. Serenity works over Shaylas pussy and ass as she leans against the car. Serenity lays down on the hood for her turn, spreading her legs wide so Shayla came get her face deep into her pussy. They break out a double dildo next, with Serenity continuing to lay on her back on the hood so she can rub Shaylas clit while she bounces up and down on it. They move around a little for some scissors action with the dildo as well, which gives Shayla a chance to finger her ass while Serenity does the work and spanks her. Serenity hops off so she can focus fully on fucking Shayla with the double dildo and licks her pussy a little as well as Shayla fingers her ass. They go back to fucking each other with it before pulling it out to clean it off orally. Its a very hot scene with both girls obviously enjoying themselves, which makes it a great one to start off the feature with.

Jenna and Brittany Andrews go for a gangster style with a 1932 Studebaker in the next scene. Its done in sepia tones and has a big band feel to the music to give it a little better feel for the times. The girls are in pinstripes with Jenna also having a nice toy gun that looks kind of like a chromed 1911 .45 except for the bore. This scene alone has almost everything a guy could want, hot girls, a hot car, and even a gun. It dont get much more manly than this except for the lesbian sex. Jenna undresses Brittany just enough to get a good taste of her tittes as she leans back against the car. Jenna lifts up her shirt to give Brittany the same access, but Brittany hurries down to work on Jennas pussy through her pants. Jenna turns around to let Brittany work her over from behind with Jenna getting fingers from two hands to pleasure her. Brittany assumes the position next while Jenna rubs, fingers, and spanks her pussy and licks her ass. Brittany goes to the violin case next and pulls out a dildo as Jenna leans against the front of the car. Jenna goes to the case next, bringing out a large dildo that she puts in her mouth to fuck Brittany with as she sits on the bumper. The ending isnt the best, but the rest of the scene is pretty hot. Its a little more edited than I would have liked and I think the scene would have been a little better if it was a little longer.

Jenna dons a long black wig and silver clothes as she and Felecia get busy alongside a silver Ferrari. Felecia and Jenna work each other over through their clothes and Jenna gives Felecia a long spanking in between rubbing her pussy and ass. Theres quite a bit of teasing in this scene and its very well done. Finally Jenna works over Felecias nipples and moves down to give her pussy a little attention. Jenna gets her turn next, and Felecia gives her asshole quite a bit of tongue action before she goes underneath to lick Jennas clit and pussy. Jenna lays back in the car next while Felecia works her over with a glass dildo that looks a little like a cross between a Louisville slugger and a cock. Its like a Louisville slugger with a cock head on the end. Felecia gets her treat next as Jenna has her assume the position on the back of the car and works her with a strap-on. Its another hot scene, but still not quite as hot as the opening scene.

Roller-skating car-hopping waitress Jenna treats Missy and Nadia in a 1950s style scene. This is the first time Ive seen Nadia that I know of and shes a fairly attractive brunette with average breasts. Missy, of course, is normally fabulous with a sexuality that few adult film actresses can match. Missy and Nadia start out by working Jenna over a little until Jenna feels the need to give Missy a little action. Missy and Nadia team up again to work on Jennas pussy followed by the two of them leaning against the car as Jenna strips them down completely. Missy gets down on all fours next and has Nadia lay on her, back to back while Jenna works her over. Its an interesting position and it works well here as Nadia spanks Missys ass and rubs her pussy and ass. Missy works a double dildo between Nadia and Jenna followed by them double penetrating her as she writhes against the hood. Its a hot scene that keeps the momentum very well. Missy and Jenna work good together, but its not nearly as good as they were in Satyr .

