Night Shift Nurses

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John Leslie VCA 70 minutes
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Reviewed by   07/27/05 Source: AdultDVDTalk

"Nightshift Nurses", the directorial debut of perhaps the best actor to ever work in adult, John Leslie, not only is a scorcher when it comes to the sex, but also makes great use of comedy, blues music, and filmmaking styles that Leslie would later use in the "Chameleon" and "Catwoman" movies.

The film takes place during one night in a hospital. Lois Ayres plays the senior nurse who heads the other nurses, played by Bionca, Keisha, Sheena Horne, and Lynn Francis. John Leslie plays Dr. Grow, an insomniac who hates his job and would really like to be a professional harmonica player. Joey ...

Reviewed by   04/13/00 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Theyre Just What The Doctor Ordered!

Studio: VCA

Directed By: John Leslie

Performers: Lois Ayres, Neisha, Sheena horne, Bionca, Lynn Francis, D.J. Cone, Dana Dylan, Peter North, Steve Henessy, John Leslie, Josey Duval, Siobhan Hunter, Joey Silvera

Extras and Worth Mentioning:

Full Motion Chapter MenuPhoto GalleryCast (you click on performer, and you see their sexual moment scene)Other Titles (other VCA Classic titles)Internet (address of studio site, other VCA formats)Contact (shows where to send your email comments, and names of the creative team of this disc)Single Sided Single LayeredProtect-O-Disc Keepcase (in other words, a bitch to remove the damn disc!) comes with a VCA catalogActual time on disc is 1hr 28min 04secProduction Year: 1986Dolby StereoDigitally Remastered

The back of the DVD box quotes:

During the day, most hospitals are teaming with the kind of action you seen on primetime TV. But at night, these seemingly peaceful and quiet hospitals are throbbing with a different kind of action altogether-the kind of action generated by the NIGHTSHIFT NURSES. Legendary stud John Leslie has moved behind the camera for his directorial debut, NIGHTSHIFT NURSES, creating what Adam Film World has called THE BEST EROTIC FILM OF THE YEAR! Scripted by Leslie and famed adult historian Jim Holliday, NIGHTSHIFT NURSES is a careening, slam-bang adult comedy that is arousing as it is hilarious. No sexual combo is left to the imagination as the NIGHTSHIFT NURSES bring their patients, the doctors, and even the well-hung black janitor! Modern medicine may never be the same!

Quality of dvd picture and audio:

Image is superb, at times it strikes me as odd, when the camera switches to a different moment, that moment looks so blurred for a short while, like the quality of a very bad VHS. It almost looks like they added deleted footage. All in all though a very great VCA image as always. The music soundtrack NIGHTSHIFT NURSES is very cool, I like the lyrics. The music while penetration is lame, basic, MWAA-MWAA music. Sound is Dolby stereo and sounds clear.

Quickly I just want to say:

I agree with the DVD box's quote, its hilarious! Especially the doctor and the janitor! It all starts with our good old black janitor mopping the hospital floor. Tiring isnt it? Yeah, this job freaking sucks! Someones gotta do it. "Ooooooh!" whats that the janitor and us the viewers hear? It sounds like a chic is moaning or something. Thats because shes getting banged by this wannabe doctor, Joey Silvera; in a nearby room! We are curious, the janitor is curious, he slowly carefully opens the door and we see the action! Its a good thing he opened the door quickly! What if somebody was getting killed? What if someone was suffocating with an alcohol pad or something! You never know. Anyway Joey bangs what I believe one of the two nurses he's with in the room. The janitor unzips his pants and pulls out his schlong and starts to masturbate because he is so horny by watching secretly. Joey Silvera bangs the nurse in the butt really deep and fast. This chic had such a massy ass, awesome. Anyways, all of a sudden, vice versa, the janitor is being watched by the receptionist nurse from a distance in the hallway who so happens to appear out of nowhere and watches him masturbate and play with himself. The nurse just stands there and stares at what he is doing, a good thing she doesnt know what the viewer (me) is doing, just kidding! Anyways, her eyes are just glued on him and his full sized black schlong, oh yeah, you know this kinky blonde bitch (shes not a bitch, but can I be kinky in this review? Heh heh) wants to ride that! He knows hes being watched, and like the look of a lion, he turns his head so slowly and looks at her with those deep eyes, then ignores her and continues to jerk-off! Joey Silvera cums on the chics back, the janitor cums all over himself, I came too, (just kidding) the janitors cum blast flew so high I thought it was the forth of July. He wipes out a red handkerchief like the black Malboro stud of a man he is, and rubs his full sized sword clean with it, yeah, polish that knob my brother!

The rest of this feature presentation:

What I have written above and mentioned was just the intro to this cool VCA adult classic dvd title. The story now begins. Once the janitor finished rubbing off the stuff on his knob, the music NIGHTSHIFT NURSES begins, and we see the nurses in their locker rooms butt naked, putting on their outfits and getting ready to do their jobs, that is to take really really good care of their patients. We see these nice asses, natural tits, hairstyles of the 80s, you know, that huge bush type hairstyle, you know, youre 59, and with the afro youre 69, yeah, that type of skyscraper hair style. The 80s. This adult title is old, but damn, it doesnt look it, I mean the image. Fucking VCA man, I tell you!

