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Greg Alves Metro
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Reviewed by   07/13/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Flesh Peddlers 6 by Greg Alves
Metro DVD/ April 1999 / 111 Minutes DISC FEATURES


- DVD-Video

- Single-sided Single Layer

Aspect Ratio(s):

- 4:3


- English

Standard Features:

- Interactive Menus

- Scene Access

Additional Features:

- Slideshow

Starring: Maren, Lauren Montgomery, Wendi Knight, Caroline, Vivian Valentine, and Alexa Rae

Synopsis:Six sex vignettes!

Overall:This is an example of a release that is blah and bland. There is nothing spectacular about Flesh Peddlers 6.

DVD Quality: The video quality is questionable since I experienced pixelation problems during the intro credits, although it could be my DVD player. I only say this because sometimes, the intro did not become scrambled, while other times it did.

Extras:I liked the idea of making a slideshow with full motion footage going on in the background.


DISLIKES:Has Metro heard of truth-in-advertising? Probably not, since when you select the releases button, it says to flip to side B. Unlike other Metro releases, this is only one side! This is a sloppy move by the quality assurance unit.

Maren with Kyle Stone

Maren is a German lady that has performed in many videos throughout the late 90s and beyond. If you have seen Anabolic's Gangbang Girl 24, rest assured you remembered Maren's performance. She is the ultimate sucking machine. After the foreplay, she enjoys it reverse cowgirl style. This is one of the very few videos where she actually tries to talk vulgar English with her thick German accent. Honestly, I have seen her better in other videos. Finally, Kyle produces an average facial for her.

Lauren Montgamery with Tyce Bune (condom used for intercourse)

This scene was DOA. Lauren Montgomery has a nice body, but an old lady's face. It is not even an attractive old lady's face. Furthermore, she has a very ugly rack. After the substandard fuck, he cums on her face.

Wendi Knight with Pat Myne (condom used for intercourse)

By far, Wendi Knight is one of the best looking ladies in American porn. Ms. Knight is extremely fuckable since she has an attractive rack and body. Furthermore, she is a moaner. Pat enjoys the deep throat action. She takes him in doggy style, which leads to him cumming on her mouth. Such a weak facial for a hottie!

Caroline with Dave Hardman (condom used for intercourse)

Caroline is a blonde European lady with breast implant scars under her breasts. She has been in several Private movies where they skillfully avoided capturing them during the scene. Anyway, she undresses for him. After the oral, he fucks her in several positions including spoon, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. In the reverse cowgirl position, you can her juicy red pussy in all its splendor. Again, this is another scene that ends with a weak facial.

Ginger Paige with Vivian Valentine

The two ladies are probably a small step higher in terms of looks as compared to Lauren Montgomery. The ladies have fun with themselves. After they fuck each other using their tongues and sex toys, they cum. In fact, they taste the pussy juice from the dildo that was previously stuck into them.

Alexa Rae with Marc Davis

Alexa Rae is a Georgia Peach. In this scene, she takes off her red lingerie. Alexa gives the best sensual blowjob in the biz today. It's too bad Marc is still limp. After the oral, he fucks her in the missionary position. I would have liked Alexa to open up her vocal chords by being more vocal in the scene. However, that won't happen this time. The scene ends with cum landing on her chin.

Parting Thoughts:Skip it! This is a very weak release. I expected more from this title, especially with Wendi, Alexa, and Maren performing.