Flesh Peddlers 03

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Reviewed by   01/18/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Starring: Charlie, Dee, Melanie Stone, Amber, Salena Del Rey, Caroline Pierce, Emilia, Honey, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur, Julian, Mark Anthony

Pros: Melanie Stone's ass, Dee's incredible blowjob, Charlie, a good scene with Melanie, Dee and Charlie

Cons: Most of the women were not very appealing, most of the sex was rather boring

With the exception of one scene I did not particularly enjoy this DVD. I was not drawn to the women either by looks or technique. In defense of the girls I think that other people involved could have contributed to not making them look good wether it be makeup lighting or directing. The sex did not seem to have any chemistry. It was not that the women looked like they disliked what they were doing. They just didn't give the impression that they enjoyed it. Sure they moved around and made sounds but they were highly repetive. One girl kepy saying "Oh Shi". I'm not sure what that meant. Maybe she thought she wasn't supposed to say 'shit' on camera. Repetetive utterances really get on my nerves.

However, there was one scene that I REALLY enjoyed from start to finish. This scene involved Charlie, Melanie, Dee, and two guys. It starts out with Melanie and Dee on there hands and knees sucking on the guys dicks. The view is from behind and that is good cause lets face it-- Melanie has one damn fine ass(Dee's ain't too bad either). Meanwhile Charlie takes on the role of pleasing the women while the women please the guys. And I bet the guys were damn well pleased. I was blown away by the blowjob Dee was giving. So much so that I immediately thought this should be an educational porn hosted by Dee entitled 'How to Give a Damn Good Blowjob'. And she sucked on one dick or another for a good ten minutes of film time(Thanks Dee--teach the world). The scene proceeds with Melanie and Dee taking turns bouncing up and down on dicks and Charlie keeps pleasing the women and being pleased by the women.

Shelf-life: Hate to get rid of the good scene, but don't really want the whole DVD taking up shelf space.

Bottom line: If you don't mind buying a DVD for one scene you may really enjoy this one. But there is much better porn out there.