Finger Pleasures 09

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T.H. Royal Pleasure
105 minutes
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Reviewed by   10/07/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Starring: Shayla LaVeaux, Megan, Alice Harvey, Bunny Bleau

Pros: chicks masturbating, good, long performances by the chicks, slow undressing (which gives that ever so great feeling of anticipationthat you frequently don't get in porn)

Cons: VCR tracking lines(yes I am reviewing a DVD), terrible sound, terrible music, deceptive cover

In a word: rip-off (or is that 2 words)

This DVD features four women masturbating. Each woman has a solo segment about 15-20 minutes long. So, the premise is good for a start. The women work hard to please. Not only do they masturbate, but they also talk to the camera and create the fantasy that they are masturbating for you and love that you are watching. This is good. However, the production job is a travesty. It is hard and sometimes nearly impossible to hear what they are saying. And of course the music is too loud. (Note: in this type of DVD(the non-rock video style),the woman's words and moans should always be given more emphasis than the music, even if the musician is the director's brother or best friend). And worst of all I started watching the DVD and thought I had to adjust the tracking, then I remembered I was watching a DVD. Also, the cover of this DVD gives the impression that you will see scenes in different types of locations. Not so, all scenes are on beds(probably motel beds). That being said, here are some of my scene by scene reviews.

Shayla: (First off, Shayla, if you happen to read this, I'm sorry the production team did such a bad job. You have my sympathies.) Here is where the tracking lines are the worst. I cannot understand a word she says(Did she say "You make my pussy so wet" or "Will you take my pussy to the vet"?). I adjusted the bass and treble on my stereo just hoping I could hear her and get rid of the terrible music. No such luck. Also, I am sure Shayla wasn't too happy with all the shots that gave us a good glimpse of the scars on her breasts. Shayla does her best though. She uses her fingers, a dildo, and a butt plug.

Megan: My favorite scene and ALL because of Megan. She talks to the camera and I can hear most of it. She lets the viewer know how much she likes to be watched and pretends you are in the room with her and she wants you too masturbate with her. She wears REALLY tight white shorts that just hug her tight body. She undresses slowly(Oh so achingly slowly.) I will be honest. Megan is not the kind of attractive that you would find on a poster, but I would jump at the chance. Why? She has great legs and she looks SOOOOO goood when she spreads them. She uses her fingers and a dildo. And suprisingly, at times the sound is good enough to hear how wet she is. Good job Megan.

Alice: Alice appears to be a little older than your typical porn actress. She gives a good performance. My second favorite and I think the longest of the four. Alice's strength is what she says to the camera(when you can hear it). She lets you know how easy it is for her to cum when she knows you are wathing. She uses her fingers, a dildo, and anal beads.

Bunny: Bunny is dressed like a product of the 80's for some reason(What's with the scarf?). I have mixed feelings about this one. It is somewhat exciting watching Bunny pour lotion slowly down her back. Your eyes follow the lotion. But at the same time it seems to rehearsed. I would rather it look like she was caght up in the moment.

Bottom line: If it were not for Megan's performance, I would probably use it for a coaster. (For the "What it's worth" section I wanted to put "$4 and a gum wrapper")