In walks the man, the doctor, and asks his nurse receptionist (the one who was spying on the brother) whats new for the night. Turns out he has to check a female patient who has bad migraine headaches. All of a sudden four nurses appear and they greet the doctor with all this joy, one of them almost has her titties hanging out. Hmm. I wonder. Anyway, there is one more thing, an inspection is gonna take place at this hospital, and everything must be at top notch level, otherwise, jobs can be lost, nurses can be fired and the doctor will be sent to hell. The doctor disappointed tells the nurses he wants nothing to do with it, and to solve that issue for him. Guess the nurses have to come up with a plan. As to how the turn around events take place is up to you to watch. All I know is that I was just laughing, especially the part in which the doctor checks up on that female migraine patient! It was so unexpected for him to say that! I will give you this much, when the doctor broke out because he was called upon on the intercom, it so happens the janitor was locked in the doctors office closet and when he comes out of the closet, the migraine patient gets all over him, and the janitor bangs her! No more migraine! Funny! Earlier before folks I forgot to mention that Joey Silvera walked into the locker room and the janitor was cleaning up. Joey talks to him and Joeys facial expression cracks me up! This wannabe doctor is a nutcase. He performed really well I must admit that.

You know, that scene with the migraine patient and the doctor, you do realize that she had to take a thermometer up her ass to determine how bad the migraine was right? Oh yeah, we see that mature womans meaty ass and that device all the way in there. When the doctor came back, he was quite shocked to see how fast her headache was gone! Looks like the janitor had the right prescription!

Peter North is really sickly on that bed. Hes a patient without desire, without energy. In walks three nurses and he fucks the shit out of all three! What a cum blast man! Damn! One of the nurses was so petite, that dick was so big for that vagina. This was a great-performed scene.

In the beginning I also did not mention this psycho patient. Hes really mentally disturbed. We find him in a room and a beauty brunette nurse comes in, and she seems horny. This very old skinny man, hes old looking and very skinny and hairy, well, he wrestles against himself. Yup, he rolls on the floor, he grabs himself in a headlock, and damn Im surprised he didnt powerdrive himself. The nurse is just dying with laughter. You know, I sometimes believe that the key to a womans heart is through laughter, so I give skinny wrestler credit, he easily won those goods. Well anyway, she turns him on because she flaunts those big natural breasts of hers. Later on we see her amazing bodacious fatty rear and this lightweight ex-champion of the world banging her in doggystyle lovely. I was so surprised, I did not think this dude was gonna participate sexually; guess I was wrong. Oh by the way, next week I plan to trip and break my leg, heck I want nursing, hope its not a male nurse.

There are more great funny moments ahead. Later on, the nurse receptionist tells the nurses to remove their clothes off so that they can be washed. These nurses since the beginning have been telling the doctor that "why havent they received new nurse working clothes." Man, this hospital is a wreck. They are buttnaked walking down the hallway and buttnaked on front of everybody!

As the story continues a visitor, a nun, appears in Peter Norths room. Hes asleep, she sucks his sword and behind her appears the doctor! Shes surprised, and a tag team action unfolds. A great sexually performed moment, anal and double penetration.

Later on one of the nurses takes all the clothes by herself to be washed, and she then runs into the loony wannabe doctor Joey Silvera. He stops her on her tracks and bangs her right there on the hallway floor! Wanna know something, that nurse receptionist has such a huge crush on the janitor, those looks they give each other, like they want to rip each other up, dying to bang each other passionately. Some helpers run into Joey and the chic on the floor, and Joey happily continues banging her while giving orders to the helpers and that was cool. Janitor is washing his hands in his little maintenance room and look who appears. I won't tell you, but, PULVARIZATION, period. Did those inspectors ever came? Nope. Actually all along since the beginning there was an inspector always there undercover. I tell you this, dont underestimate the janitor, dont look down upon him, because there is more than meets the eye.



Overall opinion:

This VCA classic is hilarious. Its sort of retro, from the 80s, but the sex was done very well. There was good clean and short hardcore anal sex in the beginning and I guess at that time it would have WOWED me, because years ago anal was considered a taboo.

What really shines on this title is the fact that the nurses are all cute and natural. Peter North was great, Joey Silvera was great, the doctor was great, and the janitor was even greater, and not to mention the nurses were awesome. I cracked up with this title in laughter and Im sure people who have watched this one have also, because of the abnormal comical behavior of doctors, nurses and patients. Im wondering if there is a hospital such as this, nah, otherwise I will be having all my bones in my body broken to get hot nurses with hot wet twanks and pamper me and offer me delicious food high in protein. In all seriousness, this disc is great in giving it a view and like I said, it will make you laugh along with your love one next to you, on a nice and erotic kinky special night. I admit, it might seem a bit cheesy to some, but what counts is the sex, the story and the laughs. Recommended.

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