Jenna dons a short black wig and plenty of black vinyl next as she plays chauffeur to rich bitch Jill Kelly in her Rolls Royce. Once again, the scene starts out with a long tease as the girls caress each other a little and Jenna sucks on Jills tits while riding her leg. Jenna follows this up with a little worshiping of Jills shoes. Jenna plays with Jills pussy a little before Jill goes in back to tongue fuck Jennas pussy and give her backdoor a little attention. Jill lays back in the drivers seat to let Jenna thank her properly. Jenna eats her pussy through her panties and then pulls them aside to finger fuck her. Another double dildo appears here, this time complete with a handle in the middle. Jill works her over a little with it before another fairly poor ending.

Most of the cast returns with the addition of Melissa Hill to get busy in the back of a 1966 Chevy step side pickup with a bit of a western theme. Jenna, Shayla, Melissa, Serenity, Felecia, and Jill all work each other over in this scene. There are some great pairings here that you know are going to be really hot, such as Serenity and Felecia, and Jenna and Shayla. Of course, there isnt a bad performer here, so you can be almost certain that its going to be a very hot scene. The girls trade back and forth enough that most everybody has three or more partners. Serenity seems to get lost for most of the scene, which I think is quite a loss. Theres quite a bit of toy usage once again, but not as much as in the other scenes. As with most group scenes, its hard to build much in it, but this scene does as good a job or better than most other group scenes. Its a great scene to end with, but I kind of wish Nadia and Brittany would have been included for a full cast orgy.

Jennas Built For Speed should satisfy almost all fans of Jennas all girl work. Jenna appears in every scene except for the opening scene and thanks to the wonders of wigs has a different hair style and color in every scene. The scenes are very artistic and yet often get a little nasty. The only complaint I have about it is that I thought many of the scenes ended poorly. There wasnt any real closure for the scene except for the music ending. Of course, girl-girl scenes are harder to end without the noticeable pop of a boy-girl scene, but I think the editing could have been done a little differently than this to give it a better ending. The poor endings arent going to stop me from watching this one again.

Extras: Jennas Built For Speed pretty much has Wickeds standard extras, which are better than most other companies standard extras. There are two photo galleries. The production photo gallery lasts almost five minutes and the behind the scenes photo gallery lasts almost two and a half minutes with about eight seconds per photo. Theres a nice mix of snapshots and full screen photos that range form average to very good quality. Trailers are included for Crazed , Flashpoint , The Bride of Double Feature , Crazed , Sex Safari , Satyr , and Hell on Heels . Audio bios are included for Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Missy, Felecia, Shayla LaVeaux, and Serenity. Its a little different style from normal, but nicely done including some personal information, pictures, a listing of other Wicked features, and a link to the stars scene. Finally, theres the Wicked Web, Casino, company profile, and a listing of Wickeds AVN winners and nominations.

Themes: Lesbian, rimming (female > female), toys, anal, spanking, DP, shoe worship, and group

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Currently, Jennas Built For Speed can be found online for the same price as most of Wickeds other Jenna features, about $25 to $30. Although it lacks a lot of extras, if youre a fan of Jenna or all girl action with a lot of toys, Im pretty sure youll enjoy it. The scenes are all hot and artistic and the transfer is pretty good.

Note to Wicked: This DVD seems a little high priced for whats on the DVD. The feature is short and there arent any major extras. I could see the price if there was a commentary or behind the scenes featurette, but as is it seems a little overpriced. Also, I know Missy has quite a following, so please add her to the cast listing on the cover when theyre reprinted to remove the claim of a directors commentary.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

Reviewed by   11/19/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Directed by Brad Armstrong

Starring Jenna Jameson, Felecia, Serenity, Jill Kelly, Melissa Hill, Brittany Andrews...

Running Time : 77 minutes (6 scenes)

Review :

Now, I don't have anything against all-girl scenes (or movies) : The Shayla LaVeaux scene in 'Shock' (with Sunset Thomas) was a great piece of work, and I love Nikki Dial's writhing and moaning in her sapphic trysts (watch 'Bonnie&Clyde' for that one). Brad Armstrong is a good director, too, as he has demonstrated with 'Dream Quest' or the all- girl 'Hell on Heels' released some time ago. ...